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About me I am a second-year student studying industrial design at Northumbira University. I am looking for 3-6 month placement starting in March 2018 for . I hope this will allow me to improve my professional skills. I am a very hardworking person who likes to keep busy. I am on edge to learn new skills. Moreover, I am enthusiastic and like to work hard to ensure that I can create the best design in everything that I do I decided to study aboard, because there are more opportunities not only learning and work but also how the local culture influence design. It is also a challenge for me to study abroad that I am not afraid to work in my comfort zone.

Leixi Chen Education New 2017


Industrial design 2nd year | Northumbria University Design for Interaction | 70 Industrial design 1st year | Northumbria University Industrial Design Foundation | 72 Design History, Theory & Context | 71 communicating Design | 68

Foundation | Sichuan University Academic English | 86 Advanced Maths | 95 Business Communication | 80 Economics | 91


Te c h n i c a l s k i l l s Ps l l l l l l

Design for Interaction teamwork project 2017 (Northumbria University) - responsible for the reserching contemporary design - created the varied of ideations - developed sketching and model making - created storyboard Communicating Design: Visual communication 2016/17 (Northumbira Universitya) We have a lot of sketching work in the 1st year. I have deepened the study of industrial sketches through this series of assignment. - skilled use thick-thin line - quickly create my ideas - clearly, express my ideas and storyboard Worked within the group of audio and film recording ( 2016 Northeast Five Universities Welcoming New Students Gala) worked in photography and video production - took a lot of gala and staff members group photography - made the video of the gala




Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe InDesign CC Adobe Premiere Pre CC SolidWorks PaintTool SAI

Professional skills l l



l l l

Ideation Sketching Illustration Model making Handcraft

Langage English



The Shield Block A Room 107 Clarence street Newcastle upon Tyne


+44 7719 043168


CHUM. This project required us to develop a transportable booster-sear to help young kids to eat comfortably, and with understanding the needs and demands of your target audience in relation to this activity, and consider any issues with current offers or gaps in the product landscape.

Research High Chair

Advantage l Sitting Comfortably l Longevity l Grows with the Child Disadvantage l large Preassembled Furniture l Expensive

Booster Seat

Advantage l Small l Easy to transport l Can be place on a regular chair Disadvantage l No comfortable backrest l No feet holder l No foot or leg support

Combination Highchair

Advantage l Funcational l Practical

Disadvantage l Weight l Large size l Not easily transported

lEat while playing lPicky eater lBad Habit lRules are made to be broken lRestless lEagre to misbehave lTroublesome lRefuses to eat

Family status Name: Hubbard Age : 4 years old Education: Nursey


Hubbard is always easily destracted whilst eating his dinner. He's always wanting to get up from his chair and keep playing. Sometimes his parents



Listen to Music


Collect toys


Play computer games

Naughty, Impatience


use various toys/games as a method to


keep him at the table.

Home location

Tunstall Rd, Leeds, LS11 5JS



Work: Company Manager Age: 37 Most of the Time: Work in Company Presonality: serious, socializing, go-geter


460mm 230mm


Work: Artist (working at home) Age: 35 Most of the Time: Drawing, Look after child Presonality: Outging,Optimist


Booster seat + Tongue Drum


Development Material l



Elastic Upholstery Webbing

Strong Good resonance for sound Attractive Cheap Durable


ExoFlow This project design we had to creat a monitoring unit for an older person. The device and system are users friendly and intuitive. This is through changes in their intrinsic physical attribute as the method of communication.

Research " 17% of older people are in contact with family, friends and neighbours once a week” " 9% of older people are feeling trapped in thire own home" “People with a high degree of loneliness are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s” "1 2 . 0 4 % of older people in England are persistently chronically lonely"

Tangible User Interface

Sketching Basic Ideation



Exoskin, provides a way to embed a multitude of static, into actuatable, elastic membranes, allowing the n composites to sense, react, and compute.

- Texture changing interface composed of firm silico shapes, mounted on silicone pockets that expand.

rigid materials new semi-rigid

one tesseliated

This product through the level of waves in the performance of the elderly and family communication. It has three levels to express communication levels.

l Bad communication (look like mountain--need attantion)

l Middle communication l Good communicationďźˆlooks like water ripple and feel calm)


Bernerd feel very lonely. He wanted to contact his son but was worried that his son is busy.

Device connects to Bernerd’s mobile phone via Bluetooth.

They haven’t talked in a while and both notice this in the product.

This reminds them to call each other and catch up.

As they talk, the wave calms down a little.

The wave hasnt returned to the calm ripple state. This reminds him to call his Dad later this week.

Later this week, he calls again and chat.

After the call the wave returns to the ripple state and both of them feel reunited.

ExoFlow EXOFlow is a product that monitors the relationship between older person and family. It can record elderly and family communication the daily and weekly. EXOFlow uses Bluetooth to contact phone. And it has charging station for charge and vent.


sketching | model | CAD

Replica 1:1

Hierarchical Forms

Business Cards

Electric Toothbrush

DAB Radio

Non Literal Product This project requires us to create a product that has no prescribed function, but which consciously electronic product.

The theme of this product is snail

Rotate the texture and tentacle found in snail nature, and the interaction of electric product with people.

Bird House

This project required us to consider material, processes, cost and pricing involved in the manufacture of prodct.

A design for blue tits which consider the convenience of cleaning and accommodating harsh weather.

ShadowPlay This project required us to develop our sensitivities the subtler qualities of light, and ability to transform materials 2D to 3D form.

The light passes through the hollow sections and the paper casts the shadow. Combining light and shadow constituted better shadowplay

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The Shield Block A Room 107 Clarence street Newcastle upon Tyne


+44 7719 043168



Northumbria University Industrial Design 2nd year


Northumbria University Industrial Design 2nd year