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In the first quarter of 2014, the Leland Management educa3on team has awarded 594 stateapproved Board Member Cer3fica3ons to community board members throughout the state of Florida. We are proud of the impact our educa3on ini3a3ves have had on our communi3es and look forward to our next series of courses in the summer. Visit our website at www.LelandManagement.com for more info.

The Florida Communi3es of Excellence Award represents the pinnacle of achievement for community associa3ons in our state and has recognized dozens of outstanding communi3es throughout Florida since its founding in 2008. This year 6 Leland Management communi3es were in the finals for the Communi3es of Excellence Awards. Congratula3ons to: Avalon Park, Carriage Pointe, Courtyards of Suntree, and Stonecrest on their nomina3ons and to Bridgestone at Legends and The Lakes of Mount Dora on winning their categories.

Spring 3me is always a wonderful 3me of year. It is a 3me for growth, ac3vity, and a 3me to look forward to those summer months. Leland Management has been working hard on training and systems to help us provide the highest quality management services for all of our communi3es. We have been growing as well, hiring 10 new team members since January and welcoming many new communi3es to the Leland family. Leland has also been ac3ve in working to protect communi3es against legisla3on that will nega3vely affect homeowners throughout the state of Florida. On a recent trip to Tallahassee, I met with legislators regarding the passing of Bills: HB 7037 and SB 1466 which are designed to put a stop to efforts by the Florida Bar to designate many rou3ne du3es performed by CAMs and Boards as the Unlicensed Prac3ce of Law (UPL). Without these bills, Associa3ons will be forced to hire high-priced lawyers to do the same things CAMs and Boards now provide to Associa3ons. It was a produc3ve trip, with posi3ve feedback from all of the legislators whom I met. Many thanks to the Board Members and residents who came to Tallahassee to join us, or have sent le7ers in support of these Bills to their Senators or Representa3ve. Your input makes a difference! As of April 29th both bills have passed in the House and Senate by wide margins and are now being sent to the Governor for his approval. Please share your support of this legisla3on with the Governor by sending a le7er or email at h7p://www.flgov.com/ contact-gov-sco7/email-the-governor/.

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We have been busy over the winter with our educa3on ini3a3ves. Since January Leland has conducted 13 classes and 2 webinars, cer3fying 594 Board Members throughout the state. Because these classes are in such high demand, we have recently added addi3onal courses scheduled for the summer months. In the past few months members of Leland’s team and the communi3es we serve have been honored with many awards. We are pleased to announce that two of our Community Associa3on Managers: Chad Peck and Traci Bradford were selected by the Council of Community Associa3on Professionals (CCAP) as two of the top 10 managers in the en3re country. Two other Leland CAMs, Tracy Durham and Adina Lewis were in the top 50. This is very impressive considering there are over 18,000 CAMs in Florida alone. We also had 6 communi3es that were finalists for the Communi3es of Excellence Awards. Two of those communi3es, Bridgestone at Legends and The Lakes of Mount Dora won in their categories. Finally, our Director of CAM Development, Christy Borden, has been named as a Business Execu3ve of the Year honoree by the Orlando Business Journal. Please join me in congratula3ng these team members and communi3es for their accomplishments. Finally, I would like to thank you for partnering with Leland Management for your associa3on management needs. We appreciate the trust you ins3ll in us day a@er day to keep your associa3ons running smoothly.

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Leland Insider: Spring Edition 2014  

Leland Insider: Spring Edition 2014