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PDF Magazine Online Publi shing Guide

E-magazines Features • Real reading experience by flipping pages • Go forward and backward easily with navi gation button. • Search for specified contents with ease. • Live links to let readers get further info. • Rich media to enjoy readers.

E-magazine Benefits • Make magazine more attractive You are not only converting the PDF, but also giving the print magazi nes a more attractive appearance. Many tools allow you to design th e look and feel of the publications with powerful templates design fe ature.


Interactivity You have the ability to control how the online magazines are like by converting. Interactivity is one of the main reasons why publishers w ant to convert PDF to online magazine. You could add hyperlinks (lin k to page, web link, and Email), buttons, Flash SWF, Videos (YouTu be video included), text to enrich the digital magazines.

E-magazine Benefits • Increase visibility economically You don't have to cost a lot of money to broad your readers with onli ne magazines. The e-publications could be viewed all over the world . The social sharing function provides a good way to enable readers to share the publications to their friends and social network.


Track statistics Many tools enable you to publish print magazine for online magazin e with Google Analytics supported. You can sign up for a Google An alytics account, and integrate Analytics with the magazine and then you could track statistics of the online magazines. You could track th e time readers spend reading your magazine, the traffic of the maga zine pages, and more.

PDF to e-magazine Tools Online service and desktop software could help you do this conversion. So, it is not an easy job to choose a right tool. Generally, desktop software has more customization featur es than online service. If you want to create an attractive multimedia magazine, th en choose a desktop tool. Kvisoft Flip Book Maker software ( )gives users a quic k way to create online magazine from PDF, images, videos, and Flash, you also could integrate multimedia items with p ages, design the look and feel of the output publication.

Are you ready? Publish yo ur PDF print magazine onl ine now!

Pdf magazine online publishing guide  

Are you finding a way to put your PDF print publications online to reach more readers worldwide? This slideshow would give you more details...

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