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Noria Food Distribution is a company that operates on a European-wide basis in the sales and distribution of high quality food and beverages produced in small local firms, in many cases family run businesses. Noria’s strength lies in its company policy which highlights the importance of sourcing classic foodstuffs and unlocking the secrets that underlie such traditional products which come mainly from the Abruzzo region of Italy. However, we also embrace more modern methods of production as well as offering organic produce and gluten-free items. We at Noria select our products with expertise and experience using suppliers who are rigorous in their choice of raw materials. This way, we are able to offer our clients only exclusive and unique products that have been produced to the highest specifications. 3

Formaggi Pecorino muffato Is a Gorgonzola style cheese, from the Sopravvissana breed. The milk is heated, and then worked with natural rennet. After about 20/30 minutes the curd is broken with grains of corn, passed, and left for two days to form. The cheese is brined, matured in natural caves; that provide unusual conditions of humidity and temperature, even in summer. A total absence of light allow the development of molds responsible for the slow drying of the cheese, average time of maturing is 60 days. Average Age: 2-4 months. Cod. MAR-01

Weight 7-8 lbs

€ 27,50 al kg

Ricottine di pecora al fumo di ginepro Peperoncino, rosmarino, prezzemolo, aglio e cipolla, spinaci, ginepro

Made from pure “Sopravvissana” sheep’s milk fed on the high pastures of Abruzzo. They are traditionally produced, as Ricotta is one of the oldest products in this area. The whey is heated up to 80° C in order to make the proteins coagulate; they then float on the top of the liquid. After that, the milk is added and the soft flakes of Ricotta are gently collected and put in the “fuscelle” (the traditional containers with small holes that allow the liquid to get out). After mild salting and drying, the ricotta is smoked for twelve hours using juniper wood. Smoking is an ancient practise to preserve food and it gives the Ricotta intense fragrances through the juniper cold smoke (less than 26° C); the smoke is cooled in order to avoid composts which can affect the flavor and taste of the Ricotta. Cod. MAR-02


Weight 8-10 oz.

€ 26,50 al kg

Pecorino brigantaccio The story of this cheese, found in ancient caves, has been handed down from generation to generation, from great grandfathers and uncles. This unique type of Pecorino is aged and matured the way Brigands used to. At the end of the 19th Century, there were many Brigands in the mountains of Abruzzo. They used to leave food in the caves to have supplies for the time they needed to go into hiding. After ambushing the shepherds, they put the cheese inside a clay vase, covered it and sealed it with a goat skin. This way, they were able to preserve the cheese for a long time; they kept out oxygen by burning a candle inside the vase. The cheese inside was put into the bran, in order to keep it dry during maturing. Recovering this old tradition, this “Brigantaccio” cheese is a pecorino with a bran skin, matured in absence of oxygen and dried with bran. Cod. MAR-03

Weight 4-6 lbs

€ 28,50 al kg

Pecorino scorza nera This “Black Skin” Pecorino is a classic Pecorino cheese, made by raw organic sheep milk. Its black skin is due to charcoal, mixed with flour and olive oil. This skin protects the cheese from drying out too much, and keeps the texture very soft. It was so requested in the 19th Century in the Reign of Naples, that the Abruzzi Shepherds created a special store in Naples dedicated only to this cheese. Average Age: 2-4 months Average Size: 7-8 lbs. Cod. MAR-04

Weight 7-8 lbs

€ 28,50 al kg

Pecorino classico Organic, Aged at least 2 months and made from organic sheep milk, salt and rennet. Classic example of the extraordinary pecorino of Abruzzo. Rich, nutty and full flavored with the taste of the high mountain grass.In the Gran Sasso where the sheep graze, more than 120 wild herbs and flowers have been identified. This pristine environment contributes to it’s unparalleled flavor and quality. It lacks the saltiness of many pecorino’s and pairs well with Mostocotto or Miele di Castagna. Cod. MAR-05

Weight 7-8 lbs

€ 22,50 al kg


Pecorino Gregoriano Organic. Aged 3 months or more, made from raw Sopravvissana sheep milk, salt and rennet. A unique one of a kind “soft Pecorino”, It’s made by Gregorio who is as unique as this cheese. Few people have tasted this extraordinary cheese, which has all the flavors of the high mountain “Gran Sasso” pastures where the sheep pasture. Some of it’s unique qualities are the acidity and creamy soft texture Pair this with our Miele di Girasole for a wonderful contrast of textures. Cod. MAR-06

Weight 7-8 lbs

€ 23,00 al kg

Pecorino Gregoriano speciale Cod. MAR-07

Weight 7-8 lbs

€ 37,00 al kg

Pecorino stagionato Fiocco di Terminillo Matured pecorino Fiocco di Terminillo. Matured pecorino cheese in small forms distinguished by its distinct and fragrant flavour. Cod. PET-01

Weight 1,5 kg € 14,30 al kg

Caciottone Norcia A mixed milk cheese of the Norcia genre with a sweet taste but at the same time rich notes. The cheese tends to be of a straw colour with an even surface. Cod. PET-02 Cod. PET-03

Weight 2 kg Weight 3 kg

€ 14,30 al kg € 14,30 al kg

Canestrato The Canestrato is a young cheese with a subtle flavour. The crust is characterized by the classic lined surface and the cheese is white to cream in colour with a loose texture. Cod. PET-04 Cod. PET-05 Cod. PET-06 Cod. PET-07


Weight 0,4 kg Weight 0,8 kg Weight 1,5 kg Weight 2 kg

€ 11,20 al kg € 11,20 al kg € 11,20 al kg € 11,20 al kg

Antiche cascine The pecorino of the ‘antiche cascine’ is a straw coloured cheese combining a soft texture with a sharp flavour. While eating it, close your eyes…and smell the perfume of the pastures and imagine the sheep grazing undisturbed… Cod. PET-08

Weight 5 kg

€ 14,50 al kg

Formaggio di capra “L’unica del gregge” A semi-cooked cheese crumbly and with a slightly hold texture. The cheese is white bordering on a straw colour. Slightly sharp in flavour. Cod. PET-09 Cod. PET-10 Cod. PET-11

Weight 1 kg Weight 2 kg Weight 3 kg

€ 16,20 al kg € 16,20 al kg € 16,20 al kg

La cremosa This creamy cacciotta cheese is decidedly sweet in flavour, tasty, soft and creamy with a lasting after taste. Cod. PET-12

Weight 1,5 kg €10,50 al kg

Marzolino This cheese has an unusual egg-shaped form, a sweet taste and a fine crust. White in colour with subtle holed texture. It takes its name from the month in which it is produced. Cod. PET-13

Weight 1 kg

€ 11,00 al kg


Nerone A semi-matured cheese, crumbly and with a slightly holed surface. White in colour bordering on cream. The flavour is quite sharp. Cod. PET-14 Cod. PET-15 Cod. PET-16

Weight 1 kg Weight 2 kg Weight 4 kg

€ 13,40 al kg € 13,40 al kg € 13,40 al kg

Poggio Lama Afirme mature cheese produced with more than one type of milk. A light straw colour: strong distinct flavour. Cod. PET-17

Weight 5 kg

€ 14,00 al kg

Pecoraro The pecoraro cheese is a sweet noted cheese whose pleasant taste is always welcome. It is a cheese that is present at the table on a daily basis, soft and creamy with some visible holes. Cod. PET-18 Cod. PET-19 Cod. PET-20

Weight 1 kg Weight 2 kg Weight 4 kg

€ 11,20 al kg € 11,20 al kg € 11,20 al kg

PrimoSale del Pastorello A fresh and lightly salted cheese with a soft and moist consistency. Cod. PET-21


Weight 1,8 kg

€ 6,00 al kg

Mandarone Valpadana DOP A dense cheese to enjoy as it is with a certain flakiness. Free of a holed texture. White to cream in colour. Strong flavoured. Cod. PET/PF-22 Cod. PET/PF-23 Cod. PET/PF-24 Cod. PET/PF-25

Weight 10 kg Weight 20 kg Weight 30 kg Weight 50 kg

€ ? al kg € ? al kg € ? al kg € ? al kg

Provolone A dense cheese with a certain crumbly quality to enjoy as it is. Free of air holes . White to cream in colour. Strong flavoured. Cod. PET/PF-26 Cod. PET/PM-27 Cod. PET/PM-28 Cod. PET/PM-29 Cod. PET/PM-30 Cod. PET/PS-31 Cod. PET/PS-32

Weight 2,2 kg Weight 10 kg Weight 20 kg Weight 30 kg Weight 30 kg Weight 50 kg Weight 100 kg

€ 11,20 al kg € 11,70 al kg € 11,70 al kg € 11,70 al kg € 11,70 al kg € 11,70 al kg € 11,70 al kg

Ricotta mista Mixed ricotta. The fresh milk is processed within 24 hours of being collected to obtain a mixed ricotta cheese with a traditional tasty but subtle flavour. Cod. PET-33

Weight 300 gr € 4,00 al kg

Scodellato A unique soft and creamy cheese that needs to be matured for a month before eating. White with a holed surface. Cod. PET-34 Cod. PET-35

Weight 1 kg Weight 2 kg

€ 11,20 al kg € 11,20 al kg


Pecorino del Lago di Campotosto Worked with fresh milk with the addition of goat’s rennet, this is one of the regions most typical cheeses. Matured for eight months youwill discover aromas di grass, onions and tarassaco. Cod. MAS-01 Weight 3 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 15,00 al kg

Pecorino infossato This cheese is matured underground in special underground caverns. A unique process for a unique product. Cod. MAS-02 Weight 3 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 26,50 al kg

Pecorino regnante A pecorino to grace the cheese board matured ideally for 4-6 months, it has the flavour of a pecorino without being too strong. Cod. MAS-03 Weight 3 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 13,00 al kg

Pecorino rustico canestrato This cheese is produced in small forms by using less well cooked rennet producing a sweet-tasting straw-coloured pecorino, ideal for the cheese board. Cod. MAS-04 Weight 3,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE


€ 12,50 al kg

Finocchiello This a pecorino cheese that has been flavoured with fennel. The flavouring is subtle and very balanced. It is a delicate cheese enhancing the contrast with the wild fennel and juniper berries. Cod. MAS-05 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 15,50 al kg

Cacio Fiore A pecorino produced with vegetable rennet which has been approved for those who eat: Halal, kosher and for vegetarians. Cod. MAS-06 Weight 2 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 16,50 al kg

Pecorino allo zafferano “Oro d’Abruzzo” This is a pecorino cheese flavoured with saffron from the town of Navelli. The spice is used to provide a balanced and delicate flavour. A delicate and sweet cheese which is enhanced by the saffron. Cod. MAS-07 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 16,50 al kg

Pecorino “Er Prof ” A pecorino matured in oak casks with herbs such as thyme and tarassaco. The rectangular shape comes from allowing the cheese to have maximum contact with the herbs giving it an intense aroma of natural hay. This technique was developed by chance but is now used all over Italy and in Abruzzo renders an extremely unusual, tasty and aromatic product. Cod. MAS-08 Weight da 1,5 a 2,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 20,00 al kg


Tartufetto This is a pecorino flavoured with tartufo. The flavouring is balanced and delicate. It is a delicate, sweet cheese enhanced by the contrast with the truffles. (truffles used: thinly sliced black summer truffles). Cod. MAS-09 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 15,00 al kg

Fiammetta Matured ricotta cheese flavoured with hot peppers. Cod. MAS-10 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 16,50 al kg

Lucifero This is a pecorino with hot peppers. It is obtained from a process of breaking up the semi-cooked rennet and adding dried pieces of hot chillies. This way an extremely contrasting flavour is achieved. The cheese is matured for a short period of around sixty days only. Cod. MAS-11 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 15,00 al kg

Cindarella Sheep’s milk ricotta, smoked and matured in beech wood. Cod. MAS-12 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE


€ 16,50 al kg

Dolcenera Sheep’s milk ricotta matured with a crust of black pepper. Ideal served on pasta or served with honey or other preserves. Cod. MAS-13 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 16,50 al kg

Morgana A matured sheeps milk ricotta infused with ‘sublime drugs’ which are a selection of spices and natural flavourings. Aromatic, decisive and delicious sliced thinly and served on hot bread. Cod. MAS-14 Weight 0,5 kg PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 16,50 al kg

Pecorino acconciato Rounds of sheeps cheese left to mature for thirty day then immersed in sunflower oil together with 14 selected spices for a subtle but unforgettable aroma. Cod. MAS-15 Weight 320 gr PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 8,50 cad.

Crema di pecorino This spreadable soft cheese is obtained by the natural fermentation of mature pecorino with unpasteurized whole milk It has a strong ideal for pasta dishes and on toasted bread. Not dissimilar in taste to the famous ‘marcetto’ cheese. Cod. MAS/CPM-15 Weight 310 gr Cod. MAS/CPV-16 Weight 310 gr Cod. MAS/CPT-17 Weight 310 gr PRODOTTO SENZA GLUTINE

€ 6,00 cad. € 6,50 cad. € 8,00 cad.


Salumi Guanciale stagionato Only the best pig’s cheeks are cured and matured. An excellent product for the preparation of the “amatriciana” dish as well as thinly sliced and served with bread for antipasto. Average weight is around 800gr. Cod. S-MAS-01

Weight 1 kg

€ 9,50 al kg

Capocollo The production of the pork loin, locally known as the ’capelomme’ is widespread in Abruzzo. It is a salame made from the pork loin, covered with the sheath of pig’s intestines bound with string , smoked and hung in a dry place to mature. It is a grainy red meat with equal amounts of fat inside. Cod. S-MAS-02

Weight approx.

€ 18,00 al kg

Fiocco di spalla This is the finest part of the front shoulder of pork or wild boar. Salted and flavoured carefully it is a compromise between loin and prosciutto. Cod. S-MAS-03

Weight approx.

€ 16,80 al kg

Pancetta tesa The leanest pancetta (pork belly) including the meat from the ribs is cured and flavoured with white wine and other flavours. Ideal for carbonara pasta or sliced finely on toasted bread. Cod. S-MAS-04


Weight 3 kg

€ 13,50 al kg

Prosciutto nero d’Abruzzo (black cured ham) Naturally cured and smoked in beech wood. Cod. PCO-MAS-05 Cod. PDS-MAS-06 Cod. PTS-MAS-07

Weight approx. Weight approx. Weight approx.

€ 16,80 al kg € 15,50 al kg € 24,30 al kg

Lonzino stagionato The pork fillet salameis made from the lightly salted chine of pork resulting in a surprisingly sweet flavour and a lean consistency. Ideal for a low fat diet. Cod. S-MAS-08

Weight 3 kg

€ 20,00 al kg

Mortedelle di Campotosto - “Coglioni del mulo” A typical salame from the Campotosto area, egg-shaped with a fine texture meat with a strip of pork lard in the middle. The salame is made in the traditional way : finely chopped meat, salt, pepper, white wine and the addition of cloves and cinnamon. Sealed and tied by hand. Cod. S-MAS-09


0,55 kg

€ 10,50 cad.

Salame bastoncino These are obtained by taking end pieces of prosciutto and the result is soft and fragrant. A delicate and balanced taste from such a small salame. Also available flavoured with hot peppers or wild fennel. Cod. S-MAS-10


200 gr

€ 15,50 al kg


Salame maialino Attractive to look at, good to eat. Selected finely minced flavoured pork. During maturation it is exposed to beechwood smoking. An ideal and tasty present. Cod. S-MAS-11

Weight 500 gr

€ 18,00 al kg

Salame tipo Aquila The typical squashed shaped salame of the Abruzzo regioni’s made the tradional way from pork shoulder. Flavoured with black and white pepper and white wine. Average weight is around 400gr. On serving it is a deep red colour with a typical flavour. Cod. S-MAS-12

Weight 350 gr

€ 20,00 al kg

Salame cinghialini Small wild boar sausages. These are obtained by mincing lean wild boar meat together with pork belly (pancetta). It is a seasonal product strictly linked to the availability of the boar meat. Ideal for those who love strong flavours. Cod. S-MAS-13

€ 16,00 al kg

Salamella di carne The ‘daughter’ salame of the great tradition of Mascionara salame making. Using only lean pork ,the salame is in the form of a horseshoe with a maturation of 120 days. Also available in a spicy version using hot peppers for flavouring giving colour and a longer conservation. Cod. S-MAS-N 14 Cod. S-MAS-P 14 Cod. S-MAS-F 14


Weight Weight Weight

300 gr 300 gr 300 gr

€ 15,40 al kg € 15,40 al kg € 15,40 al kg

Vittoriana This salame has been produced by traditional methods in the south of Italy but cutting the meat by hand rather than mincing it. This makes it of a chunkier consistency. Cod. S-MAS-15


300 gr

€ 8,50 cad.

Ventricina This salame takes its name from the pig’s stomach which is used to preserve the product. One of the great spreadable salame exclusive to the Monti della Laga zone. The seasoning is important for this salame and it is ideal on hot toast or added to roast meats. The meat itself comes from the belly and the shoulder of the pig. Cod. S-MAS-15


350 gr

€ 6,00 cad.



Il Tronchetto is one of the most popular stuffed roasted porchettas (belly pork). The pork is produced using only traditional methods, spread with herbs and spices, rolled and tied up securely. It is then roasted for 4 hour at over 500°. This is a very high quality pork product. The outside is golden crisp and crunchy while inside the pork is soft, succulent and aromatic. Cod. CIO-01



7-8,5 kg

â‚Ź 13,00 al kg


The nougat of the Nurzia Brothers is a unique sweet and the famous speciality of the city of Aquila that goes back to 1835. It has always been produced in the family, even today. The distinct taste of this nougat is superb and remains so because of its fragrant and tender consistency which is achieved by using only genuine ingredients handled as in the antique tradition.

Soft chocolate nougat Cod. FN-TC-01 Cod. FN-TC-02 Cod. FN-SC-03 Cod. FN-SC-04 Cod. FN-SC-05 Cod. FN-SC-06 Cod. FN-SC-07 Cod. FN-SC-08 Cod. FN-TC-09 Cod. FN-TC-10 Cod. FN-SM-11

Bar of about 962 gr. net €19,50 Bar of about 475 gr. net €10,00 Box containing 4 bar of 220 gr net €19,50 Box containing 2 bar of 220 gr net €10,50 Box containing 10 bar of 86 gr net €19,50 Box containing 5 bar of 86 gr net €10,00 Box containing 5 bar of 45 gr net €19,50 Box containing 10 bar of 45 gr net €10,00 Bar of about 220 gr net € 5,00 Mix of little nougat 20 gr net € 15,00 al kg Metal box of little nougat 500 gr net € 12,00


White almond nougat Cod. FN-TB-12 Cod. FN-TB-13 Cod. FN-SC-14 Cod. FN-SC-15


Bar of about 220 gr net Bar of about 475 gr net Box containing 4 bar of 220 gr net Box containing 5 bar of 86 gr net

€ 5,00 € 10,00 € 10,00 € 10,00


one of the clearest in appearance with the subtlest of flavours. Rich in fructose our honey doesn’t crystallize. Ideal for children and young babies it is a natural intestinal cleanser. Our honey is produced in Scanno where the flora is free of pollution. It is produced by traditional methods with no operations that alter the natural composition of the product. It is stored in a dry place, away from artificial light. Available in the following flavours: Syderitis, Santoreggia, Millefiori, Tris grand miele, Syderitis: with walnuts, with acacia and large honeycomb. Cod. MAR-MSY-01 Cod. MAR-MSA-02 Cod. MAR-MMF-03 Cod. MAR-MTG-04 Cod. MAR-MSO-05 Cod. MAR-MCN-06 Cod. MAR-MFG-07 Cod. MAR-MAC-09 Cod. MAR-MAC-10

Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight

500 gr 500 gr 500 gr 500 gr 500 gr 500 gr 500 gr 500 gr 1 kg

€ 7,45 cad. € 7,45 cad. € 7,45 cad. € 12,80 cad. € 8,00 cad. € 11,40 cad. € 13,20 cad. € 8,65 cad. € 17,20 cad.


Olio Marcelli

The olive oil we carry comes from the “Feudo della Pezzana” farm, whose groves are located in the village of Anversa degli Abruzzi. The goal of this farm is to rediscover and maintain the traditional values and practices of those who first planted, cared for, and cultivated these olives back in the Middle Ages , Benedictine monks. Due to the isolating circumstances of their location, between sparse local populations, and the nature of their calling, they were known as “Gli Strani”, or “The Strange”. The trees in this grove have lasted 1,000 years, and overcome many possible proprietary changes; including land trades and feudal Aragonese victories , and thusly named “Feud of Pezzana”. These olives grow at an altitude of about 700 meters (approx. 2,300 feet) above sea level, an especially favorable microclimate that yields any sort of chemical treatment unnecessary and only organic compost is used. The olives used are of the most superior quality, and include the “Dritta”, “Gentile di Chieti”, and “Leccino” varieties; and date back 6,000 years. These are handpicked just at the right degree of maturation, and transported to the mill cloth. They are then crushed by a granite wheel, a process referred to as a “cold crush”, as it is without any mechanical devices or instruments. The liquid that is a result of this crush is separated through pressure, and is divided into 3 parts: the oil, the sansa (dry pulp and kernel), and olive water. These parts are generally broken down into 17% oil, 35% sansa, and 48% olive water. The “modern method” uses mechanical means for crushing, proceeded by centrifuging to separate the oil from its other parts. In the interest of sustainability and maintenance of a high-quality, Gli Strani Olive Oil has a very limited production. This company is owned and operated by a group of women dedicated to the revival and education of tradition, a rediscovery of rural economies, and respect for the environment. The farm is owned by Paola Ottino, who holds a degree in Natural Science, as well as a PhD and Masters of Science from Cork College, Ireland. In the interest of sustaining indigenous products, they have also successfully fostered the return of “red gold”, pure Abruzzo saffron. The acidity of the “Gli Strani” olive oil does not exceed 0.45% - and Italian law states that the acidity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil cannot exceed 1%; making this oil suitable for any dish, whether used raw or cooked. It is golden-yellow in color, of medium to high fluidity, and has a slightly nutty flavor. Cod. MAR-OL-01 Cod. MAR-OL-02 Cod. MAR-OP-03


0,75 lt 5 lt 0,5 lt

€ 11,35 cad. € 56,65 cad. € 13,05 cad. BIO

Vini Arboreo Montepulciano Cerasuolo DOC A vivid cherry red wine with a fruity and floral taste. Fresh in the mouth with an almond aftertaste. Ideal with pasta, white meat and fresh cheese also pizza and fish dishes Cod. PIE-AC-01

0,75 lt

€ 5,00

Arboreo Montepulciano DOC An intense ruby red wine. A sophisticated flavour, soft and full-bodied. Ideal with strong flavoured dishes, game, red meat and mature cheeses. Cod. PIE-AM-02

0,75 lt

€ 5,00

Arboreo Trebbiano DOC A white wine with a light straw colour with golden notes. A fine persistent flavour, fresh and full. Ideal for antipasti, rice and delicious with white meat. Cod. PIE-AT-03

0,75 lt

€ 5,00


Cerano Montepulciano Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC From the rose ‘cerasuolo’ colour which reminds us of the colour of cherries to the intense aroma, akin to red fruits this wine has a soft rounded and long taste. On tasting, there is a sensation of almonds and this wine is ideal with first courses, white meat, medium mature cheese as well as pizza! Delicious with fish. Cod. PIE-CC-04

0,75 lt

€ 8,50

Cerano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC Intense straw-coloured with a delicate perfume of acacia, citrus fruits and spices, its flavour is rich and full-bodied. Ideal for fish dishes, shellfish and fresh cheese. Cod. PIE-CM-04

0,75 lt

€ 9,50

Cerano Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC Intense straw-coloured with a delicate perfume of acacia, citrus fruits and spices, its flavour is rich and full-bodied. Ideal for fish dishes, shellfish and fresh cheese. Cod. PIE-CT-05

0,75 lt

€ 8,00

Pecorino IGT Light straw - coloured, a pleasant and delicate wine with aromatic notes that remind you of white fruit and flowers. On the palate it is fresh, tasty and elegant with a substantial acidity, persistent and well-balanced. Delicious with antipasti, sushi, fish and vegetarian first courses and delicate white meat courses. Cod. PIE-PE-06


0,75 lt

€ 6,00

Malvasia IGT A white dessert wine with a soft pale colour. Pleasant aromatic notes which remind us of white flowers. To the palate it is tasty, fresh, elegant and of a good acidity, persistent and well structured. Delicious with antipasti, fish, sushi, vegetable courses and delicate white meats. Cod. PIE-MA-07

0,75 lt

€ 6,00

Passito Mature ruby red wine with fruit notes such as amarena cherry, plums and jams. A harmonious complex wine, full-bodied and with the right amount of sweetness. Ideal with mature cheeses at the end of a meal and dry sweets such as pastries. Excellent with dark chocolate - ideal for those who love sweets that are not too sweet. Cod. PIE-PS-08

0,75 lt

€ 11,00

Spumante Pecorino “Temé” Brilliant dry sparkling wine. Straw coloured with delicate aroma, floral, tasty, full-bodied and soft. The aftertaste is slightly bitter. Delicious also as an aperitivo . Perfect with fish dishes, sushi and grilled vegetables. Cod. PIE-PT-09

0,75 lt

€ 9,50


Montepulciano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC reserve is put up for sale after no less than three and a half years after harvest, in any case when ripe, which can take up to 5 years. The company, for philosophy, seeks to produce only a Montepulciano prestige and to achieve this result carefully selects each cluster. It combines beautifully with first courses robust, but also marries well with roast meats, game and cheese characteristic of Abruzzo. Alcohol content 13-14% vol. Serve at a temperature of 18°/20° C. PRA-01

0,75 lt

€ 13,50


Cerasuolo From the white wine of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes from vineyards Praesidium you get the type Cerasuolo, light red in color, hue typical of cherry, subtle aroma of fruit, wild roses and bitter almond. is a versatile wine, full meal, perfect next to light first courses of pasta, white meats and sausages. Serve at a temperature of 10-12 ° C. PRA-02


0,75 lt

€ 9,50

Ratafià Ratafià Praesidium is a liqueur made by brewing Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Praesidium wine and cherries, part of them found locally, near the Praesidium vineyards. Ratafià is regarded as a traditional home cooked product, typical of the Abruzzo region of Italy. The enriching aroma comes from a careful process of infusing its premium all natural ingredients, without adding preservatives or artificial colouring. The word Ratafià is derived from the latin phrase “Ut Rata Fiat”, which expresses the desire to ratify deals or treaties. In ancient times Ratafià was consumed to toast the ratification of notorial agreements. In keeping with this tradition, we suggest you enjoy this delightful liqueur at the end of yuor meal. This liqueur is best served chilled, at a temperature of about 46 degrees Farenheit. Ratafià can be enjoyed on its own or paired with icecream, pastries, cookies, various desserts, especially ones made with dark chocolate. PRA-03

0,75 lt

€ 12,50

Mostocotto “Mostocotto” is a traditional products, typical of Abruzzo. In ancient Rome, mostocotto was used to both sweeten and enhance the flavour of foods. It was also blended with water resulting in a thirst quencing beverage. Latin writers, such as Apicio, Catone, Columella and poet Ovidio, born in Sulmona, all write about mostocotto. Mostocotto Praesidium is made during the harvest in October boiling the “free run” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape juice for about 16 hours on a moderate flame. Approximately 10 litres of grape juice yield 2 litres of mostocotto. Both chefs and bartenders may use this rustic product to inspire creativity. The sediment of sugar crystals that one may find in guarantees the genuine nature of the product. The mostocotto should be stored in a cool place for preservation purposes. PRA-04

0,75 lt

€ 10,00


NORIA food distribution via Don G. Corsetti,5 67030 Goriano Sicoli info +39 339.8264476 +39 348 3364163


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