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How to create flip book from PDF 1. Why convert pdf to flipbook

PDF has many other electronic document formats that can not be compared to the advantages. PDF file format can package text, font, format, color, and independent of the device and resolution graphics in one file. The format can also contain hypertext links, sound, and motion pictures and other electronic information. It supports strengths file, higher integration and safety and reliability. But it can’t flip. People can’t read PDF as reading paper book. Now flip book can help people overcome the shortcomings. Flip book can be read as traditional book while retains the advantages of PDF file at the same time.

2. How to convert pdf to flipping book If you search flip book maker in Google, you will find more. Most of them have the similar functions. Now, I take kvisoft for example. First, download kvisoft flip book maker pro and install it. Its compatibility is very good. You don’t have to do anything. Second, open it and import PDF files. The software converts pdf to flip pages automatically.

Third, design it as your favorite. Kvisoft provides several styles for you.

Fourth, publish it. The flip page software provides five styles: HTML, EXE, ZIP, APP, and ScreenSaver. If you want to upload this flip book to your website, you can save it as HTML.

How to create flip book from PDF  

This article shows how to use kvisoft flip page software to convert pdf to flipping book. It only takes you four steps to create flipbook!