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Page 3: Overview of the Pork Barrel Scam Page 4-5: Reputation? Confidence? Jobs? Under the Pork? By Oscar Lee Page 6-7: Pork and Politics by Alejandro Lacson Page 8-9: 5 Effects of the Pork Barrel to the Society by Roque Perez Page 10-11: Culture by Luigi Chu Page 12: Pork Barrel Solution Page 13-14: Oscar Lee Page 15: Alejandro Lacson Page 16: Roque Perez Page 17: Luigi Chu


Pork for People, Not for Pigs An overview of the pork barrel scam

After the NBI rescued Benhur Luy from Napoles' home in Bonifacio Global City, Luy, immediately told the NBI about the pork barrel scam. On July 12, 2013, The Philippine Daily Inquirer started exposing its exposĂŠ, detailing how Napoles and politicians got hold of the PDAF and their commision.

Netizens immediately expressed their outrage and other media outlets began reporting about the scandal. The next day, Napoles denied any involvement however the public did not believe her. The court issued a warrant of arrest for Napoles on August 14, however, Napoles was gone with the wind.

The COA released a report on how the PDAF was used and misappropriated by the government officials. Ghost projects reports soon began to surface, bogus NGOs and supposed owner names were released.

On August 20, a formal investigation under the blue ribbon committee was initiated. COA, DOJ and the Ombudsman formalized their interconnected investigation regarding the PDAF misappropriation.

Before the rally, President Ninoy Aquino told the media that he doesn't want PDAF. The Million People March then began on August 26 with about 70000 infuriated people attending, all looking to see the pork barrel dumped.

After the rally President Aquino immediately offered a P10 million reward to anyone who gave information on Napoles' whereabouts and so Napoles, with the help of Atty. kapunan surrendered to MalacaĂąang.

After the surrender, Benhur Luy exposed more about the scam to the Senate Blue ribbon hearing.

On Spetember 16, the NBI formally submitted and filed a plunder case with 750,000 pages of evidences on the people involved on the pork barrel scam. The people include are Janet Lim Napoles, his brother, Bong Revilla, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, several lawmakers and former lawmakers and some others.

The surrender of Napoles made Filipinos happy however the drama does not end there. Until now, more schemes of how the pork barrel is being used throughout the country are being exposed like the involvement of an agency of the Department of Agriculture. Aside from PDAF, there is also DAP that stands for Disbursement Acceleration Program that was given to the senators by the president after the impeachment of CJ Corona. According to the reports of Inquirer the president actually gave about a hundred million pesos through the Department of Budget Management.

Indeed, the pork barrel scam has branched out from the legislative to the executive and judiciary. It seems to never end but this can change.

Reputation? Confidence? Jobs? Under the pork?

Economics By: Oscar Lee

Reputation? Confidence? Jobs? Under the pork?

Since the day when Benhur Luy the cousin of Janet Jeane Napoles or better known as the queen of the Pork Barrel Scam managed to escape from Mrs.Napoles with the help of the NBI or the National Bureau of Investigation and decided to reveal about Napoles' lavish lifestyle and the P10 billion Pork Barrel Scandal involving fake NGOs, the nation and the media was at its knees on the happenings that took place. Even our political and economic system was at its knees on the scandal and this justifies the fact that the Philippine economy is affected by this scandal

An effect that could last for a long time is our country's reputation abroad. This is due to the fact that foreign investors think corruption scandals are still present in the country which make them think that our government has a lot of red tapes, fixers and lastly they will think that in order to do business in the Philippines, they have to bribe government officials to release some vital and important documents and papers. Well who wants to experience that? Well no one! These foreigners may just invest in Singapore or any neighboring South East Asian country to invest their money and to invest on the jobs of the people. In Singapore, you can get a business permit on one day well that's the complete opposite here in the Philippines because it takes about a month to get one. This just shows that we're not an attractive country for foreign investors to invest and the pork barrel scandal just worsened our attraction and our reputation as a good investment country

Economics By: Oscar Lee

It is very true that the employment side of the country is connected to our reputation abroad because even our President agrees that foreign investors are to bring jobs to the country and so employment is affected by this scandal that rocked our country's media and citizens. According to NSO, the current unemployment rate stands at 7.3%. For sure this will rise if our image to the world is a corrupt country with scandals. If Filipinos move abroad to work this will decline or if our reputation abroad won't be as corrupt as this scandal that shacked our country's society, politics and economy and so foreign investments will pour in.

Let's move on to the business confidence of the Philippines. Our business community in the Philippines are the backbones of the economy. They are the ones responsible for paying huge amounts of taxes to the Philippine Government through VAT, corporate taxes and business taxes however these business people will most likely be discouraged to pay taxes since the money that they will pay goes to the politicians' bank accounts or go to fake NGOs. This may be true for some businessmen however with the strict implementation of tax collection nation wide, it is hard to believe that majority of the business community will not pay taxes even if our taxes is the highest in the ASEAN. customs.aspx

These are the effects of the pork barrel scam that can bring our economy to its knees. But for sure things will improve just like the economic situation in Iceland. This just shows that corruption scandals can being drastic changes and effects that can harm the Philippines as a whole. Some of these effects might be too extreme but this could happen if this scandal will never be resolve by honest government officials.

Pork and Politics

Politics By: Alejandro Lacson

Pork and Politics

The pork barrel scam has had many effects in our politics such as the lack of people's trust in politicians, temporary discouragement of corruption in politicians and may lead to the removal of the pork barrel itself.

The lack of the people's trust is one obvious effect. This is due to the fact that the money we pay to the government is not used for its intended purpose. It is used for "projects" that don't even exist. It is just used for making corrupt politicians richer. The people's reactions towards these politicians and their scam can be seen through their various protests like the "Million People March" and the "Level Up". Through their various protests we can see the negative reactions of the people about this current crisis.

Pork and Politics

Politics By: Alejandro Lacson

Another effect the pork barrel will bring is a discouragement to corruption for the time being. With what is happening to those involved in the pork barrel scam politicians wouldn't risk doing anything. Right now investigation is going on to look for politicians involved in the pork barrel scam. Right now those who are already identified as involved are being prosecuted. Politicians would not risk being caught in the act while their is a lot of investigation going on. This is not a permanent effect though because after all of this subsides corruption might become an issue again.

Due to this scam, the removal of the pork barrel might be needed. If politicians can't be trusted then with it then don't give it to them. If the pork barrel is abolished then this can never happen again. If this happens then our government might use line budgeting instead. The decision on where the money goes is decided as a body not individually like in the pork barrel. This would be the appropriate method in light of the current problem with the pork barrel.

Society By: Enrique Perez

5 Effects of the Pork Barrel to Society

The Pork Barrel involves taxes going to the government and then to senators and congressmen to be used for the development of the area they are staying or assigned to work in. Today a scams emerged that involves the Pork Barrel like Napoles making fake NPOs but in reality there are much more effects of the Pork Barrel or PDAF that may be good or bad.

Good Effects 1. Improve Government services in specific areas: One example is if a congressman will know best what will improve the province like agriculture, health and education. 2. Easier way to improve different regions of the country: It is faster because the provinces of the Philippines is dived into the senators and congressmen that already knows what to improve in there sector instead of having one person go around the Philippines, looking at each provinces problems then fix it one by one. The pork barrel is a more efficient way because the congressman can almost immediately fix the problem of their sector.

Society By: Enrique Perez

Bad effects 1. Corrupt officials may use the money for their own purposes: One example is Napoles where she made fake NPOs 2. The province of the corrupt officials won't improve: Because of the corrupt officials using the money for their benefits, the money would be used up and there will be less money to improve the province they are in. 3. Tax payers won't benefit from their taxes

The Pork Barrel may be good or bad depending on the honesty of the official that hold the funds. http:// 2013/08/environmentalists-joinpublic-fury-vs.html

Culture By: Luigi Chu

The Pork Barrel was reminded us of many things. Rallies. Senators. Corruption. These words all have something to do with the Pork Barrel Scam. Its affects are massive. It caused rallies against the government for their corruption and it changed the beliefs of some people. Some think that the government is nothing to be worried about, while others already no of their schemes and greed. If the government give in to their greed (which they did), then chaos will be unleashed all upon our nation. If the needs and wants of the people are not provided, then the people will get upset and will go against the government.

Culture By: Luigi Chu

If the government only care about themselves, then the nation will either fall due to the government's greed or the nation will fall to corrupt and greedy leaders of our country. The beliefs of people are shifted from "good guy" government to believing that the government is corrupt and is slowly destroying our country. The government is now believed to be leading the country into destruction. The Pork Barrel Scam has done all of this and its impact will be remembered for years to come. On one hand, the government may learn what is right and what is wrong, while on the other hand, it may continue to be greedy and stay the same.




A Scam To Remember by Oscar Lee

Since the scandal erupted in the Philippines, the country's media kept on reporting and covering this scandal known as the Pork Barrel Scam. An example of which is a new news website based in the Philippines and other major media outlets such as GMA and ABS-CBN.

The media attention spurred new views about how a normal "Juan" votes during election time. Today we have 24 senators, and some of which are involved in the pork barrel scam like Sen. Ramon Revilla a former movie star became the top 1 choice of Filipinos during the 2010 general elections. As some analysts said, his popularity as an actor made him a It's a pity that Ramon Revilla is an anti- RH. He is against it for the fact it's immoral. IMMORAL??? That hypocrite is surely cunning. He's involve in a scam that's responsible for stealing P10B of the people's money and according to NBI, Revilla managed to get P P224.5 million in kickbacks from Napoles' fake and NGOs and other corrupt practices involving Mrs.Napoles.

This just shows that the Filipinos do not know how to vote well and vote based on popularity. I think in order for Filipinos to change and to rebuild our nation to be prosperous, progressing and developed we Filipinos MUST vote wisely. The Philippines cannot afford to have these kinds of leaders after the 2016 election. We cannot afford to have corrupt legislators and government officials for another 3-6 years. The stupidity of the majority of voters has reached its point wherein former criminals like Jinggoy Estrada, former coup d'état rebels like Sen.Honasan are in the Senate. This really justifies that fact that we have really reached a point wherein corrupt officials are in power due to lack of voters education. Qualified Filipino voters must vote wisely for it is their vote that will define the Philippines generations from, it is their vote that may help us develop our country or make it worse. Indeed a vote holds promises of hope and peace but it has a power to demoralize and make our country anarch

For the government to fix this problem, the Congress must remove the system of Priority Development Acceleration Fund or most commonly known as PDAF or pork barrel. Filipinos cannot wait for the government to dismantle this awful system. That's one thing that they must do to appease the public and to make the public focus more on helping develop our country's economy. The government must also listen to the Public. The public has a lot of opinions about this scam involving their money and the awful pork barrel system and so if the government won't listen, there will be more rallies around the Philippines particularly Metro Manila since it is the administrative, economic and cultural capital of the Philippines and this could paralyze the metropolis and money can be lost in traffics. After the death of Ninoy, there were a lot of rallies, rallies against Marcos because he failed to hear what the people is expressing and just like the pork barrel scam rallies, it made traffics worse. It paralyzed Metro Manila and the political violence scared a lot of foreign investors in investing here in the Philippines because the rallies made us look like an anarchical state. In those years our economy dropped by 7% particularly in 1984.

Our country is currently experiencing an economic boom, our economic growth is now at par with China but if the government failed to do what they are suppose to do which is to listen to the people and to solve the crisis, our country might be an anarchical state and for sure foreign investments will be pulled out and a big capital flight will occur. Indeed the government just need to listen to the people and find a solution to this mess so that our country won't be like the 1984 Philippines.

As a student in Metro Manila, Philippines I believe that I can do something that could help rebuild the nation. I believe that by sharing proper opinions in the internet. The power of opinions can inspire people to be updated and to express their own opinions. As some say, opinions connect people's minds. I will also listen to the news channels so that I can be updated on what is happening in our nation and what are the developments over the pork-barrel scam that is hurting our country. The news channels and stations are here to spread true news and so as a student I can tell my fellow citizens about which are rumors and which are true to avoid confusions over the development of the scam. Lastly, as a student I will tell qualified voters to vote for the right people and for the right choice during elections because it's my generation who will suffer if qualified people today vote for an unqualified, corrupt and dictator-like person into office.

Solving the pork barrel scam by Alejandro Lacson

The current crisis of the pork barrel has caused our country a lot of problems. Although this problem is difficult, we as a nation can still prevent another problem like this from ever happening.

The people- This scam was due to the corrupt officials that we voted for. If the people vote the right people for the job this crisis can never happen again. Right now we Filipinos and even other countries vote for politicians mostly based on their popularity. If we focused our view on their intentions and not on their popularity then we will have better leaders and the pork barrel will not cause any problems for us. If we had better leaders then our nation will improve just like the American people voting for their president. In the 1998 elections o the Philippines, a record number of people voted ERAP for president however after 3 years of corruption and gambling while in office he was overthrown by the people who attended EDSA 2. This event proves that not Filipinos are well educated in electing officials and as a Filipino student and citizen I don't want this to happen again in our history and so we must elect a leader even if he's a barrangay captain with knowledge

Education- One reason we the people don't vote wisely is that we are not taught to do so in our education and one reason politicians don't know how to do their job is that they are also not taught to do so. If our education provides us on knowledge on how to choose the right leaders and how to be the right leaders then the problem with the pork barrel will no longer happen and never will. Better educated voters will vote for the right leaders and better educated people will be the right leaders. With the right education our nation will improve. In the US 99% of people are literate and their high school literacy rate is higher than the Philippines

Government- The government can easily fix our problem with the pork barrel. They provide more restrictions on who can lead our country. If they did that we would be able to have better leaders in our country and we would have no problem then. They can also provide more projects to better improve our knowledge on who to choose as leaders. If the government works together with the people then our nation will improve itself and the pork barrel scam will never cause any problems again.

5 Ways to stop the pork barrel by Enrique Perez 1.T he Government can enforce the check and balance system because, for the past few years they didn't enforce it. 2.T he People can write an impeachment form for the senators involved in the pork barrel issue. 3.I can spread the word about the pork barrel issue to inform the people. 4.According to, the government should turn into a parliament because there is no Gridlock (difficulty in passing laws) 5.According to ABS-CBN, the Department of Budget and Management can have stricter guidelines.

Pork Barrel by Luigi Chu

The Pork Barrel Scam has been causing chaos in our country. Greed has caused many senators to become corrupt. Its affect on the people has been huge, leading to revolts and rallies. People around the country have stood up to corruption and decided that they have had enough, but the youth does not know much. The youth does not understand the situation as much as the adults do.T he youth can help rebuild our country and end the corruption. They can learn from their relatives how corruption can destroy the country. The youth is the future. They must learn from their relatives what is right and what is wrong. Our country can be rebuilt if we do the right things. The one thing the this nation needs is education. It can help the young rebuild a new age. A new country. A new nation. Education can be our nation's long awaited savior. It can help everyone understand things that can destroy this nation. The youth can be thought by their parents and they can teach their future children. They can save our country, and that is just what we need. The government can help by listening to the needs of the people and putting the words they use into action. The people is the most powerful force of a country, and without them, the government and our nation will crumble. The wants and needs of the people must be considered by the government so that our nation can be rebuilt.

For students like me, we must:

1. Learn how our nation can be destroyed by corruption 2. Help fellow Filipinos understand the possible fates to our country like falling into corruption or being saved thanks to working together 3. Put others as our priority, not ourselves

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