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15 - 18 September


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List of UK Exhibitors Company Name

Hall/Stand No

ABC Design

10.2 C041

aden + Anais 11.2 H041

Company Name

Bibetta Ltd

11.1 A060

Bizzi Growin

10.1 B029

Body Clock Health Care Ltd.

11.1 A071

BreathableBaby/RHSM Group Britax

Tel: 0203 735 7569 Web:

Apramo UK LTD

Hall/Stand No

11.1 A088 B089

11.1 C060B

10.2 D010-E019

Brother Max Trading Ltd

11.1 C083

BundleBean Ltd.

11.1 B088

Central Medical Supplies Ltd.

11.1 A078 11.1 C081

BabaBing! Limited

11.3 H011

Cheeky Chompers Ltd.

Baby Products Association -

11.1 A040z


10.2 B019-A010

Babycup LTD

11.1 B081

Clippasafe Ltd

10.2 D051

BabyHub UK Ltd.

11.1 D053

Close Parent Ltd.

11.2 G048

Baby-Merc Ltd Babystyle UK Ltd.

East Coast Nursery LTD 11.1 D059 Tel: 01692 403461 Web:

Funky Medical Accesories Ltd

11.1 A074

G. H. Hurt & Son Ltd

11.1 A076


11.1 B007

Gummee Ltd.

11.1 C071


11.1 F071

Hanababy ltd

11.1 A093

Harrison Spinks Ltd

11.1 D093

Hatley UK Ltd.

11.3 G039

11.1 A040 B059 11.1 A075

Bambini and Me Ltd.

11.1 C082

Bambino Mio Ltd.

11.1 D051

Bambizi Limited

10.1 C048

Bambooty Real Nappies Ltd

11.1 A070

Banz Ltd.

11.3 C029

Be-Baby Ltd

11.1 A062

Bebecar 10.2 E008/F008

Cosatto Ltd. 11.1 B040 C059

iCandy World Ltd 10.2 C008

Tel: 01204 861007 Web: Web:

Tel: 01767 604400 Web:

Cuddle Co. Ltd

11.1 B069

Daisy Roots

11.3 B020


10.2 F019

DoddleCreation Ltd

11.1 B073

Innovative Baby Products Ltd

11.1 A079

Jackson Reece Ltd

11.2 G051

Jellycat Ltd.

11.1 H020

Joie Dorel

Tel: 01692 403461 Web:

nursery today

CC-Ost CCO-0

11.3 A010-B039


11.1 A051

Feed Me Bottles Ltd. t/a Yoomi

11.1 D091

Fill n Squeeze Ltd

11.1 B079

First Hand Learning LTD

11.1 B093

10.2 A020-B029


11.3 D058

KeriKit limited

11.1 B095

Kiddimoto Ltd

11.1 I017

Kit for Kids Ltd.


Hall/Stand No

10.2 C061



Company Name

11.1 D081

focus KIND UND JUGEND Company Name

Hall/Stand No

Company Name

Hall/Stand No

Konfidence Limited

11.1 D071

Natures Purest Ltd.

11.1 C058


11.1 C061


11.1 A059

Koo-di Baby

11.3 B040

Oxford Space Structures Ltd.


Snüz 10.1 B031

Lanqier (UK) Co., Ltd

11.2 H061


11.2 F021

Tel: 0800 028 1433 Web:


11.2 C049

Lazy Baby

11.1 D079a

Company Name

Hall/Stand No

Le Toy Van Ltd.

11.1 H065

PacaPod Ltd.

11.1 D061

SSR Fashions Ltd

11.3 B034

Litecup and Design Ltd

11.1 C069

Pogu Limited

11.1 A080

Storksak Ltd

11.2 F041


11.1 C068

PurFlo Ltd

11.3 B048

Summer Infant Europe Ltd.

11.2 B050

Longwell Retail Services

11.2 B061

Sweet Dreamers Ltd

11.1 D079

Luminex Products Inc.

10.2 C069

The Snuggle Sac Company Limited 11.1 C095

Magmatic Ltd,

11.1 C050

TotsBots Ltd.

11.1 D070

Travis Designs Ltd

11.1 G031

Prince Lionheart (UK) LTD 11.2 G018 Tel: 0208 9977054 Web:

Maguari 11.1 D028

Rainbow Designs

Tel: 01293 592170 Web:

Ramili Group

11.2 D061

Ramp Global Technology Ltd.

10.2 D091


Sheldon International LTD

11.3 F010

Mamas & Papas Limited

10.2 C040

Shnuggle Ltd.

11.1 D089

Manmar Limited

11.1 C093

Silver Cross Ltd

Marrum Distribution Ltd.

11.3 B020

Skip Hop

Matchstick Monkey Limited

11.1 D063

Tum Tum

11.1 B080

Tutti Bambini

10.1 E020

Vital Innovations LTD 11.2 G040 Tel: 0707 262200

11.3 H050 I059 10.2 F049

11.2 B020 C027

Silvercloud 11.1 D059

Medi - Redi 11.1 D078

P6 P009

11.1 I028

Mama Designs Ltd.

Mayborn Group

TrendyKid Ltd.

We made me Ltd.

11.1 B060

Widdop & Co

10.1 G041

Wombat & Co. London Ltd

11.3 C079

Worlds Apart Ltd.

11.1 H039

Zip Us In Limited

11.1 A073

Tel: 01692 403461 Web: www.silvercloudnurserybedding.

Tel: 07891 919157 Web: Melobaby Ltd

11.1 B077

Snugglebundl Ltd

11.1 A081

Pick up your copy of Nursery Today Stand: passage 10/11 P013

Mini Moo & Co Ltd

11.1 A077

Sock Ons Ltd.

11.1 B071

Spark Brands Ltd

11.1 A053

Spilly Spoon

11.1 C077

Munchkin Inc. My Carry Potty Ltd.

11.2 E050 F059 11.1 A091

List correct at time of going to print. 40

nursery today

The fantastic new My First Thomas & Friends Nursery Collection includes an exciting variety of nursery toys, featuring baby soft materials, multiple textures, sounds and engaging activities.

See us at Kind & Jugend 15–18 Sept 2016 Hall 11.1 Aisle 1 Stand 28 • Adjustable leg room • SIP+ • 5-belt harness • Double cushion inserts

All Aboard for Spring/Summer’17 New & exciting products will be joining the range for a fun filled journey in the nursery. To join in contact BeSafe UK/Ireland on:

Call 01329 227300 or visit our website © 2016 Gullane (Thomas) Limited © 2016 HIT Entertainment Limited


lable Avai ow N



y p p a H

a f a S

Picture courtesy of East Coast Nursery

itself. Rather than a wardrobe with two doors and one drawer, or a four drawer dresser, consumers will be demanding the ability to specify and orchestrate the format of their furniture based on their own personal needs for space, shape, storage and room size. It seems obvious and makes sense, a bit like built-in wardrobes, but this need has never crossed the threshold from paper into our new nurseries. The reason has been a combination of several factors. Firstly cost, since stock holding and management of such an offer is quite complex. Secondly it is hard to communicate and, thirdly, hard to deliver. But the rules are changing and between the creation of apps and the smart devices in our hands and pockets, the tools to provide consumers with confidence has shifted dramatically. The ability, and often the necessity, for factories to gear up and make to order in short timeframes has meant that costs have fallen, and the ability to deliver to

our door in timely fashion has become a mainstay of our retailing expectations. These three trends are all intrinsically different. One is about look & feel, one about the change in our cultural expectations of how and in turn what we buy, and the final one reflects the changing opportunity to offer tailored services to reflect individual consumers needs and buying requirements. Trends are no longer dictated by interiors, styles and finishes but trends are now shaped and filtered by how, where and what. So, after a period of one size fits all and a sense of less choice and ever more competitive pricing, the changes in our habits, reference points and demands will force the market to be less generalist, more varietal and reflective of our exposure to wider trends, our desire to shape the outcome or a specific needs catered for.

Nigel Plested Nigel Plested is a designer and a creative director. He is the founder of Narrative Studio, a strategic design business, which brings together a specialist and experienced team of designers with a rich expertise in new family culture, parenthood and babyhood; creating award winning products and brands. Prior to setting up the business, Nigel was on the board of directors at Mamas & Papas. Web:

® 01652 641491

nursery today


social media ROSS HEWITT

Trolls verses rainbows How do we work with online trolls? What’s the solution? Both are questions I often ask myself. n the whole, the internet is just one big toilet wall for humanity to write graffiti on. It has brought out the worst in the ccollective i.e. us. It has given a voice to m many that should have remained sshrouded in ignorant silence. It has become a cauldron of hate for some b aand a chalice of arrogance for many. It is the playground of the phishing and hacking criminal, the p b bully’s third fist, the coward’s heroic voice,

O g in g itt , M an a an d w e H s s o R Pi e o f S ec ret D irec to r vvy S oc i a l M e d i a ’, ‘S a a ut h o r o f d ig ita l m a rket in g st b e g an h is 8 an d h a d h is fi r try 19 9 c a reer in t h e nu r sery in dus fo r a y into o f M a rket in g & a s H e a d r S ilver C ro s s in in c e fo E c o m mer set up S ec ret Pi e e g 2 0 0 8 . H d h a s b een h e lp in 2 0 10 an foun d an d lo ve d c li ents g et ever s in c e . on lin e k etp i e .c o .u r c e .s w w w k retp i e .c o .u R o s s @ sec 10 0 2 7 0 1 9 0 4 4 c ret _ Pi e Se Tw itter : @


nursery today

and the exponentially growing death knell of our high streets. That is sometimes how I feel. Usually after one of those days when every troll, gremlin and grumbling cyber-nob have all posted and tweeted about something that’s not quite right with things my clients have made or done. It’s often a Monday when this happens. The wheels aren’t round enough, the suspension

isn’t suspensioney enough, the handlebars don’t suit my 7’11” husband, my 48lb baby doesn’t fit in the carrycot and he’s only six weeks old… Yes, dear reader, I am writing this at the end of one of those Mondays. But if I push the little button behind my ear and reboot the brain, then I am reminded that the internet is also the great leveller for the modern brand and

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Nursery Today  

September 2016

Nursery Today  

September 2016