Tableware International March April 2022

Page 87

Hospitality Dinnerware Narumi is the winner of the Hospitality Dinnerware category with Nomadd Narumi Corporation

nomadd nomadd - Narumi’s new bone china collection. The name comes from a free traveller “nomad”, moving from place to place, and ADD, all day dining. The inspiration behind the design is all-day dining allowing you to enjoy quality dining anytime, anywhere. There are three features that make nomadd outstanding from any other solutions for the new normal: Covered and Stacked: Each nomadd plate can be used as a lid for bowls of the same size. It keeps the food covered and hygienically clean. It also saves space and makes the display look neat and clean. Lighter Weight: nomadd is made of bone china and lighter than ordinary porcelain. The light weight is especially beneficial when it is used as a bento box.

“When we were selected as a finalist, we read a comment from one of the judges that said “a versatile collection that can be seasonably updated with colour and pattern.” We were thrilled by it because it was exactly what we aimed for. With nomadd, we wanted to propose a practical, yet stylish solution to the changing dining environment in the new normal. We took advantage of our expertise as a Japanese brand: calming colour scheme, strict dimensional control, and service efficiency of our bento-box food culture. We are even more excited now as we have been awarded as WINNER! It became a great encouragement for us to keep seeking new ideas that will surprise and satisfy our customers.”

Masahiro Taguchi, manager, marketing & planning