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Have you ever thought about the benefits of listening to music? Skills 3 – 7:00 PM

April 18th

TEENAGERS AND SOCIAL NETWORKING Every hour of time in front of the screen has an impact, social networking sites for intimacy, privacy and self-expression day to day are more common for teenagers. Bogotá is the city with more cases reported. “From 2012 to September 2017 have been blocked 7,000 websites with sexual material about child”i. Children and teenagers today are exposed to more dangers due to social networks, these web sites have a lot of negative effects in their raising. In the free time, when the children want to play video games, they can find different flashy figures. These symbols are used by pedophile people for deceive them. SYMBOL

MEANING It is the global symbol that represent pedophile people.

The butterfly represents the desire for boys and girls. This symbol represent the desire for girls. This symbol represent the desire for boys.

A recent investigation in the United States confirm that 83%ii of children lie about their personal information to create an email. They do not know the consequences; however, for their innocenceiii, they are exposed through the social networks to iEL

TIEMPO April 01, 2018

sexting, grooming, cyberbullying, psychological problems, and a lot of children are cheated whit set a date and finally they are sexually abused. Children and teenagers do not like to share time with their family, it is very common that they prefer to spend their time on web sites. They avoid to talk too much about themselves in front of their relatives. It is very frequent that they create a false identity to be accepted by other people. The technology is a good tool for learn, but many children used these tools only for play online or simply waste time. The parents have to limit the time on internet, as well block bad pages, since the problem is not the time in front of the screen, the problem is how they use the time on internet, beyond that the children should do different activities like learn to play an instrument, learn a language, read and create stories, use kind of apps like cernland, machinarium, mini mundi, thingdom, or something. That is why the accompaniment and communication of parents is a good tool to find a solution and prevent more cases against children. Therefore, educate is to show, to teach, to instruct, to prepare, it is not to hide or prohibit. A good education generates trust and respect, remember every 3 of 5 children have an alternate social network without parental consent. ii

SURA April 01, 2018

Andrés Avendaño The Vallenato is the most important folk music in Colombia

There are three most important

things that originate in Valledupar. The

characteristics about Vallenato music, its

vallenato has gained importance in the

History is very important to Colombia,

last decades of the 20th century, for that

The Vallenato music has some different

reason it was created since 1968 the

style such as,

Leyenda Vallenata festival.

traditional, popular, romantic and the new age and the most important event is the Vallenato Festival where bunch of people enjoy it. People can listen to different style of Vallenato, it depends on how some artists play it; for example, the older style is called traditional vallenato, it is only folk music, where some artists have to interpret life stories, the friendship and The Vallenato is the most important folk

women. The next is called popular

music in Colombia, native of the coast. It

where prevail the paseo, only the

maintains that the name comes from the

troubadour can sing this style, and the

popular name of those born in the city

merengue; people can listen some

where this genre is more rooted.

famous singer, Jorge Oñate, Los

According to some, it is a neologism that

Hermanos Zuleta, Diomedes Díaz, el

it was born with the native travelers on

Binomio de Oro, Los Betos e Iván

mules, when asked them where they

Villazón and so on. Other style is

were from, and they responded, "I am

romantic, this style is influenced to the

born of the Valle", However, the term

ballad, the principal idea is its lyrics

"vallenato" can refer to those born or

because it is about love.

AndrĂŠs AvendaĂąo you could visit the Guatapuri river

Valledupar city is the principal place where all of the people feel it like own the vallenato, because it is the cradle of the most important artists such as, Silvestre Dangond, Peter Manjarres, Martin Elias, Churo Diaz and so on.


There are some days where bunch of

Plaza Alfonso Lopez

people arrive to Valledupar, in this days is the Vallenato Festival, it is the most important massive event to Valledupar. Most of the people can attend a lot of concerts, dance, drink alcohol. Also, the people can see some ,

important artist such as, Franco De Vita, Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, Ricardo

Museo del AcordeĂłn.

Montaner and so on, they sing in

So, what are you waiting for arrive to

different concert but if you do not like it,

Valledupar? If you want to go to a party,

and the principal place where artist sign

you should come here and meet with

is called Parque de la Leyenda

other people and dance together, talk, it is the best occasion to chance of environment.



The jazz music is one of the oldest genres in the last century, and it has a lot of main singers in this industry. Since 1920 the Jazz was listened, and it was there in the most important cities in E.U, such as New York, New Orleans, and so on. However, But the most important aspect is its instruments and the beginnings because it started when the black people were excluded from society and they tried to make their own history in the music, and in all history different genres have been created to improve musical diversity.

The jazz was born at the end of XIX century in United States and it has been until today one of the most important genres in the world. It has a lot of instruments to create Jazz, such as saxophone, Piano, Trumpet, Drum and Bass, and others. In New Orleans the people were doing jazz music to confront

the European music, and it was the main city in America since 1912 to creating Jazz.

To start talking about Jazz genres and its derivatives you should talk about the main, since jazz started numerous genres it was created and different instruments were used to create those melodies. The first was jazz traditional which was based of classical music. After that was created fusion jazz in 1960 and the fusion jazz is when jazz music is mixed with another genre, like Asian music, pop music, Arabian music and stuff. Finally the Jazz blues was important to Jazz because it is more sophisticated and its instruments are different from the other genres specially the bass.

Obviously Jazz is and extensive topic to explain, but it can be done talking about some main singers in history such as Frank Sinatra, he was born in 1915, and he was an American Singer, and began singing professionally as a teenager, and his most representative song was “Fly me to the moon�,

[ O_yI8].

Louis Armstrong: [ 1wA]

The second artist is Nina Simon was an American Singer too, she was representative to the jazz genre and to the women, and she was characterized as a improvisational genius. And the last artist is Louis Armstrong, he was an American trumpeter, composer, and Singer. Armstrong was born in New Orleans the Jazz cradle, and his best song was “Le Vie En Rose” dedicated to her wife.

Nina Simon: [“Ne me quitte pas.flv”, [ qQU]

In conclusion the Jazz was created to make the people black independent in terms of identity, and to represent their culture and diversity in their customs, but we must keep in mind the jazz is not Heard as before and we have been losing this important piece of culture in the world.

CLASSICAL MUSIC AND THE BENEFITS IN YOUR BODY The classical music is one of the most recommended genre of music for the people. There are three benefits that you must know about this music like: Learning, relaxation and health. A lot of research works say that classical music has diverse positive effects to all people, some characteristics that maybe you do not know about this genre of music are: work in brain, creativity, neuronal connections, peaceful, revitalize the brain, disminute stress, blood pressure, recovery of transplant, prevent the loss of memory.

Classical music is the most suggested for the learning, this effect happens because it prepares the brain for changes in the environment with the equilibrium in the melody combined with some changes to include high sounds, also, it helps to improve the creativity, when someone listens to this music, it sends messages to the sensitive and emotional part of the brain and it gives a bigger inspiration, in the same manner, It stimulates the neuronal connections because the music invites to the reorganization in the functions and answers of the brain to the stimulus of the daily activities.

This music is perfect to relax the body and the mind: It generates feeling of peaceful in the muscles, this is possible with the changes of the mood and pay attention in calming sounds, it revitalizes the brain with the rhythm of each melody, because the work of the brain is transformed helping to its elasticity and flexibility to present new answers of operation, besides it carries to disminute the stress because the body produces hormones that help to send peaceful boost to the brain and each part of the body.

Classical music is advisable to improve the health because this music improves the blood pressure, when the body disminutes the alarm for the changes in the environment improve the work of the heart and the circulation of the blood in the veins and the arteries. In addition, it is excellent to recover of transplant because it reduces the anxiety, pain and the function of parasympathetic nervous system that controls the unconscious activities of the body. otherwise this music is perfect to prevent illness of loss of memory; therefore, that the constant mental exercise.

Finally, the classical music has benefits in the short, mid and long term that combine physical and mental results without regard of the age or the genre of the people. This music helps to develop new capabilities after listening a lot of time to the calming sounds with changes in the intensity of the high sounds. This music has been listened in the world since antiquity and it has been excellent to create positive effects in the health, behavior and the learning of the different generations.

we are going to get better communication, but we know all this is exhausting and is possible finish tired at the end of the day, the motivation is not infinite, however have you ever asked yourself How your life will be if you do not have a good motivation in your work?, but you do not have to worry, It is still time to do the change! MOTIVATION

MOTIVATION AND WORK There are many factors that have influence in your motivation and affect your behavior such as your problems, frustrations, mistakes and others. The reason of this article is answer the next question: How can you have a good motivation in your work? The motivation is very important in the work because of this depend the reactions that you take for doing the things into the work, there are many people who does not like their work and they are always unmotivated, we must find some reasons that help us to be motivated. To improve our motivation is important to get a good performance for ascents and promotions, we know not all the time we are motivated, however we must find good ways for confront the obstacles that they present in a day. In addition, we must have good relations with our co-workers, since this help us to feel satisfied in our works. While we are making the possible to promote a good work’s environment,

This motivation in the work is very important to improve the business’ productivity and the team work in the different activities that the employers do, also all people into the enterprise feel that they get all their goals and they are happy with their job and they can identify with the company’s values. Of this form the employers consider themselves important into the company, and work hard for get the best by themselves and for the enterprise. As for me have good reasons for going to the work is essential for keeping our motivation on the 100% and we need to know as recharger that motivation because is not for always.

Cristian Camilo Méndez Barbosa Skills 3

Amy Winehouse.

Fame and personal problems in Amy Winehouse’ life Seven years ago, an unfortunate event happened, the news in the entire world informed about the death of Amy Winehouse, one of the most important, young and new artists of soul. This article gives you a short but interesting information about Amy Winehouse’s life, her music, fame, awards and troubles in her life. When she was a child she studied in a theater school, she received her first guitar when she was thirteen years old and since then she began composing songs; time later she sang in small pubs in London with a small female jazz band. In 2007, she was hospitalized by an overdose of heroin, crack, cocaine and alcohol, days later her record company announced that she would enter in a detoxification center; in her song “Rehab” she talks about this and about her husband Reg Traviss. “They tried to make me go to rehab but I said "no, no, no", “I'd rather be at home with Ray”. She made two albums, the first called “Frank” due she was a big fan of Frank Sinatra and the second album called “Back to Black”, thanks to those albums she got recognition, she has the record being the first Britannic singer with five awards received in just one night and she was named like an influence in the current soul music and in the Britannic music. Amy is known as a contralto, it is a vocal record that was described as "acoustically powerful" and capable of expressing "deeply her emotions". Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in 2011, the doctors said the artist had big quantities of alcohol in her body so her breathing could has stopped and she would has ended up in a coma, she was included in the list of dead artists at the age of 27 years, the same one that killed another renowned musicians as a consequence, by their problems with alcohol and drugs. Amy is one of thousand musicians who have died in the world, to some people it is more painful depending on their like of the singer. Sadly, we cannot deal with the death, but we can remember all these dead singers by listening to their music, learning their lyrics and remembering the lives of these great artists who had a big talent, but unfortunately short lives.


What is the problem?

At present, the health sector has great potential to develop technological applications and services that improve the medical service. According to the above in this article, we indicate the importance of using an ambulance application to facilitate the work when transporting a patient because currently the patient's registration is done by writing on papers with many pages preventing it from being more effective. In addition, this application would store on a website the information sent from the mobile device about the patient with the GPS position record of the emergency and also the hospital where the patient was treated.

Details about the application After an investigation, it was found that ambulance attendants spend a lot of time filling the different data on the paper sheets when transporting a patient, for this reason we think of a technological solution where the paper is replaced by a mobile application that allows registering in a more efficient way the information with the GPS position allowing to take control of the services performed by the paramedic digitally improving the services to the patients and helping the doctors in turn. For example, when you have a traffic accident and the paramedics of the ambulance are taking your data with your symptoms, at that time the application is useful because with your card number you can know basic data of a patient and the basic symptoms with just pass the mobile device over the patient.

Name of the application

 “Assist" refers to the person who assists the patient.  “Bulence" refers to the vehicle that the patient is being transported in.

No doubt, the application will be very easy to install and use, you can download only the application of the store for the Android operating system "PLAY STORE", this application is called "assistbulence" its name is composed of two main elements, the first "assist" refers to the person who assists the patient and the second element "bulence" refers to the vehicle that the patient is being transported in. When the patient arrives at the medical institution, the doctor can know everything about the patient just by accessing the website related to the mobile application, it is important to mention that the mobile application will verify internally that the ambulance attendant corresponds to the ambulance and that it is active to access the different options that this application offers. To send the GPS position with the data, you must enter with your username and password in the application to activate the GPS of the mobile device automatically. The android version of the mobile device should be between 3.0 and 6.0 for it to work well. The cost of this application will be economical because the service will be paid monthly, very similar to paying an internet plan for the house.

No doubt, the application will be very easy to install and use, you can download only the application of the store for the Android operating system "PLAY STORE", this application is called "assistbulence" its name is composed of two main elements, the first "assist" refers to the person who assists the patient and the second element "bulence" refers to the vehicle that the patient is being transported in. When the patient arrives at the medical institution, the doctor can know everything about the patient just by accessing the website related to the mobile application, it is important to mention that the mobile application will verify internally that the ambulance attendant corresponds to the ambulance and that it is active to access the different options that this application offers. To send the GPS position with the data, you must enter with your username and password in the application to activate the GPS of the mobile device automatically. The android version of the mobile device should be between 3.0 and 6.0 for it to work well. The cost of this application will be economical because the service will be paid monthly, very similar to paying an internet plan for the house. In the future, you will be able to see other ambulances, medical centers nearby with this application and it will be known which emergency is around to improve the service. The delivery of patients to the medical center will be done with a digital signature to contribute with the environment without using paper. In addition, you as a user, can request the ambulance service using the mobile application and on the screen of the mobile device the user can see how long it takes for the ambulance to arrive and where it is located. In the future, we want this system to be used throughout the health system, with the application "assistbulence" running the ambulance company can monitor the daily operation of the vehicles and patients that are transported improving the logistics to reduce costs and reprocessing. On the whole, the ambulance application will be a useful tool for the health system can be adapted to any context. Written by: Diego Fernando Guarin

INFLUENCE OF MUSIC ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR It is possible that people underestimate the ability of music to influence society; This article tackles the subject from the social, psychological point of view: relating to the mind and behavior of people; and anthropological: study of human reality. Music is an artistic manifestation, a cultural product that expresses feelings, situations, thoughts or ideas. The impact that music has on society, in general, must be approached from different point of view: anthropological, psychological and sociological, in order to explain how music influences human behavior. Sound and music have always been linked to the communication of the human being; therefore, also linked to emotions. Emotions are responsible for converting the sounds we perceive into something understandable, we associate sounds with experiences. Music is present in many of our important memories and the sound-emotion association makes people understand the situations in which they are, allowing them to react according to the context. By having a special connection with emotions, music stimulates decisions and willness, the order of people’s behavior. Every people is free to govern their actions, to decide freely and to choose a certain type of behavior; however, this power of decision is based on conscience and emotions, which are manipulated by music and people around the individual. Everyone lets himself to be conquered by that music that fits with his personality, feeding his desires and motivations, finally convincing the individual to take actions. Every action that people take begins as a thought, in the conscience there is a battle between goodness and evilness; music is important at an early age, where, it could determine the idea of good and evil, leaving the values in the individual. Values have different interpretations and developing ways according to the cultural and religious context in which everyone lives. Based on the above, music cannot pass over people´s will forcing them to do any action, but music is related to the way people think: Tell me what you hear and I will tell you how you think, tell me how you think and I will say who you are. Anthropology does not want to explain what music is; it specifically focuses on explaining what function and what use it has for humans. Music has a social function in the conformation of identities through the symbolic use of it; for example, in nationalist practices. Every urban tribe or ideological movement is established based on certain characteristics: aesthetics, some ethical principles, and the music that define their culture. Music does not explain our way of being, but it is used to make people feel identified with certain attitudes in front of some life’s aspects, however, there is not a strong link between that identification and people actions; for example, the rough aesthetic and violence that surrounds heavy metal does not always correspond to heavy metal followers’ personality, many of them are kind. When the individual identifies himself with some culture, he imitates the behavior patterns of the group to which he wants to belong by adopting the main way of relating to them: the language. Musical language stimulates the integration, and it is important for the processes of socialization and let people develop creativity and sensitivity through the senses, transmitting feelings. Music as an artistic language allows learning, expressing and communicating several people’s inner world aspects and the reality they live. Many songs are part of our daily life, music permeates everything in societies, accompanying every situation in a person's life, like in the office, the school, the restaurant, the shops, the cinema, among other examples; music has a key effect to perceive what a brand, image or person wants to transmit to us, just as movies use music to create a suspense, humor or tragedy environment.

Society generates music as its cultural product, that product modifies society itself because it groups society in different ways. Music contributes to culture’s continuity and stability, music as a culture, establishes some common links that attract our attention. It is known that young people build their identity with costumes, hairstyles, language, as well as the appropriation of certain emblematic objects; in this case, musical assets as a cultural emblem, in accordance with the way they understand and live. Cultural consumption identifies a group of people and links them, establishing patterns of behavior, codes, forms of learning, even, modifying their language. Music is able to alter our emotions and create social bonds; when people listen to music, mirror neurons are activated, these are in charge of imitation and empathy, reflecting the actions and intentions of others as if they were their own; in this way, people can feel the pain of others, their joy, their sadness, it mean, it allows us to share feelings. When a thought or feeling is frequent and constant, it ends up becoming an action that develops what you thought and felt, for that reason music has reached a level of mass and propagation greater than any other cultural expression, which allows it to be a means of propagating ideas and ideologies that give meaning to the current social world. Music has an informative function because it is used as a propagandistic medium, transmitter of ideas, as well as the narrative capacity found in some lyrics that allow the knowledge of different realities through the exposition of facts and anecdotes. The social meaning that music has for people is evident, beyond lucrative ends, music is a human creation. People determined the meaning of music for themselves, but it seems that now is music who determines the meaning for people.

Daniela Estefania Ceballos Piarpuzan 1004300014 Skills 3 Keeping a healthy lifestyle

From every ten people in the world who have bad eating habits four of them are in overweight. Research has demonstrated that overweight affects more than the half of the world’s population and it is related with then develop of diseases. Consider la importance of healthy habits and nutritional education to take care of one’s diet. Improving eating habits helps to control the weight and keep a healthy life since any changes in the lifestyle could be useful to decrease cardiovascular and metabolic diseases especially the overweight. Currently, the World Health Organization suggests people to keep healthy habits; some suggestions are: to work out for thirty minutes daily, consume fruits and vegetables, drink 2 liter of water every day and add to this consume fiber. Furthermore, eating 5 meals helps to keep the body with enough energy all day, whole these pieces to prevent diseases. In conclusion it is essential to know and adopt healthy habits in your lifestyle to keep a fitness body. Other facts that can influence in the overweight are: be sedentary, stress, do not take a rest, smoke and drink alcohol. Those are things that you can avoid if you begin more active in your daily routine. For instance, you can ride a bike when you go to work or walking to go the supermarket, also organize your task could be productive and reduce the stress, in this way you could be take a rest and do not accumulate all the fatigue in your day and so you will have a good lifestyle. Decreasing the overweight is one objective of public health since is cheaper to invest on healthy people than in sick people. Research has demonstrated that countries that have spent part of its budget on improving socioeconomic conditions have better indicator in life quality while countries such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Costa Rica have highs level in malnutrition. For instance, Japan in 2015 was cataloged as the country with lower index of obesity around the world, in fact Japan

has a two powerful laws that could be the reason to achieve its objectives respect to decrease malnutrition. In shorts, the nutritional educations and the public politics could help to decrease the malnutrition in the countries. It is important to promote the healthy lifestyle to control foods intake and in this way to reduce the risk of diseases related with the feeding and physic inactivity. However, this is not only for people, but also this includes politic organizations such as mayors, governors, chairmen who have the power to make decisions about their communities. So by establish public politics and actions as nutritional education could change the health’s reality and improve the quality of life in all the world.

BEHIND THE MASK For many years, Slipknot has been accused of Satanism, but it is not true, this speculation has been created for their appearance and maybe for the screams in the songs, there are three facts you should know before you say they are satanic: the masks meaning, the meaning of the songs, and the life of Corey Taylor

The masks are used in order hide their roots because they came from a village where everyone is very religious, but actually, everybody knows where are they from. The second reason is that they think that the people cannot show their real personality so the masks can show what is inside of each one and also they use them because the masks will never get old, so for these reasons each one made his own mask with his own emotions.

Most of Slipknot’s songs are heavy with a thick voice and strong rhythm, but people just see this, they accused them for the screams and the heavy songs, but they do not care about the real meaning of the

songs. All these songs are about: Hatred, madness, take the impossible and make it real loving disappointment, it is something crude but honest, it is something real, and these emotions in songs save Corey’s life.

Corey had difficult childhood, he started to use drugs at twelve years old, for this reason no one in his family wanted to help him so his grandma took care of him, he joined the band in 1997 but he got into depression and tried to commit suicide but his wife stopped him, after this he began to reflect on his mistakes and all the people that he hurt and so a new Corey Taylor was born, saved by music and his passion. You cannot always judge a book by its cover, before you judge be sure that you have information and arguments, and do not forget to watch behind the mask to see what is inside.

One of the most powerful genres in the world: Heavy Metal There are three important characteristics of the heavy metal. Do you want to know why Heavy Metal has been the most listened genre through years? And what are the musical and cultural roots of heavy metal? Do not worry about thinking that, in the next part you will find some answers. In 1960s United Kingdom was an important period where politician, economic and social facts allowed that few bands created a new but powerful sound showing to different social classes the young’s disagreement and their hate of this experiments exist many other forms of rock and roll but heavy metal reflected the mood of disenfranchised youth on the margin of society. This genre grew so fast and it was considered a form of protest music. There are several reasons why this genre will surprise you once you listen to it. First of all, we going to talk about its roots and influence, they took place in the United kingdom where its powerful sound and dramatically performance becomes heavy metal in an attractive lifestyle, and the next years North America youth adopted its principal fundaments created a different sound with the same destructive reason “the protest” and is the only genre responsible for causing feelings of anger depression, happiness or isolation from

there the style evolved and branched into many different genres and subgenres. Heavy metal remains a vital force in music today, with sellout concert tours and CDs selling impressive numbers of copies without any radios airplay or MTV exposure. For this and other reasons this genre dominated this world one time. At the beginning, there was just traditional heavy metal. Shortly after it evolved and splintered into many different styles and subgenres. As time has gone on, there are literally hundreds of subgenres, but these are some of the main genres of heavy metal with a little description piece. Black metal: characterized by high pitched raspy vocals and pagan/satanic lyrical imagery. Nu-metal: combining heavy metal riff with hip hop influences and rapped lyrics this genre became very popular in the late 90’s through the early 2000’s. Trash metal: This genre became heavier and more extreme. It’s characterized by fast guitar and double bass drum wit aggressive but understandable vocals. Some of the most popular bands in metal started as thrash bands, although most evolved as they went along. How you can see the heavy metal is not only a genre is a cultural legacy not like reggaetón (fake style music) to this point we talked about history roots and style, but we need to talk about their apostles, these bands that brought the glory. Black sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Metallica, these bands changed the shape how we see, listen and enjoy the music. Lyrics that show us their feelings, lives and thoughts, is a highway to another world a different place and you’ll never be regret for knowing them. In conclusion do not worry thinking if only exist these three sub genres, I have good news for you exit a lot of different styles that you can listen and discover in different moments an remember is only music. By: Julian Diaz

INDIE MUSIC There are three reasons why Indie Music is the new trend in Colombia. Music opens borders, unites countries, people, preferences and fashions. Recently, Latin America is recognized for sharing and creating wonderful music and Colombia stands out for its music due to their cultural diversity. Indie Music it is an example of a wonderful and new music trend in Colombia and in the world, for that reason, it is important and accurate to mention some important details about this gender: What is Indie Music?, ¿Which are their characteristics? And ¿Which are the most recognize bands in Colombia? First of all, it is necessary to talk about the origins, the history of indie music began in the 1970s in Europe; it was similar to popular music and it had likenesses with rock. In the United States it was popular too; however, in Colombia, until the last decade, indie music has been getting stronger. To understand what kind of music Indie it is, it is important to know that it is not rock, pop or salsa, it is the union of several types of music. The rhythms are originated from African mixes, reggae music, cumbias, pop, rock, etc. Also it has subgenres like independent music, Independent Rock, Indie Pop, Indietronics, Indie Folk, Grindie, Indie Hip Hop, independent recordings and Uk Indie Chart. So, it started in Europe and it was extended over the world. Secondly, indie music is characterized because a lot of people promote their music by themselves. They are recognize as independents because they create their music without depending on trends. They boost attitude “Do it yourself”. Even though their record labels are not from Sony, neither Warner or Universal, they take advantage of social media in order to save the costs and it allows fans to have a closer approach to them, consequently they act like "the millennials". Last of all, in Colombia there are many bands of this music, however two of them represent the majority of their main characteristics: Monsieur Periné and Puerto Candelaria. Monsieur Periné for it is part, began with a group of youngersters singing in parties, birthdays and weddings. They started to combine different styles of music, inspired in their

great idols and after that they took a lot of strength. In 2012 with their album "Hecho a mano", they share "Suin Romanticon" one of their best successes. On the other hand, Puerto Candelaria is a great band, they have their own web page, their group started in Medellin in 2000, they combined styles such as guasca, porro, vallenato and chucu-chucu and Colombian jazz, characteristics own of Indie Music. They have had success in countries like Mexico, France, England, Japan, Brasil and many others. Cumbia Rebelde was released by them in 2011, and it had an excellent audience reception. To conclude, Indie Music is innovative and represents a millenial’s lifestyle, it is captivanting and it is built from funny sounds. In Colombia, a great way to appreciate this type of music it is through artists like Monsieur PerinÊ and Puerto Candelaria, they are highly recommended.


For you, who look for new experiences of high risk, charged with a lot of adrenaline, there are many destinations in the world where you can do several kind of sports. You can choose any place depending on your level, training or knowledge. The following are my recommended places and sports.

Australia in the bes country in the world to practice sports in the wรกter. There, you can do surfing, diving, rafting, and kayak. Australia is sorrounded by three oceans and a variety of rivers and beautiful beaches that in the summer the best season of the year people take advantage to enjoy sports and other outdoor activities. Definitly, Australia i s a great option, it has a wide variety of possibilities to practice many activities.

Another type of sports that you can practice is to do ecologic walks. Brazil is known for its Jungles. There is a great variety of wildlife that you can know while hiking, climbing or mountaineering. But, if you want to go further, Madagascar, in Africa is another places whit unique natural beaties in the world where you can practice kiting, surfing, windsurfing, horseback riding and other outdoor sports.

However, Colombia also has many places, where you can practice many sports. Places with beautiful landscapes. Suesca in Cundinamarca, San Gil in Santander, among other places where it is posible to practice paragliding, mountain bike, and many other outdoors. Visit and know Colombia is a great country to enjoy also.

In the world, there are many places where you can practice different types of sports according to you like. Also you can see beautiful landscapes and get in touch with a nature to improve you mental and physical health. In life, one of the best experiences is to travel and know places. Try it!

Listening music: Some applications in our daily life. Three uses of music that you must practice when you listen to music. Introduction Almost all things that we do are important, those things have many repercussions in our life and in our future; in some cases that activities improve our environment or worsen it. And listen to music is no exception. For some people listen to music is a common activity and almost everyone do not kwon what are the main benefits to do that. The main purpose of this paper is giving an idea of the benefits to listen to music frequently for some aspects of our life. In the first part we will speak about how the music can be a great tool to learn and enjoy, after we will comment some recent studies about the music as therapy, for instance, how some kind of music can do decreases the pain and finally we will present some benefits that the music produce for your health.

Listen to music almost always is funny, for instance, when you do exercise or while we are going in the public transportations, moreover listen to music can be a very interesting hobby and all days can improve your humor. Furthermore, if you make familiar some kind of music in another language that kind of music can help you to

learn that language and if you listen to music you will know some things about other countries related with those countries. In fact, for children the music helps to retain information and enhances learning. On the other hands the music can prevent anxiety-induced increases in heart rate and systolic blood pressure, and decrease cortisol levels - all biological markers of stress. In one study in USA, researchers found that patients receiving surgery for hernia repair who listened to music after surgery experienced decreased plasma cortisol levels and required significantly less morphine to manage their pain. In another study involving surgery patients, the stress reducing effects of music were more powerful than the effect of an orally-administered anxiolytic drug. Though it’s sometimes hard in studies like this to separate out the effects of music versus other factors, like the positive impacts of simple social contact, at least one recent study found that music had a unique contribution to make in reducing anxiety and stress in a children’s hospital, above and beyond social contributions.

Another application of the music is that the music relaxes some people, for examples, soccer player, also the music can motive workers and in general the music can change the behavior of the person and improve the

health. For instance, in a young child music therapy provides a unique variety of music experiences in an international and developmentary appropriate manner to affect changes in a child's behavior. For instance the classical music can be a great tool for improve the concentration. For adults, Wilkes University researchers looked at how music affects levels of IgA1 —an important antibody for our immune system’s first line of defense against disease. Undergraduate students had their salivary IgA levels measured before and after 30 minutes of exposure to one of four conditions — listening to a tone click, a radio broadcast, a tape of soothing music or silence. Those students exposed to the soothing music had significantly greater increases in IgA than any of the other conditions, suggesting that exposure to music might improve innate immunity [1]. Another study found that listening to Mozart’s piano sonatas helped relax critically ill patients by lowering stress hormone levels, but the music also decreased blood levels of interleukin and that protein has been implicated in higher mortality rates, diabetes and heart problems.


Test measures the blood level of immunoglobulin A.

In conclusion the music as almost all things in our life can be improve or worsen our future and our health so know some benefits of listen to music can be a great tool for pay attention when we listen to music and use that activity for improve our health. References [1]




There are three features of Gospel Genre you must know about one of the most musical influential in the entire world. It is also called Christian music. It was born in hundred African Protestants churches in United States in the XVIII century, but it knew during the 30’s decade. Hymns with voices mainly or simply a Capella, organ or clapping are some symbolic instruments to invite people toward God. Lyrics usually reflect fundamental values about Protestant Life categorized in 5 types. Although Gospel Genre is an American phenomenon, it has been extending around the world. Gospel has a bunch of rich traditions of the African and American church since the 30’s decade. This is a music inspired by the plight of Slaves African generations. They were exiled and deported toward United States. These immigrants brought a single and own musical style. From the beginning of the Christianism, music was used in secrets cults (Usually carry out at night) due to persecutions to people with Church’s affinity.


Gospel means “Good news” concern to Gospels of the Bible. This genre is characterized by the use of dominants chorus in harmony based on a community life or old heroes’ feats. It is directed by intensive percussion with hand clapping and drums; it is accompanied by tambourines, piano or organ or simply choral a Capella. There are 5 subgenres of this autochthonous music: 1. Traditional gospel: Usually interpreted in chorus with upbeat and joyful rhythms and the important accompaniment of tambourines and organs. 2. Blues gospel: Combination of evangelist lyrics and Blues Guitar 3. Southern gospel: It is also called Quartet music due to its four kinds of voices: lead, tenor, baritone and the bass. This subgenre is about daily troubles and how God talks about them. 4. Black gospel: This subgenre breaks traditional gospel with new styles like funk or rock. 5. Contemporary gospel: More emphasis on solo artist. Rarely sing with a choir.

Chorus Gospel is rich traditios of the African-American chuch. This movement born with one reason: To tell the good news carry many rythims.

Instruments The main instrument is the Tambourine. It accompany the strong and harmonies chorus. Bass, drump, organ or simply clap hands continue the rhythm.



It has evolved for the incorporation of instruments and sophisticated harmonies. In the present, Gospel not talks about modals and pentatonic lyrics, although its Africans roots continue to notice. Now, lyrics focus on Jesucristo. Majority of countries have institutionalized in events where leading exponents spread the Christian messages. Countries such as: Australia with “Australian Gospel Festival”, Norway with “Ansgar Gospel”, Spain with “The Cor Gospel”, United States with “Omaha Blues, Jazz & Gospel Festival”, Colombia with “Bogotá Gospel” and many others. Gospel is a traditional genre in the world with over 80 years, its origins is preserving with the expansions of “Good news” and their amazing harmony voices. Lyrics are a Peace and God Love’s expression categorized according to the music style. Why do Gospel is one of the most know genre? Messages are the most influence; they are the way to preach about God.


TRADITIONAL STRUCTURE Traditional structure chaged in the late 1930’s when Thoman Dorsey kwon as the “Father of Gospel Music” began working for Pilgrim Baptest Church in Chicago. Dorsey was a former jazz, pianist and composer.

THOMAS DORSEY (July 1, 1899 – January 23, 1993)

He learned to play piano and studying music formally in Chicago. He worked for Paramount Records. He was the director of Pilgrim Baptist Church. His best known composition is “Take my hand, Precious Lord” interpreted by Mahalia Jackson, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Rock music in the 80’s Juan Sebastian Sabogal García Emotions, singers and activities are the

black color

most important topics that you should


know about the rock music in the 80`s

idolatry to their favorite band, so it´s common to see in a black shirt the logo of some rock band.

One of the best genres in music history has caused disagreement and social problematics. Rock was influenced by other genres like Blues and Country music. Its characteristic instrument is the electric guitar accompained by drums and bass. Rock was born in the United States and in the United Kingdom. This rock has different sub genres like Blues, Rock, Flok Rock and Country Rock. This type of rock also influenced cultural and social movements, an example of this is the youthful expression against consumption and oligarchy this genre has. Activities and events are important for the rock fans. One thing that characterizes them is their style. Black clothes are striking for rock people. The

Also, this genre represents rebellion and autonomy, it´s known as a pretty strong genre, which traduces in its darkness. Rock people that usually assist to concerts or meetings have a dance or ritual called “Pogo”. This is an activity that rock people do in concerts, it´s known as an aggressive dance which consists in shocks and clashes between people. The major problem in this group is drug addiction. This vice makes a large part of society see them as people with addictions and personal problems. To understand more about this genre it´s important to talk about the most recognized bands in the 80`s. The first band is Metallica. They made one of the best songs in this genre called One. This

song was published on January 22,

of the time they feel very unsatisfied with

1989. The song lasts 7.24 minutes. This

the government.

song won several awards such as a Grammy. The second band is Guns and Roses, it was created in 1985 in the United States. This band was composed by Axl Rose (vocalist), Izzy Strandy (guitarist) and Slash who was the lead guitarist. The third band is Iron Maiden, they are one of the best English bands. They first started in Leydon, east of London and they had a great contribution and attracted the attention of more people in the country, which are fans of this genre for their ideas and new trends. Iron Maiden has been the band with more songs sold and they won a lot of awards, they contributed a lot of to this genre. The emotions that these people feel when they listen to these songs or attending a concert have to do with their attitudes and aggressive behavior. The ideology of this genre is based on the rebellion against the oligarchy, they are considered dark and depressed people and other problems. This is a genre that likes adrenaline, feel strong and cause controversies. Most of the people who are part of this gender has different problems with their parents, friends, love relationship, work and most

In conclusion, rock was generating controversy because of bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Guns and Roses since the 80's. Rock made different contributions, positive and negative ones. For example, they are autonomous, independent and they seek for an equitable society. On the other hand, they consume a lot of drugs, their behaviors are violent, and they are rebel people. It is a genre with different disagreement and still now it generates disputed and proceedings about their behaviors.


There are three reasons because women are important in the history of rock. The first, it is the contribution with the talent as singers and instrumentalists in this genre and its derivates. The second reason, it is about the legacy as composers, record producers and their successes. Finally, the third reason, it is their role as critical leaders who denounce inequality, abuse, discrimination and violence. If you like to know how this genre allowed women to be heard, read this article. Since 1960 the main rock bands flourished led by women as Anne Whitson, Alison Mosshart, Shirley Manson, Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, Grace Slick, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde, Tina Turner, and Janis Joplin. The females with their talent as singers sent a message to the principal industry heads that women will be able to produce money in this genre. From this moment they broke the paradigms of society and they became idols of public with their singular style of playing instruments like bass, electric guitar and drums. The women conquered the public of all the ages and left an indelible mark in the music. Rock was characterized for a long time as a genre "for men", until women came and changed everything with their prominent compositions that pushed a feminist revolution. Some of the most important songs are “Piece of My Heart� by Janis Joplin, “I Love

Rock N Roll” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, “Zombie” by The Cranberries, “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra, “Because the Night” by Patti Smith, “Smells like teen spirit” by Tori Amos and “The best” by Tina Turner. Among the most prominent record producers are Tina Shoemaker and Emily Lazar of bands like David Bowie, Queen and Paul Mc Carney with many awards. Today the women can show their talent in any area of music with total freedom and success. Their role as critical leaders allowed that the females fought against the impositions of behaviors established in the society, against stereotypes and prejudices. In their lyrics they cried out against sexist violence, sexual abuse and obsolete male canons. They overcame to the male dominated industry and their discrimination. The women achieved to be taken seriously as musicians for their talent and intelligence more than their physical appearance. Their female identity evolved, revealing herself against the traditional patterns of women and proposing a deeper and more complex feminine identity. Now women have managed to make their own space in this genre, they have made the industry aware of its importance, they have managed to be heard, they are proud of their gender and have contributed to a social transformation in which gender equality is a fundamental pillar, women from music and through technology will have the opportunity to continue creating collectives, they have the responsibility to continue supporting and make their speech heard. breaking the barriers that society has imposed on them. By Tatiana Moreno

THE COMMITMENT AND IMPORTANCE OF THE CHILDREN This article is about drugs in schools, along ranges of victims also talk about the influence of social strata on kind drugs the children use. Then, this article is written with reference to the research about consumption found in the current problematic schools in the Colombian society of the ICBF, the investigation talks about the kinds of drugs that students usually consume and finally found the conclusions written solutions are given by the writer. Director of the ONG “amigos unidos� did research about drug distribution at schools. Because the children do not mind trying the psychoactive substances in these places, also it says that the victims are between 12 and 14 years old. However, the problem distribution drugs at the schools of Colombia is along the history, were brought many problems to the society, but at present it has not been considered a solution adequate to end this problem. On the other hand, the 20% parents do not know with who they relate children. Besides, the principal problem of distribution of drugs into the schools are the same students themselves who distribute the drugs and these students are more influenced by criminals (Drug Dealer) who encourage them to sell in exchange for money. Also, the consumption of drugs changes according to the needs of the students, it also changes according to the social strata, the children of strata 4, 5 consume normally cocaine, heroin and the social strata 1,2,3 consume marijuana, boxer, bazuco among others, but addition, study of ICBF show that marijuana is the most illegal drug consumed by 2% of students (Richard- LuisanaSergio (2008). But the general problem of all the students is alcohol, it is a toxic element for the young body. According to the research of the center of medicine, alcohol is also a psychoactive








Students usually take and mix it with different kinds of alcohol to prove the experience, as they are under age they have bad reactions in the body since these kind of psychoactive substances the body is not able to assimilate.

On the other hand, according to the Director of the ONG, the conductive follow up that the school does in relation to this problem is to apply school rules. But looking at from the perspective of a student, the rules of the schools are very superficial to solve this social problem, then taking into account that many educational institutions do not pay enough attention and choose to follow the police codes, but these do not help the solution since with children they have laxity with law. However, it should still be noted that it is important to increase the commitment of all to the protection of children by putting in practice pedagogy.

Although, it is important to increase the commitment to the protection of children by putting into practice a solution to prevent this problem is unfortunately to the adolescent students and their parents if have been suspicions and that prove that their son is using drugs it needs looking for a solution in the school or psychological help. It is important of adult must play an important role in the development and growing up of children because they are not in greater security.