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VOIX STORY! Get introduced to notable persons or business that contributes to the Caribbean community or culture. VOIX INSPIRES! A motivational note or story to aspire readers to take a new perspective on life. VOIX TALKS! Get connected to impacting events, information, or news that is relevant to knowing the historical and cultural aspect of the Caribbean. VOIX QUARTERS! Takes a journey to a city in the Caribbean islands and get insights from a traveler’s perspective to depict the essence of the island living. VOIX ISLAND GAL/GUY! Set your eyes on the Caribbean Beauties and Gents that are single in the A.T.L. VOIX SPOTLIGHT! Be part of the yearly events that highlights Caribbean contributions t o Atlanta. VOIX INFLUENCES! Learn how Caribbean’s are influencing Atlanta through fashion, music, and other artistic/cultural aspect: from the islands to the states. VOIX FARE! Reviews of establishments and merchandise that Voix finds, supports and/or recommends- often Caribbean based or specialized. VOIX VIVE! Dedicated to general magazine read of Fitness, Relationships, Fashion, Health, and Beauty; twisted in a Caribbean point of view. VOIX T’ING! Learn about an island’s tradition: from food, proverbs, dialects, storytelling and/or traditions. It’s a Caribbean thing.

Dear Caribbean Lovers My name is Sherley Mautes and I am the Editor in Chief of Voix Magazine: The ultimate sources for all things Caribbean in Metro Atlanta.

It has been a long time coming for me to be able to refer myself as editor of a magazine. I recall 2 years ago in August, I was sitting outside with my friend Keren by the pool looking through various magazines, reading the fascinating articles, and picking out our favorite pictures. By that night, we were discussing possible names and colors for a logo. This is what it means to live out your passion. Although it took a while to get this Caribbean magazine official, the time was spent envisioning and preparing for the possibilities beyond the pages. My passion was to create something that everyone can learn from and to make them feel as if they were part of an experience.

Your Voice Editor-in-Chief Sherley Mautes

Enjoy reading VOIX, not because it was created by me but as a representation of the Caribbean culture. Beyond the beaches and the music; there is a deeply rooted culture that needs a voice. I thank God for the desire to begin this voice, the privileged to be part of it and the provision to prolong the impact it is going have on those who read it. Finally, I thank you, our readers, who will turn the page and began the journey to the Caribbean heritage.

“I dedicate this edition of Voix Magazine in memory of my aunt Elmira, uncle Amilcar, and grandma Gracile who were great examples of love for family in 2012.�

Our Team Sherley Mautes

Editor-in-Chief/ CEO Keren Cadet Managing Editor Dadnick Demosthenes Copy Editor Dorothy Demosthenes Special Interest Editor Contributing Photographers Technique Twelve GodSent Entertainment Louivision Sublime Events Contributing Writers Kamali Latisha Bent Jamaican & Montserratian Stepanie Dauphin Haitian

THE HOARDER! To Hoard is defined by as: - a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use. A hoarder often find themselves holding on and storing things with one hand while waiting to receive more with the other. Often it’s a fear that what's important and crucial may not be available when it’s perceived to be needed. Yes! what you are holding on is not the things but what the things have come to mean in you life. We want good credit. We want the best job. We want a great relationship but fail to make the necessary preparations to obtain it. By not letting go of your past, you are saying that you don’t trust God with you future. ‘How can I be fully prepared and in position to receive the blessings of God if I’m afraid to let go of what has come to an end and must be removed.’ You can begin by removing all the stacks of old things in your life. Inspect your life for possible repairs and/or remodeling. It’s hard to put new things in an old space. Seek support throughout the transition of new things by turning to your faith.

Voix Magazine P.O. Box 1871 Suwanee, GA 30024

In 2013 Do not live your life as a hoarder; do not be afraid to let things go. The reality is that, God will provide.

For future subscription and advertising with us visit or email Voix Magazine is a quarterly publication through The opinions expressed by the writers and photographer are not necessarily the opinions of Voix Magazine. Voix holds all rights and no part of the magazine can be reproduce.

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Island Represent in 2012 Summer Olympics

Caribbean workout

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It’s Carnival

London 2012 Summer Olympics Caribbean Representative In late July, the streets of London were filled with excitement. However, since the games have concluded, all the commotion has simmered down and the athletes are home rejoicing their achievements. As we watched and rooted for the members of Team USA, many of us had to applaud and salute those from our native countries. We are convinced that Track and Field is a sport that Caribbean individuals excel in; possibly due to the many times we spend running alongside the beach.

US Virgin Island, 7

Antigua & barbuda, 5

Aruba, 4 Barbados, 6

Suriname, 5 St. Kitts & Nevis, 7

Bahamas, 26

Trinidad & Tobago, 31

St Vincent & Grenadines, 5

Belize, 3

British Virgin Island, 2

Bermuda, 8 Cayman Island, 5

Saint Lucia, 4

Puerto Rico, 25

During the 2012 Olympics, two Caribbean athletes stole the spotlight and left an imprint for many to follow. Jamaica’s very own, Usian Bolt, dominated as he walked away with two gold medals in the Men’s 100m and 200m. Usian also set a world record 38.64 seconds in the Men’s 4x100 relay. He is on his way to becoming a legend.

Jamaica, 50

Cuba, 110

Heading further down the Caribbean, Grenada’s speed of light, Kirani James, marvelously represented his country in the Olympics by winning a gold medal. Many citizens celebrated their country’s first gold medal since James’ victory shed light on their country Grenada. Aside from being athletic, we tend to forget that these well trained individuals are not machines. James has never lost sight of being humble. During the semi-finals, James swapped nametags with a South African amputee, which showed his love for people; beyond the sport. He is a true representation of Caribbean people. We still continue to cheer for the Dominican Republic's Luguelin Santos and Trinidad and Tobago’s Lalonde Gordon, who took two medals. Whether it was a gold medal or the crowd’s applaud, each athlete had something to be proud for.

Haiti, 5 Guyana, 6 Grenada, 10

Dominican Republic, 34 Dominica , 2

Caribbean Winners 2012 Olympics

6 5 4

3 2








Carnival is Mas and Music

Photos by Godsent Ent. & Sublime Events.

Carnival is one event to be recon with in Atlanta. If you thought you could beat the crowd driving or walking Peachtree streets, you involuntarily became part of the Carnival. The few that knew of the yearly event came prepared with their outdoor chairs as spectators; while others stood with their flags or t-shirt representing their island.

For 23 years on Memorial Day weekends, the streets of Atlanta was filled with bright colors, vibrant costumes, loud music, dance troupe only one Saturday afternoon for CARNIVAL.

The parade began with adults and children alike presenting their MAS costumes and playing their Soca music on trucks while their dance troupes followed. There was nothing more exciting than to see all shades of Caribbean people swaying their flags and gyrating their hips as they make their way on the streets of hot Atlanta. The Mas; meaning a culturally expressive art, were made with a concept in mind. While other designers were showing different conceptual themes or finding a creative way to tell their story. The mas custom were covered from head to toes with feathers, beads, various fabrics and sometimes wings. Just to portray a smaller scale of a carnival back home. If you were looking for a flags, umbrellas or turkey legs, you did not miss out on finding a booth. With so many vendors; there were lines of people waiting for their favorite Caribbean dish.

CARNIVAL 2012 With a big crowd, there were still people who have never experienced a carnival in Atlanta; you do not want to be one of them. Be prepared to be at the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival in 2013. It is held on Memorial day weekend with a plenty of days of festivities before the main event. Do not let the rain or the heat stop you from parading in the streets feeling our island rhythms.

If you add in the energy from a Caribbean Carnival and the sweat from the gym; you have yourself Socacize Workout. I took one session; the other ladies in the class can attest that this workout is not easy. After catching my breathe I sat with Ayanna Lee– Riveras to give me her Story of Socacize. Interview by Sherley Mautes

V Where does the concept of Socasize come from: A: I have been doing Caribbean dance styles for 20 years now and decided to incorporate it in a fitness component. The dance company I perform with gives me all the ideas on moves and technique.

V What is the history of Socasize: A: Socasize started 6 year in Canada. I would Socasize in dance class to get endurance before stage performances. It took off with workshop, then classes, and now license instructor. You can take socacize in various gym sand dance studio. Just anywhere- It can be both in dance and workout.

Visit for classes session in Atlanta

"I really enjoyed the class and I was still sore today from the class since Monday. I'm sure that means I'm really doing something" - Clarissa Crawford

V What makes Socasize different from other workout dance classes: A: Socacize is different because it works all the muscle. It’s a unique dance style and all types of music from the Caribbean. You relate with the instructor throughout the workout because it’s a give and respond from the instructor.

V What does a session include: A: There are 4 components in a Socacize workout session: Back in out warm up- get you warmed up for the road Cardio superjam Whine and tone- very sexy; you tone the abs and hips while you whine Groovy stretch- relaxing and static stretch in a short routine

V Music is just as important as Dance in the Caribbean Culture, how is it applied in the class: A: I am very selective in the music. I pick out music that is easy to follow and catchy. I keep a mix of old and new because people love the classics.

V What drove Ayanna to creating Socacize: A: I have been whining since I was in diapers back in Trinidad. I have a passion for dance. I have a passion for Caribbean music and dancing. It’s only natural for me to make my hobby into my career.

V Why bring Socacize to Atlanta: A: I came down for the carnival to prepare everyone physical and mentally for the road. It’s a way to get non - Caribbean to get introduce to our music and dance. Socasize is for all people, level and ages. Anyone who wants to have fun and be fit.

Island Fare Ramblers Tales The Ramblers Tales is a platform for the creative arts. The show incorporates fashion, music, standup comedy, and dance and has been bringing in well rounded talented artist for the past three years. You may not see them in the mainstream TV, but the craft that these artists and designers bring is on a different level. Search them on Google, visit their site, and watch their YouTube videos. So when you see them at other events; you can assure you are getting quality performance.

2. The Music

Soweto Street Beat

Audience Performs

Soweto Street Beat- What better way to bring us back to Africa than with drums and dance. No, it’s not the American Best Dance Group and no pop and lock moves. With every beat of the drum and every stomp in their dance; it would be hard to not get into the rhythm with this team. With only 3 performers they were able to make the whole theatre feel the vibe. King Danskie- If you h a v e b e e n t o carnivals in the past few years, you’ve probably seen King Danskie. Call him the Soca King of Atlanta because Soca music and performing has been his life. He took over the stage by hyping up the crowd with his whine. If you have yet to see an island guy do the dirty whine; see King Danskie at the next Caribbean event.




Models Before the Show

Designers After the Show

The international fashion show represented eclectic colors, worldly cuts and a touch of bling to add that Wow factor. ETA Designs was runway ready with cuts that fitted in all the right places. Michael Emmanuel Couture had wearable couture fashion with a mix of a glamorous l a d i e s night out. Sonia Noel had an island piece representing her Guyanese colors and another day on the island. Don’t forget the bling. Traci Lynn’s accessory designs had bling that could be seen from miles away. Whether it was the commonality of the patterns or the diversity in the cut; each designer’s piece fit right in to the international flair.

3. The Laughs Gina




Comedians perspective of a Nigerian Fatman George & Gina British women who has Yashere traveled around the world

and her cultural shock experience during her visits. Her comical return to her Nigerian roots made her realized she was more British then she thought. Gina has been on NBC’s Last Comic standing, Comedy Central, and various late night talk show. Fatman George- With his Grenadian accents Fatman brings up things we think about and yet never questioned or understood. His jokes may seem to stereotype the Caribbean people; but its nothing far from the truth. Though he lives in Grenada, he’s a frequent guest at the Ramblers Tale. You can check him on YouTube from his previous stage performances from Canada, UK and Caribbean Island.

Beyond their vibrant flag colors, the British decedents and the beautiful beaches, Jamaica has a lot more to be proud of. This year of 2012 marks the 50 years of Independence giving Jamaicans is a reason to celebrate all across the world. Celebrate fashion with Jamaican designer.

Photos by Technique Twelve

Surprisingly very few people are aware of the extensive work that is put on for a fashion show celebrating a worldly influence of fashion. Months before this special day of August 6, A Fashion Affair Inc. prepare a wonderful captivating fashion show that highlight fashions and the historical fashion of Jamaica. This year, the cabaret has added on a very uncommon fashion line. For example, Jamaican designer company Uzuri International. Uzuri is known for an array of couture and colors but very rarely for their men’s swimwear. Let just say this was not your typical swim trunks. Another way that the fashion affair addresses the millennium fashion forward man was with the designs from the GQFX scene featuring clothing from designer Pablo Palair based in Jamaica.

A Fashion Affair Another unique style of fashion was a crochet; a wearable art collection by DI-O right here in metro Atlanta. It’s amazing how many unique pieces and complete outfits that can be made with the simple yarn. The fashion cabaret kept Georgia on their mind with a scene called ‘from Georgia with love’- an elegant design that portrayed the southern belle from TK Designs in Atlanta. Not only was the fashion show an experience of the Jamaican culture but it also represented the African, British, French and Indian influences through their own style. Taking you back in time of the early settlers and incorporating their style during that period but without losing the current lively bold colors that has represented the island of Jamaica.

A Fashion Affair Inc. is not just about fashion; but for the purpose of building a community for young people to express their creative outlet. As the show concluded; the director Norman Brown bid her audience farewell and acknowledge all the Caribbean community support that made this show possible from African designers and those who travelled afar; including Miss Jamaica World 2012 Chantal Raymond and various international models. This event was acknowledged many Caribbean business, fashion industry designers and models and even the Prime minister for Jamaica the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller as they celebrate Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee. A fashion cabaret 2012 is what they called it; and it was far beyond Jamaican flag colors.

Thomayn Constable

22, Saint Lucia Lead Teacher, Gwinnett County What makes a guy attractive… Honestly, it’s their personality What do you love about being a Caribbean… I love our values and of course the culture Do you enjoy being single… I like being able to do what I want, but I am taking my time to find the right guy

Stevenson Sanon 28, Haiti Manager , DeKalb County What makes a lady attractive… Morals and spiritual values are the main things What do you love about being a Caribbean… The beach and the food Do you enjoy being single… I really don’t enjoy it but I would have to say it’s the best time to know yourself What do you enjoy doing… Watching sports center on ESPN, that’s what guys do. But I also enjoy singing and would love to travel more

3 Adding Nature to Naturals Flowers have been a piece that is used to add femininity to almost anything. In every natural hair show, you can expect tables of small to large flower accessories in a full ray of colors. Not all flower accessory can be placed equally. Consider dressing up your natural hair with natures flowers.




You can clip it to the side to compliment the up do or fro or use it as a flower brooch on a jacket. A small flower clip can be used for the bump instead of those basic bobby pins.

If rocking it as a scrunchie or pony tail holder; it goes great with a bun or when you want to hold the hair in place. It can be a finishing touch as a temporary bracelet until you need to use it for your hair.

The classic look is the headpiece flower that can really jazz up the whole appearance. The head- band will sleek your hair back but it is the embellishment of the flower that can accentuate the complete look.

Are you

Caribbean Certified?

1 ________This Caribbean island has commonwealth status and is an organized territory of the United States.

5 This Caribbean nation was one of the five islands of the former Netherland Antilles and situated in the Leeward Antilles.

a. Cuba b. Grenadine c. Puerto Rico

a. Belize b.Curacao c. Anguilla

2 ________What percentage of the Caribbean's numerous islands are inhabited? a. 6%

b. 10%

c. 2%

3 ________Though all are considered Caribbean nation, which one is really an island. a. Suriname b. Guyana c. Bermuda

6 Whether fried, boiled or mashed, this item is a staple in all Caribbean dishes. a. Plantains b. Mangoes c. Cabbage 7 Which Caribbean nation has the most Diaspora? a. Trinidad b. Grenada c. Jamaica

4 Plymouth was the capital of this Caribbean island, until it was abandoned in 1997 due to volcanic eruptions.

8 Which of these islands is not a stop on a Royal Caribbean Cruise line?

a. Cayman Islands b. Anguilla c. Montserrat

a. St Lucia b. Haiti c. Cuba

I love the


Is it better in the Bahamas? Written by: Stephanie Dauphin

It is geographically correct that the islands of the Bahamas are closer to Florida than to the Caribbean Sea. Even though the Bahamas may not be located in the Caribbean, their culture has a great deal to offer, especially Nassau. The country’s capital depicts the essence of a Caribbean beauty, but is it really better in the Bahamas? The same way one should not put tomatoes in a fruit salad, one cannot have a discussion about the Caribbean culture without mentioning the Bahamas. The Bahamas resembles the splendor of a Caribbean through the people, food, beaches, music, but does it stand true to the commercial. If you’re stepping out onto the streets of Nassau, your senses will immediately be awakened by the colorful cast of the buildings. For a rate of $25 (per person), you can take a four hour tour of Nassau. The spirit of hustling and hospitability is common in the Caribbean people of this island. It is only normal to hear accents of the English language amongst the Bahamians as they try to bargain.

While driving on the opposite side of the road, take notes of the architectural buildings. They are true testaments to the country’s former ruler, Great Britain. Do not be flustered by the pink colored government building (the national bird is the Flamingo). You will be surprised how well it blends with the whole dÊcor of the island. One can witness true Bahamian living by driving through the suburban streets. You may discover disparity between the social classes; nonetheless, the homes are vibrant in curb appeal. Nassau is filled with secluded hotels, private beaches, and clear blue/green water; just as any Caribbean island. Colonial beach, situated on the opposite side of the boat docks, gives you a private area for different water activities, plus a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantis resort. If Nassau is your first island voyage outside the United States, then Bahamas might just set the standards for Caribbean living. But than again everything is better in the Caribbean.


5 Things to do in Bahamas VISIT Atlantis, Paradise Island and take a souvenir picture on Poseidon’s Throne. Atlantis ’ spectacular entrance structure is something out of a movie. The beautiful tan adobe like fortress stands tall and proud, surrounded by lush green palm trees. It was said that the late Michael Jackson stayed there when the going rate was five grand a night! If you cannot afford that, stop in for the view and the casino.


For two dollars, you can take a tour of Fort Fincastle and

have a Nassau native educate you about its history. Fort Fincastle was built in 1783 to protect the island from looters but no shots were ever fired from the fort. Another activity is to climb the Queen ’s Staircase, which is close by.


Bambu Lounge is the place to hang out with the locals

while having a drink or two. Enjoy listening to some contemporary music with a mix of island beats. Aside from the hidden entrance, the view of Nassau at night is worth the hunt.

EAT Grab some authentic Bahamian cuisine at the Arawak Market. A must try is the Conch- a fried snail-like fritter which can be easily spotted selling on a truck or food stand. Easy snack while on the move.



some shopping from the street vendors around Fort Fincastle. If you are searching for a good bargain on authentic weaved baskets and handcrafted goods; this is the location. You can purchase a striking hand woven bag for ten dollars; after haggling of course.

Island Flava * The medianoche (midnight) is typically eaten at night after a night of dancing. *It's often smaller than a typical Cuban sandwich and it is made on sweeter egg bread.

Sopa de Frijoles Negros Cuban Black Bean Soup 1 lb. black beans, dried 1 cup of chopped onions 1 tbsp. butter or margarine 4 cups of water 1 beef bouillon cube 12 ounces of cooked lean Ham 2 bay leaves 1/2 teaspoon dried leaf Oregano 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 dried whole red pepper 1 cup of chopped green bell pepper Soak beans overnight and then drain. In a 4- quart pot; sautĂŠ chopped onion in butter or margarine until tender. Add in beans, 4 cups water, bouillon cube, ham (cut into 4-6 chunks), bay leaves, thyme, oregano, salt & red pepper bring to boil. Cover and simmer until beans are tender, 1 to 1-1/2 hour. Remove 1 cup of only beans from stew and pour in a bowl to mash with a fork or potato masher. Stir in the mashed beans to stew. Remove bay leaves and red pepper. Cover and simmer 15 minutes. Serve alone or over white or yellow rice.

Medianoche Sandwich Authentic Cuban Midnight Sandwhich 3 thin slices of ham 3 thin slices roast pork hot or cold (hot is best) 3 thin slices of Swiss cheese 3 or 4 slices of pickles 1/3 cut medianoche bread (sweet yellow egg bread) Slice the bread open in halves and spread mustard on both halves. Add the ham, and then the roasted pork. Add your Swiss cheese and then a few pickle slices. You can either spray your sandwich press or brush some soften butter outside the bread. Press down until the cheese is melted and the bread is slightly

Tostones Fried Plantain Chips 2 Green Plantain Oil for frying Salt for seasoning Peel plantains, then slice about 2" long each pieces. Fry them in cooking oil until soft, and let them drain on paper towels. Take each piece and smash it with something flat or a tostonera. Fry them again on each side until golden brown. Allow them to drain on paper towels, sprinkle with salt or dip in mojo sauce.

Various recipe advice not to use a panini bread under any circumstances- as an alternative, use a flat grill or place a heave pot on top. Refrain from adding in the typical sandwich ingredient like tomatoes. The Roast Pork is the most important ingredient; it keeps the authentically Cuban

5 Things you didn’t know about Montserrat Written by: Kamali Bent

One Christopher

Columbus named it Montserrat because its landscapes were reminiscent of the Santa Maria de Montserrat, a mountain monastery located near Barcelona, Spain. Montserrat is also nicknamed the “Other Emerald Isle” referencing its resemblance to the coastlines of the original “Emerald Isle”, Ireland.


Montserrat is home to three volcanos. In the summer of 1995, Soufriere Hills began a yearslong series of eruptions that would eventually bury Montserrat’s original capital city, Plymouth, and the entire southern portion of the island under 40 feet of ashes and mud. As of now, more than half of the tiny 40 -acre island remains an inhabitable, desolate, and still dangerous “Exclusion Zone.” Neither visitors nor citizens are allowed into the “Exclusion Zone” without proper authorization.


This early settlement of Irish immigrants explains why there is a heavy Irish influence that is still apparent in Montserrat’s culture today. It one of the only countries outside of Ireland that recognizes St. Patrick’s Day as a national holiday. On Montserrat’s flag, the lady holding a harp and clutching a cross is strictly an Irish symbolism called “Erin of Irish Legend.”Upon arrival to Montserrat, a green shamrock is stamped on passports. One will find that many Montserratians have Irish surnames such as O’Brien, O’Riley, and O’Malley as well.


Due to its idyllic tropical vis-

tas, tranquil ambience, and general seCaribbean Isle of Montserrat Resources: More about this island

clusion, Montserrat has been a long- the-world-factbook/geos/mh.html

-known figures looking for a way to es-

time haunt for celebrities and other well cape the commotion of more popular destinations. In the early 1980’s, former more

Beatle’s producer, George Martin

Facebook fans than actual residents. As of July 2011, Monserrat’s Facebook fan page, currently has 5,917 fans to the island’s approx.

opened AIR Studios in Montserrat

5,039 residents. All of the residents live in the northern tip of island.

McCartney and more.





which attracted the likes of the Rolling Stones, Sting, Elton John, Duran Duran, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Paul

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how we live in the A. T. L.

Voix Magazine  

VOIX, meaning VOICE in French, is set to be a leading Caribbean publication of Atlanta for the Caribbean people. Voix Magazine is the ‘voice...

Voix Magazine  

VOIX, meaning VOICE in French, is set to be a leading Caribbean publication of Atlanta for the Caribbean people. Voix Magazine is the ‘voice...