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2010 Beauty for Smashes Fashion Show

Special Thank You

History of Fat Smashers For quite some time the Lord has been laying, as it were, Hansel and Gretel trails for Co-Pastor Myra Bellinger. During this process every area of life was being scrutinized and challenged to go to the next dimension. The purpose of this process was to perfect the temple; in its three dimension of man: Spirit, Soul and Body. Being the Woman of God that she is, the constant work on the spirit and soul was never a problem for Co-Pastor, but when the Lord began to challenge her to take her and her daughters--those who would go) to a place of totally pleasing Him in every area, especially in the care of THE TEMPLE, which is the body, that was truly a wake-up call.

Presents “ Co Pastor Myra Bellinger & Daughters “ Sponsored By The City of God Ministries

She understood that this call required work and a discipline in her lifestyle that she had never experienced. Co-Pastor so elegantly states: “God has a way of bringing you where he want you and provides the means for you to get there. He never asks you to do something that He himself does not provide a way for you to attain the means.” Prior to the commencing of this great journey Co-Pastor Myra traveled to Charleston, SC and seen someone of her acquaintance who had experienced a significant amount of weight loss and looked GREAT. Discussion brought forth the information about the Book, The Fat Smash Diet. That night on the way back to Charlotte, Co-Pastor purchased the book and read it in its entirety. With such excitement the next night she began sharing the plan as it was given to her. She announced it the same week at a Tuesday night Bible study, Wednesday, at the Women of Virtue Book Club, and Sunday morning during worship service. As a matter of fact she lead by example and stood boldly before the entire congregation that 1st Sunday of February 2010 in her black suit with clergy attire and made the declaration of: “This is the last time you will see me look like this in this suit!”, and the journey began. Oh with such excitement Co-Pastor and some of the daughters gathered for a kick-off Fat smash party held the same Sunday afternoon agreeing the journey would began the Monday after Super bowl Sunday, and the deal was sealed. At the commencing of the Fat Smash there were 18 girls in all that embraced this journey. In preparation for this new life, the Lord, by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit gave Co -Pastor menus for each phase, exercise plans, a daily word from the Lord to encourage the Fat Smashers during the first 9 days and an on-going daily confession. The Lord taught Co-Pastor how to become a life coach, healthier cook and aerobics instructor. Wow! God is AMAZING! It is important to Co-Pastor Myra that each of you to knows and understand that this journey has not been just about SMASHING natural pounds only. But it’s a spiritual journey that smashes bad habits and releases you from spiritual weights and excess baggage. It fosters discipline, commitment and encourages a greater, healthier psyche to be birthed in the woman, causing her to become whole. This journey has birthed in Co-Pastor a new area of ministry with even a greater anointing. It’s a balanced message beyond the tongues, beyond the dance, beyond the praise and the run around the church…It resounds loudly, “Loving life, loving me, BEAUTIFULLY!” And in so doing, God is well pleased. Co-Pastor plans to share this message, aid and assist other women who choose to embrace this new life! Tonight, As these women come, please do not compare or judge the natural sizes of these women—but applaud even that which you cannot see! Compliment and applaud them for their journey. The Fat Smash Confession says, “ I am on a journey, I may not see all the results today, but as I am consistent, I will see results. Because we are all “Loving life, loving me, BEAUTIFULLY!”.

2010 C.O.G.

Charlotte, NC

Beauty for Smashes  

2010 Beauty Pageant