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Leliebloem House Serving Children, Youth and Families since 1868




PRESIDENT TRUSTEES His Grace the Archbishop of Cape Town His Grace the Archbishop of Cape Town The most Reverand Thabo Makgoda The Chairman of the Board The Registrar of the Diocese of Cape Town BOARD CHAIRMAN: Vacant Rev: Alexander Ernest Sue Kleinschmidt Page Wesley Junor Martin Dyers Hilda Adonis Hugh Fichardt Craig Petersen Henry Poulos Felicity Seragie MEMBERS OF STAFF DIRECTOR: SECRETARY: FINANCIAL MANAGER: SENIOR SOCIAL WORKER: MARKETING & FUNDRAISING: ISIBINDI CO-ORDINATOR: STOREKEEPER: EDUCATION CO-ORDINATOR: SPECIALISED BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT: ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: FAMILY REUNIFICATION CO ORDINATOR: SOCIAL AUXILIARY WORKER: SOCIAL WORKER:

Francisco Cornelius Claricia Hope Claudine Joshua Melissa Amroodt Vacant Miriam Dlanga Rachel Johnson Patricia Hartogh Whitney Lefleur Nicky Viggeland Ruth Bantham Eloise Brown Arlene Esau

Residential care program staff: Charmaine Stephens, Allen Grant, George Strydom, Clive Hendricks, Jennifer Ziervogel, Bruce Adams, Richard September, Mona Titus, Chantell Wallace, Yvonne Gusha, Eva Petersen, Michael Petersen, Mary Ann Thompson, Cynthia Stiyo, Siyanda Mtwapi, Venus De Vries, Dorea Stoffels, Bukiwe Fosi, Xonia , Charmaine Du Plessis Isibindi program staff: Nozuko Ngwalase, Lazola Bibi, Mechelle Matthyse, Siphiwe Sikhaza, Kekeletso Lebakeng, Nompumelelo Ntseno, Anoeska Magale, Nombuyiselo Mbonjwa, Nugamsa Dulaze, Ntombekhaya Mpulwana, Palesa Mabea, Thulisa Kamana, Zilungile Sikhafungana, Nozibelele Nqandani, Mercia Bam, Sinazo Nogqala, Busisiwe Mdabula, Bulelwa Ncapyi, Nomalady Vitshima, Siphiwe Nkasi, Zizo Ngqanya, Edwina Olyne, Buhle Ndikindla, Lebohang Ntsie, Lusanga Lungu Zinzi Ntaba.


CHAIRMAN’S REPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 DIRECTORS REPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 SOCIAL WORKERS REPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 CHILD AND YOUTH CARE WORKERS REPORT. . . . . . . . . 6 SPORTS AND RECREATION REPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 EDUCATION REPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 FAMILY REUNIFICATION REPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 ISIBINDI REPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 REGULAR DONORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 SPECIALISED BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT REPORT . . . 15 ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 FINANCIAL MANAGERS REPORT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 FRIENDS THAT SUPPORTED US . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 FINANCIAL STATEMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 INDEPENDENT AUDITORS REPORT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 RAND PER YEAR PLEDGE FORM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23



he Leliebloem House Management, staff, Management Board and all who support it so faithfully are to be congratulated on another successful year. In times of continued economic hardship, when so many NPOs have succumbed, it is no small achievement to have come through another year with a small surplus. This success is in no small part attributable to the strong leadership of our Director, Francisco Cornelius, who is an accomplished professional in the field of child care. He is in demand at international conferences and advises the Department of Social Development on norms and standards in terms of the Children's Act. Building on the good work of his predecessors, he has established Leliebloem House as a Child and Youth Care Centre that the Department regards as a best practice model. Leadership success is derived from the support of the committed team of staff members who work so diligently to meet the objectives set by the Board. It has been encouraging to see the staff being empowered to take the initiative in their distinctive areas. These include the specialised courses being run at Leliebloem House – the Adolescent Development Programme and the Specialised Behaviour Management Programme, both funded by the Department. Sport and Education are another two areas that are receiving increasing attention with pleasing results. Under the leadership of the Social Work Manager, Melissa Amroodt, the therapeutic programme for the children in the Residential Programme has received on-going support and therapy for the many challenges they face. In addition, the Family Re-unification Programme succeeded in returning 14 children to their families. This has the added benefit of creating more spaces for other children needing our care. The Grabouw Isibindi Project is well underway working with 576 children. There is a team of 25 Child and Youth Care Workers, of which 23 are fully qualified and 2 in training. The Child and Youth Care Workers in the residential programme continue with their studies and it is pleasing to see how they have embraced this opportunity to empower themselves by improving their qualifications. This allows them to respond to the many different challenges presented by the children in their care. As of October 2014 all Child and Youth Care Workers now also have to register with the South African Council for Social Service Professionals as is the case with Social Workers. On the financial side Claudine Joshua has embraced Leliebloem House and is proving to be an able financial manager and an important part of the team. We have a vacancy for a Marketer and Fundraiser and hope to fill this position soon. We are grateful to all our volunteers, both local and international, who give their time and expertise to enrich the lives of our children. The Board of Directors has faithfully continued their support for the work done with the children in this organisation. A great big thank you goes out to all the Members of the Board of Directors for their advice and support throughout the year as we met the many challenges which are the lot of an NPO, and in particular, a Child and Youth Care Centre, in these difficult times need to be met. But at the core of what we do are the children. It is our privilege to be able to give them a home, love and a second chance. We thank God for this opportunity and count the many blessings that we have received during the year. (ACTING) CHAIRPERSONS MRS SUE KLEINSCHMIDT-PAIGE AND MARTIN DYERS. 2 | PA G E



nd so another eventful year has passed. As I reflect on these I would like to acknowledge the challenges and celebrate our achievements.

Having mourned the loss of the Chairperson Mr James McGregor we realised the enormous pillar of strength he was in more ways than one. For someone who poured out his energies in a society that was in need all the time due the evils of apartheid in our country and in particular the Western Cape where he lived all his life, it wasn't going to be easy to fill the gap he left. However the recognition by many and the continued support for the work he did gave us an injection of support from many people and organisations. A special word of thanks needs to be expressed to the McGregor family members for this network of support pledged to acknowledge there brother, uncle, and friend. Here at Leliebloem House the action continuous and we can once again report on a mixture of events. We can once again report on growth and development in programmes and service delivery. This is especially evident in the community programmes attached to the residential care centre. In reflecting on achievements the first thing I celebrate is the opportunities we as the staff team had to develop ourselves. The frontline Child and Youth Care Workers continued their training in the FETC in Child and Youth Care Work and many of them completed their training and now await graduation. At the end of the year (2014) during the staff development breakaway it was evident in the discussions that the staff achieved many of the goals they set out to achieve during 2014/15. The teams are much bigger now as a result of an extended team working in the Isibindi Program in Grabouw and they spent quite some time planning the next year's activities. They clearly had a lot to work on because the needs of the children changes very rapidly and planning is the key to success. The end of the year is always an anxious period for us as we close a chapter and prepare for the new year both with colleagues and the children. For many children unfortunately this is home because conditions where they come from haven't changed much. For them of course it is even worse because of the many uncertainties they face – whether or not we are going home for good or just for a while. It is an on-going concern for staff because there aren't significant changes that take place in the communities. It is for this reason that the community is called upon to assist and support the staff in ensuring that the children are as comfortable as possible during the long holiday break every year. Our staff had great success over the past 8 years in reunifying children with families with very few breakdowns, due to good preparation through the much spoken about Family Reunification Programme. The dedication and willingness to work beyond boundaries PA G E | 3

makes this possible. One of our greatest challenges however is the lack of funding for this programme. Nevertheless I applaud all the efforts of the entire team for their achievements. I think it is absolutely important to understand that it requires the skills of a team of experts to intervene in the lives of the vulnerable families and especially the children. We are the agents of change for the children. It is imperative that there is on-going support for oneanother and acknowledgement for the work of each person in this process. It is also with much appreciation that I express my thanks to all the Donors, Sponsors, Funders, the Child Protection Agencies, the Western Cape Department of Social Development, the National Department of Social Development, the NACCW, the Anglican Church and friends, for all your support financially and in kind. You make it possible for us to render the services in the life-space of the vulnerable children and their families. I want to thank the Members of the Board of Directors for their overwhelming support of the work we do at Leliebloem House CYCC. Thank you for the encouragement to the Director and the staff, to continue their involvement in the broader community of Social Services both in the Western Cape and Nationally. I especially want to thank the Social Workers and Auxiliary SW's, the Child & Youth Care Workers, the Assistant Child and Youth Care Workers, the support staff and volunteers who commit themselves under very challenging conditions to the work with the vulnerable children and their families. In closing allow me to share this meditation: Gal 6:2: "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ." I believe that it would be very hard to continue doing what we do without the intercession of Almighty God, as none of us can keep going without his Grace.


4 | PA G E



his past year has been exceptionally challenging but yet so rewarding. Each year we receive children into our residential program who has suffered loss, trauma, abuse, neglect and the impact it has on the children is very tough. Yet as the caregivers it can sometimes be just as hard to deal with the consequences of this. As the therapeutic team we implement various approaches for the children and staff to manage the impact of this trauma. I feel that our work can never be enough to effectively assist children and families to deal with the harsh realities of life. Yet our approach is always with love, care, empathy and understanding. We try and offer a holistic service which provides for the needs of the children in a safe and nurturing environment. I would like to acknowledge and thank all the role players who make our work lighter by offering a service to the resident children and staff. A big THANK YOU to everyone for their contribution and continued partnership. A special thanks to Bernice Castle and John Gosling who offer ongoing support and training to our team. Thank you to the various specialist organizations who many of the children are referred to and where they receive the necessary counseling and support. We have a continued partnership with various tertiary institutions that place social work students with us every year and this includes the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. These students are able to contribute to the therapeutic program and make a difference in the lives of the resident children. A big thank you to each and every member of this multi-disciplinary team who impacts on the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical development of each child placed into our program. We have a huge responsibility as caregivers and service provider but I know we will strive to deliver our best in order to ensure that we are able to make an impact on the children. Yours in child and youth care!




s we reflect on the year that is gone, we can only say God is good all the time. His love endures


The New Year brings new seasons in our lives, it depends entirely on ourselves and how we deal with it. Although there are many challenges, we always strive to overcome this through teamwork and perseverance. The child care journey is not an easy one but our responsibility is always to use our skills adequately to the benefit of the children in our care. It is also a service that provides children with opportunities to rise above their circumstances. We continuously strive to meet the needs of the children whilst focusing on their strengths. Some of the boys who are participating in the baseball have made us very proud. They have brought home quite a few medals this year. The children engage in various recreational activities which is an important tool for them to strengthen their character and build resilience. We would also like to acknowledge the various volunteer groups, schools, churches, individuals and community members who have provided the children with a service or a program. I know we can always count on the assistance from the community to aid us in our work. One of the biggest achievements this past year has been the professionalization of child and youth care workers. All child and youth care workers have an ethical responsibility to perform their duties according to the prescribed guidelines of the South African Council for Social Services professionals. Great emphasis has been placed on accountability to the profession and to the children and families we serve. A big thanks to the child and youth care team for their hard work and perseverance. I would also like to acknowledge my predecessor Rose Rezandt for her devoted service to the child and youth care field, I will carry the torch high and ensure that our service grows from strength to strength.




his has been a busy year for the resident children as they have been participating in various sports codes and recreational activities.

We have a team of boys and girls who are enrolled with the Ambassadors FC junior team. Thank you to the team management, coaches, parents and players that have welcomed the children as part of their team. The children are able to show case their talent and enjoy the game. The children also participate in Baseball and belong to the Silver Tree Baseball Club in Southfield. During the end of the baseball season two of the boys were recognised and awarded for their outstanding performance on the field. The awards included best player of the season and a trophy for the most promising player of the season. The rest were awarded for their behaviour and cooperation with the coaches. We are looking forward to the coming season. One of the big events is always our inter-children’s home sports day where most of the children have an opportunity to participate. A big thank you to all the sponsors who makes this event possible on a yearly basis. The Danish volunteers together with our children have already worked on designing a banner for the upcoming sports day and this shows the level of enthusiasm that the children have. It is also very important to acknowledge and celebrate International Children’s day. This year our Master of ceremony was one of the resident boys. He did an excellent job making this a very special day for all the children. We thank our team for their support. and for continuing to motivate the children in these various activities.




good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add that to a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special - Nelson Mandela. The special children that are in our care are like oysters, thrown in the deep, where we need to retrieve them and slowly with the utmost care open them up see the beautiful jewel nestling inside. Education is an integral part of alternative care and we are serviced by 23 schools in Athlone and surrounds. Through the years the different schools have become a part of the Leliebloem family and even though the children move in and out of the facility the assistance and support from the Education department and schools show that they take this concept to heart - “Your children are our children� The majority of the children are in primary schools and already one can see the hidden potential in each child irrespective of their background. We try to find suitable school placements that will address each ones specific needs. It is still a major struggle to get assessments done for the children with special learning needs due to the lack of resources at the schools. The older learners often find it difficult to stay focused because they have to deal with so many changes within themselves and their environment. With the necessary encouragement and support from the whole multi-disciplinary team we will be able to see tremendous growth within them. The children also participate in different sport codes and some of them really excel as they are able to compete and show others their strengths and abilities. This is where they have the opportunity to level the playing field and just be a proud learner of a specific school. A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accept what you have become and still, gently allows you to grow (Shakespeare) and with this we want to thank the Education department, all the school principals with their staff, volunteers, donors and sponsors who allows us to keep on growing and be the best we can be. God Bless


8 | PA G E



amily reunification—the process of returning children in temporary out-of-home care to their families of origin—is the most common goal and outcome for children in alternative care. We believe that meaningful family engagement is crucial in reunifying families. HIGHLIGHTS : Our annual family fun day was held in collaboration with the neighborhood watch at the end of last year and this turned out to be a big success. It was a very enjoyable day with family and friends participating in various activities. We were able to reunify 15 children with their respective families and host families at the end of the year and continue to provide these families with support to ensure that the placement is successful. We have worked diligently at ensuring that children and families are reunited if possible as this is our main focus, even if this means crossing borders outside of Cape Town to do so. As part of the ongoing support offered to family’s, ongoing contact between families and children is encouraged. Many of the parents spend time at the center and receive guidance from the trained child and youth care staff focusing on quality family time with their children. This is beneficial for restoring and rebuilding the relationships between families and children. CHALLENGES : The loss of parents is often difficult for the children and staff to deal with. This past year we have lost two parents and this has a severe impact on the child and on the reunification prospects. Many of the parents suffer from health related concerns which hampers the work that we try and do with families. We offer parent training workshops but this is not always well supported by the parents. Through these training workshops we try and raise awareness on various issues which will affect the parent’s ability to offer good parenting to their children. There is an ongoing challenge to secure enough funding in order to deliver this program at its full capacity and therefore we would like to encourage ongoing support from the community and corporates. We are also in dire needs of a dedicated vehicle for the program which will allow us to have regular access to families and communities. A word of thanks to Almighty God who has our future in His mighty hand, the Board of Management, and my Director Francisco Cornelius , all the staff and all the donors for their generosity and continued support. Without your assistance and support we would not be able to render this service. “Teamwork makes dream work” and in this program in particular we cannot achieve the outcomes without everyone’s support. A very big THANK YOU to the Airports Company South Africa for being our main donor for the year 2014/2015. RUTH BANTHAM PROGRAM MANAGER PA G E | 9


R E P O R T “What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great� Looking back the past year there has been tremendous growth in the program. Working with the families and being in their life space is what motivates us as Child and Youth Care Workers to continue delivering our best. SOME OF THE MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS HAVE BEEN; The implementation of the formal safe park which was operational from July 2014. 17 Child and Youth Care Workers completed the FET certificate in child and youth care work and were found competent. All Child and Youth Care Workers are now registered as professional child and youth care workers with the Council for Social services professionals. We have entered into a partnership with the Peninsula School Feeding Association who provides ingredients for cooked meals daily. We are now able to provide a meal for 150 children each day at the formal safe park. The site has hosted various visitors throughout the year including visits from Unicef and the Swedish Adoption agency. The success of the site is based primarily on the partnership between the NACCW, Department of Social development and Leliebloem. I can confidently say that this partnership has strengthened yearly. In February 2015 the site was awarded with the SILVER medal for the best Safe Park nationally. Two team members were promoted to be Mentors (Zanolene Mentoor and Veveldo Van Wyk). We are very proud that staff has the opportunity to further their careers in the child care field and do us proud. Some of the team members were also promoted within the team. Well done to Obonolo Ntseno, Siphiwe Sikhasa and Lazola Bibi. We also introduced the early childhood development program at the site and some of the staff received training in this regard. There is presently 13 children who are receiving special needs support from the trained child and youth care staff. This aspect of the program ensures that children with special needs receive individual support and therapy. On-going in-service training is also given to all staff so that they are kept abreast with new developments in the field. The only major challenge in the site is the relocation of families. Due to families participating in seasonal work, they will often leave the community and then we are not able to disengage properly and ensure that all the needs of the families are met. In closing I would like to thank my team, all the role players and partners for their on-going cooperation and support in order to improve the circumstances of families in Grabouw together we can make a difference. MIRIAM DLANGA ISIBINDI PROGRAM MANAGER

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Inspiring a Nation of Active Citizens

“Best Among People are those who Benefit Mankind”

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his program is currently managed by Whitney Le Fleur who holds her honours degree in Psychology from the University of Western Cape. The Specialised Behaviour Management Program is part of Leliebloem’s Prevention and Early Intervention services to the community. The program was originally designed to work intensively with ten adolescents who are displaying extreme behavioural challenges. These interventions are in the form of individual counselling, family counselling, group therapy as well as providing parenting workshops to educate the parents about the behavioural problems and equip them with the necessary skills. One of the main reasons why this program is successful is because it is able to identify that behaviour is the symptom of the problem and not the only cause. Each individual and their support system (e.g. school and family) are assessed so that a treatment plan can be tailored to meet their needs. A holistic approach is used ensuring that all relevant role players in the child’s life are part of the problem solving process. Currently there are 15 participants in the program who receives specialised intervention services. There is always a demand for this service as many parents are desperate to gain the necessary help for their children. The services are most effective when the adolescent is accepted and not dealt with in isolation of their environment. I have come to learn that labelling an adolescent as a “ problem child” only serves as motivation for them to live up to this label. The child is not the problem but the behaviour is and therefore trying to understand the intention behind the behaviour makes it much easier to deal with it.




hange is never easy, but it is inevitable as we expose ourselves to each other and live life together. The Adolescent Development Program is one which brings about change in the lives of young people. The program uses different techniques, addresses relevant topics, teaches skills and allows young people to uplift themselves in this process of change. Camps are a vital part of our program as it provides an environment where ground breaking lessons can be learnt. 100 Adolescents graduated from the program last year and about 30 of them progressed to the leadership aspect. These leaders then continued to attend leadership sessions, assisted with holiday programs and volunteering. Some of the notable changes that we saw in them were personal change, better anger management and scholastic improvement . This year we have serviced over 150 adolescents already and they stem from the broader Athlone community. The adp team has also connected with different schools and provided them with support particularly for those learners who are at risk of dropping out of school. In order to provide an holistic service we offer parental support through our parent training workshops. Some of the topics which we have covered in this workshops are improved communication patterns, discipline methods and understanding adolescents. The feedback from parents have been very positive and we definitely enjoy offering this extra support to families. We know that by God’s grace we can make a difference in the lives of young people in the Athlone area and surrounds. We look forward to all that 2015 holds and to the advancement of the program.




s you read and reflect, keep in mind that reflection is not just a "looking back" -- it is giving mindful attention to lessons learned from experience and applying them to future growth and well-being, it is reinforcement - a looking inward - an introspective inquiry with oneself. The year under review, was filled with peaks and valleys with regards to our finances not knowing which funder or donor will respond to Funding applications or requests. With God on our side all things worked out for the best and we are for ever grateful to all who so generously supported, contributed and gave of themselves in cash and in kind to Leliebloem House. It may seem that we have made a profit this financial year however it is unfortunately not hard cash within our cash flow, but fair value gain on investments that is showing strong revenue growth. With this in mind we continued to face the daily challenges namely the impact of the current economic crisis within the NGO sector, and also the decline in programme and residential funding. With all this we continued to stay positive and focused on what we currently have. Our sincere thanks to the Department of Social Development and National Lotto Distribution Trust for their continued support this financial year. Special thanks also goes to the Anglican churches who have so faithfully tithed to Leliebloem House. Furthermore highlights for the year within the funding cycle were the revamp of the girls Units done by Discovery Life, Rotaract and Protea Hotel Group, a sincere thank you to all for supporting this venture. Financial Results: A brief overview of the Company’s financial results for the year 2013/2014 is enclosed in this report. You are most welcome to review a full set of Financials at the office. IN CONCLUSION I wish to thank God for blessing us and for keeping us in the palm of His hand throughout the year. A Sincere thank you and appreciation to our Board members, donors, sponsors, funders and host families for their continued prayers and support for our children and staff. CLAUDINE JOSHUA FINANCIAL MANAGER

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FRIENDS THAT SUPPORTED US THROUGHOUT THE YEAR MAJOR DONORS Department of Social Development Nedbank Charitable Trust Lily Ashton Charitable Trust Jet Lee Trust Philip Schock Foundation Airport Company of South Africa Brimstone National Lottery Distr. Trust Community Chest DRA Mineral Kids of the Cape The Viking Social Upliftment JH Richards WT/Jones(Nedbank group) Haggie Charitable Trust Discovery Life RotoAct PLEDGERS, REGULAR DONORS, CHURCHES & FRIENDS A Manilal Achmat Edwards Adielah Tifloen Adnaan Adrian Dilolo Alabaster Box Alexandra All Saints Anglican Church Alwyn Van De Linde AMC Classic Ananda Kutir Ashram Anchor foods Andrew Preston Angels Wings Anon JACM Anthea & Aiden Anthony van der Rede Aramex Ardington Arthi Baijnath Ashraf Doughnuts Ashraf Jones & Shaida

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2014 R

ASSETS Non-Current Assets



Current Assets



Total Assets



980,143 1,106,026 13,870 2,048,976 4,149,015

(295,962) 300,067 10,499 1,770,726 1,785,330










EQUITY AND LIABILITIES Capital and reserves Accumulated Funds Family Reunification Fund Isibindi Programme Adolescent Development Programme Specialized Behaviour Programme Capital reserve

Current Liabilities Total Equity and Liabilities


Net profit / (deficit) for the year Allocation of the surplus for specific funding Family Reunification Reserve Adolescent Development Programme Isibindi Programme Specialized Behaviour Programme Capital Reserve

Net transferred to accumulated funds


(7,015,582) (629,895)

(3,371) (805,959) -

78,705 (260,994) 94,079

(278,250) (1,087,580)

(12,500) (100,710)



The Annual Financial Statements were audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and are available from the office. 2 0 | PA G E

PA G E | 2 1

2 2 | PA G E

R a n d p e r Y e a r P l e d g e F o r m Name & Surname:

Tel No:



Cell No:

I pledge the sum of R__________ per month for 12 months toward Leliebloem House Children’s Home to use at their discretion. I will pay it into their account at the end of every month.

I wish to make a once off payment for this pledge to the total of R_____________

LELIEBLOEM BANKING DETAILS Name: Bank: Account No: Branch: Swift Code: Reference:

Leliebloem House Standard Bank 072785519 Vangate Code: 025909 SBZA-ZA-JJ Your name, Rand per year

LELIEBLOEM INFORMATION PBO number 18/11/13/2737 NPO number: 003 227

Our banking details are as follow: Name: Bank: Account Number: Branch: Swift Code: Reference:

Leliebloem House Standard Bank 072 785 519 025 909 SBZA - ZA - JJ Name & contact number

Korne Close Off Belgravia Road Crawford 7780 Tel: 021 697 4947 Fax: 021 696 4174 marketer@leliebloem.org.za

Profile for Leliebloem House Child & Youth Care Centre

Leliebloem House Annual Report 2014/2015  

Leliebloem House Annual Report 2014/2015