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Fly Casting classes •

Many anglers have experienced and enjoyed Lelandfly casting classes and fishing classes with Three Step Program.

Designed by FFF Master Certified Casting Instructors to get you confidently fly casting and fishing on your own, quickly.

Based on experience level, you can choose fly casting classes steps from Lelandfly casting Three Step Program.

Lelandfly three step program teaches you how to fly cast and be expertise in fly casting and fishing.

Fly casting class: Step 1 •

Step One in our famously effective how to Fly Fish Program teaches you how to form a loop.

The most basic motion in fly fishing is stopping the rod and forming a loop. This is taught throughout all of our fly fishing courses.

Through an understanding of rod mechanics, line construction and leader taper, you will learn how your equipment is designed to transfer energy and create the perfect fly cast.

Fly casting class: Step 2 • Step Two teaches the casting mechanics that will make you an excellent caster down the road.

• In the second fly casting class, your instructor will impart to you a deeper understanding of rod and line control. So that you can shoot line and cover more water.

• Learn techniques for greater accuracy and will begin to cover some of the specialty casts, such as the roll cast and single Spey; from lelandfly casting and fishing classes.

Fly casting class: Step 3 •

Steps three teaches the learn to cast effectively at longer distances and in more difficult casting conditions.

Final fly casting class is devoted to casting in the wind and at a distance.

The single and double haul casts, coupled with the power of the stop and aiming of loops, will lead to your mastery over wind and distance.

Fly Casting Tips & Techniques • Fly Casting Tips and Techniques – Forming a loop. – Equipment language and assembly – The theory of tapered equipment – Body position, stance, and grip – "The power of the stop“ – Smooth acceleration of the casting stroke – Forming Loops, open and tight by having the tip of the rod unbend in a open or tight path. – Aiming loops, changing direction and plane – Adding line to the system – Stop and Drop – “Gently alight” your fly on the water

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Lelandfly three step program teaches you how to fly cast and be expertise in fly casting and fishing. Many anglers have experienced and enj...