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Mat 7:7-8 “Vra, en vir julle sal gegee word; soek, en julle sal kry; klop, en vir julle sal oopgemaak word, want elkeen wat vra, ontvang; en elkeen wat soek, kry; en vir elkeen wat klop, sal oopgemaak word”

By Connie Suggitt Shortest bus driver's aim to inspire others to 'not give up' after achieving record. A bus driver who is 1.36 m tall says he hopes to inspire others to "not give up" and help others achieve their aims after entering the record books. Frank Faeek Hachem works in Chichester, West Sussex, UK, and now holds the Guinness World Records title for the Shortest bus driver. Frank has achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism, but he has never let his height hold him back. At 55 years old, Frank measures 136.2 cm. Originally from Iraq, he moved to the UK over 20 years ago, and has been a professional bus driver for a year and a half. He hopes that by achieving the title and showing he is able to perform the same job as anyone else, he can inspire others to believe in themselves.

After applying to drive buses as a challenge to himself, he passed all the training with flying colours, and can now drive all types of buses. The bus requires no alterations Frank just has to make sure the seat is pulled forward and the steering wheel is adjusted. Frank enjoys his job, and says the best bit about it is the people he works with. "I enjoy my passengers, I enjoy my colleagues, my friends, all the people that are around me". "Being a short person, of course you've got difficulties. But I am a fighter, I never give up, and I always make sure I get on with things; with life. I always look at myself as just a normal human being." Frank is married with two daughters, and the family live in Havant, Hampshire. "My family are very excited for what I've done, they feel so proud of me!" "My two daughters are my joy and pride, and I've done this for them and the whole family." Apart from his family, Frank has two other main sources of inspiration. "The two people who have inspired me are Warwick Davis and Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking gave so much to this world, and Warwick Davis is still giving so much back to the community." By achieving a Guinness World Records title, Frank hopes to provide inspiration for other less-abled persons, and show them that achieving a record is entirely possible; whoever you are. "To achieve a Guinness World Records title means so much to me, it means I've done something special. My advice to people with disabilities and people that face difficulties is to not to give up, keep going, and you'll achieve what you want to do. I'm going to concentrate on my record and try to help other people to achieve different things." 2


Gister was ek so bevoorreg om kosbare vriende by die lughawe af te laai. Hulle gaan met vakansie... welverdiend... Boetie het 'n operasie gehad en kan nie swaar tasse optel nie. Hy is so gelukkig, hy mag niks swaarder as 'n teekoppie optel nie… tong in die kies… By die lughawe gekom moet ons die tasse deur die lossand sleepdra. Ek besluit, nadat Adelain gesê het ek moet die swaar tas los, ek gaan hom optel. Eerste fout... ek ruk my spiere daar op 'n knop, gryp die tas en daar roer daai tas nie 'n aks nie, en ek ruk amper my arm af... Ons begin toe giggle... dit was fout nommer 2, want toe kan ek amper nie eers die trappe opklim nie.

Binne in die terminaal is 'n seuntjie, so met die neusie teen die deur gedruk. Ek skat hom so tussen 4 en 5 jaar. Op sy baadjie het sy Mamma geskryf in groot swart letters “Wees asseblief geduldig, ek is outisties”. En ek besef, op my baadjie moet staan, “Wees asseblief geduldig, ek is besig om my jeug en sy fermheid te verruil vir goud in die mond, silwer in die hare en lood in die kniee.” My wens vir almal is dat op julle baadjies met groot swart letters sal staan… “Wees net geduldig, Jesus is oppad" Mooi naweek vir almal.

In Holland kan jy beboet word as jy kruideniersware in jou hande dra as jy koop en nie in ’n mandjie of trollie nie Rooikoppe het meer narkose nodig om aan die slaap te raak as mense met hare van ’n ander kleure. Pas op! 4

Lion Day aims to raise awareness of the majestic hunter, the ultimate feline, the king of the jungle, the big fluffy kitty of the Serengeti… Hmm, we should have left it at ‘king of the jungle’. Basically, it’s all about lions, but you’ve probably got that from the name. This celebration of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and fearsome creature was founded by Big Cat Rescue, the world’s largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to big cats. August 10th is a day for people to come together from across the world to pay tribute to the mighty lion in as many ways as possible. Though a fun and exciting occasion for all, its foundations are based in a very serious matter: lion numbers have dramatically declined to the point where the species needs to be placed on the endangered list, just like its larger cousin the tiger. How you celebrate is entirely up to you. You could change your social media profile pictures to a lion for the day, draw a sketch and share it with friends, find out who has the loudest roar, or even get your coworkers to sponsor you to wear a lion jumpsuit to work, then make a donation to Big Cat Rescue’s ongoing mission. 5

DAVE VILJOEN 'n Baie vriendelike waarskuwing aan almal wat 'n bakkie of cab bakkie bestuur. Kyk na die lisensie skyfie, op daardie skyfie sal dit aanwys hoeveel mense in die voertuig mag sit of staan. As in beide gevalle 000 vertoon, moet julle na NaTIS gaan om dit reg te stel. Voertuie se gebruik word nou opgeskort en dan moet die voertuig weer hertoets word. DAN, die cab bakkies... geen passasier mag op daardie agterste bankie vervoer word nie. Daar mag net twee mense voor op die voorste sitplekke sit. Die toelaatbare sitplek akkommodasie in 'n voertuig of bakkie is 380mm per person. Neem asb kennis.

BESTANDDELE: 4 hoenderborsies 4 stukkies rugspek Sampioenvulsel 1 koppie gekapte sampioene 1 fyngekapte knoffelhuisie 1 koppie fyn gerasperde cheddar kaas 2 eetlepel botter Eier doopsous: 1 eier Geelsout Witpeper Cajun speserye Braaispesesrye Klits met vurk (gaan volgens smaak) METODE: Slaan hoenderborsies tot lekker plat. Rol reep rugspek ook dunner en plaas op hoender. Kap sampioene baie fyn. Meng fyn gekapte vars knoffel, botter en gerasperde cheddar kaas by. Vorm worsies van die mengsel en rol op in spek en dan in hoender. Steek hoender vas met tandestokkies. Klits een eier met geelsout, witpeper, braai speserye en cajun spesery. Doop hoender rolle goed hierin en dan broodkrummel. Laat staan ten minste ‘n uur in yskas voor dit gebak word in vlak olyfolie. Medium temperatuur en draai kort kort na ander sy tot goudbruin.



Kyle Cheromcha

What if we told you there's a land where premium gasoline flows like water, where a single U.S. dollar could net you nearly 925,000 gallons of the good stuff? This is no fairy tale—this is the reality on the ground in Venezuela, and it's more like a nightmare as the country continues to grapple with the worst economic crisis in modern history. There's no short answer to how the country arrived at this point, but five straight years of a brutal recession has given way to dangerous shortages of essential goods and hyperinflation of the Venezuelan bolivar approaching 1 million percent. Things like food and public transit have disappeared from the shelves and streets. The government of President Nicolás Maduro is rapidly losing support and closing ranks following an apparent assassination attempt over the weekend. The country's ties to the international economic order are fraying. Amid all this, Venezuela has maintained its famous fuel subsidies that have long made it the cheapest place to buy gas in the world. For decades, a tank of 91-octane fuel has cost less than a bottle of soda. Even in an oil-rich nation, that low retail price covers less than 5 percent of the cost of production, according to AFP, and the government has to make up the rest. This has been blowing a $10 billion hole in the country's budget every year; with the rest of the economy in shambles, the government has responded by printing more money—producing even more inflation. While the price of basic goods has skyrocketed—AFP points out a single egg costs 200,000 bolivars—gas prices are still as low as the Mariana Trench. A liter of 91-octane gasoline costs just a single bolivar, while 95octane fuel costs six. Since hyperinflation has made the bolivar essentially worthless, there's a strong black market for U.S. currency; a single dollar is now trading for 3,500,000 bolivars. And that's how you get to a place where it's possible to buy almost a million gallons of premium gas for a buck. Unfortunately, you'd have a tough time getting it home. Why not just raise the price of gas? It's not easy to transform an economy that's built on the bedrock principle of practically free fuel, and previous attempts to lower the government subsidies have been met with riots and unrest. People are barely getting by as it is; the low gas prices don't put extra money in everyone's pockets. There's also the fact that the economic crisis has caused both oil production and consumption to fall dramatically. Still, something has to give. On July 29, President Maduro announced that the government would reexamine how it manages the country's fuel supply, starting with a so-called car census to figure out usage rates among the general population. Critics have warned that this is the first step toward raising prices or rationing gasoline, either of which have the potential to destabilize the economy even further. It remains to be seen if these moves will simply add more fuel to the fire. 8

The physical and mental changes that take place after you’ve ditched the booze. Did you ever stop to think those happy hours were actually making you less happy? Easing off alcohol—for even just one month—has been found to make influential changes in people’s health. Not only can you can make serious progress toward increasing your chances of losing weight, but you can also lower your cancer risk, boost your heart health, and even have better sex.

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You’ll Eat Much Less Even After Half a Drink You Can Lower Your Risk of Liver Damage and Diabetes in Just One Month You’ll Sleep Better…Which Will Give You More Energy and Speed Weight Loss You’ll Eat 384 Fewer Calories a Day You’ll Boost Your Metabolism You’ll Have Better Skin You'll Lower Your Risk of Cancer You'll Be Well Hydrated You'll Improve Your Heart Health You'll Reduce Your Risk of Stroke and Nerve Damage You'll Do Better at Work You Can Reduce Your Cholesterol Level You'll Have Better Sex



INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup shaving cream 1/4 cup white glue 1/4 cup flour Food Coloring METHOD: Mix all together until combined completely. Putting your puffy paints in a squeeze bottle works very well to help keep the puffy look. You can also use paint brushes for just a thicker consistency and texture. Reader Tip: One woman said the order in which you add things is extremely important. Please mix in order listed. She suggested adding the shaving cream and glue and then adding flour a bit at a time until you get the consistency desire. Reader Tip: A suggestion on getting the stuff into the containers: Spoon it in a Quart size zip lock and close. Then cut a small hole on the corner of the zip lock then squeeze the stuff into the containers. You can also use the zip locks as your tool to squeeze paint if you do not have a squeeze bottle. Just cut the hole in the corner very small. 12

WEET-BIX South Africa’s number one selling breakfast cereal, has been around for over 75 years. PRONUTRO is the Original Protein Cereal first launched in 1962. 13

Jason Duaine Hahn

A U.S. Coast Guard officer quickly went from husband to hero when he dashed into the ocean still wearing part of his wedding suit to save a drowning teenager. Zac and Cindy Edwards had just exchanged vows and were posing for photographs Aug. 2 at Orange Beach, Alabama, when a panicked woman ran up to them. The concerned woman pointed to 18-year-old Jamel Robinson, who was struggling to stay afloat far from the shore. “We all turned and looked, and you could see he was pretty far out, you could see the look on his face, he was worried,” Zac, 37, tells PEOPLE. “Cindy knew what I was thinking, and she said, ‘Go get him.’ ” Zac — a hulking marine science technician in the Coast Guard — quickly took off his shirt (and nearly removed his pants until Cindy pointed out he didn’t have time), and dove into the ocean. That’s where he came across two other teenagers in the water who were also planning their own rescue. “I didn’t want it to turn into a multiple person rescue,” Zac, from Mobile, Alabama, says. “So I grabbed the boogie board from one of them and told him to go back… when I finally reached [Robinson], he was saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!’ ” Taking Robinson by the wrist, Zac placed the teenager atop of the boogie board and began swimming back to shore. But they had only made it halfway when the currents proved too strong, and Zac found himself making little progress forward no matter how hard he swam. Orange Beach Fire Department and Orange Beach Surf Rescue soon arrived on scene and retrieved the two from the ocean using a jetski. “My wife was running out into the water as I was getting out, and I got a nosebleed from bouncing on the sled,” Zac says while laughing. “But I went right back into wedding mode, and I told her to get away because I didn’t want to get blood on the dress!” It wasn’t until Zac was in bed laying next to his wife that night that the gravity of his daring act of heroism set in. There were so many things that could have gone wrong, he says, for everyone involved. If the couple had been married a day later as their pastor initially recommended, Zac wouldn’t have been there to help. And if Zac hadn’t grabbed the boogie board from one of the teenagers before retrieving Robinson, he may not have had the strength to stay afloat long enough while awaiting emergency services. “If I would have had to let him go, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself,” Zac says. “But I wasn’t going to let him drown on my wedding day in front of my wife and kids while I’m able to do something.” What stayed in his mind through it all was his six children — three from previous relationships and three from Cindy’s — and making it back to them. “I could have lost what was most important to me,” Zac says. As he laid there looking at his wife as she slept on their first night as husband and wife, he cried. Robinson has recovered from the ordeal and is back home, and even thanked Zac for his heroism in a video message sent through Good Morning America. The week since the wedding ceremony and rescue have been filled with love, Zac says. He feels fortunate that everything worked out on their special — and surprising — day. “We’re very much in love, we’re very, very happy. We’re very blessed and she’s an amazing wife,” he says. “God had a plan, and everything fell into place.” 14


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