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“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.” - Charles Dickens


We are pleased to announce September 2013 your timesh undergo major refurbishmen upgrades. This multi-millioncovering both the inside and Hotel, will be completed in th are breaking the refurbishme phases which will be phased 2014 & 2015. The intention i phases segregated as far as inconvenience or disturb the of the hotel throughout the c

Phase 1


The Blue Marlin was unquestionably one of the South Coast’s most magnificent & iconic hotels which has been a family destination & beach playground for past generations. We are aiming to upgrade the grand dame to once again become the Pearl of the South Coast.

Our intention is to tackle the m common areas in September 2 early December 2013. This inv will include a re-paint of the e building, a new entrance, rece dining room & kitchen as well pool area. All owners over this contacted to make alternative their week. Owners can either week within the Blue Marlin (s availability) or space-bank the and make use of their exchan

that from hare with us will nt and structural -rand project, outside of the hree phases. We ent into three throughout 2013, is to keep the possible to not running construction.

majority of the 2013 through to vigorating project exterior of the eption, lounge, bar, as the outside s period have been e arrangements for r utilise another subject to eir week with RCI nge portfolio.

Bar, dining room, lounge & pool area refurbishment During phase 1 of the revamp, the hotel will need to be closed as all the common areas will be affected. It is our intention to do all the common areas as part of phase 1 so as not to affect these areas again and avoid the need to close the hotel for a period of time. It is envisaged that only phase 1 will see the closure of the hotel. Some highlights of phase 1 will be as follows:

• The ope this living

• The bar refresher

• An upgr the outsid dining are

• The gam dale conf disturban out;

• With th created fo

• The kitc efficient l

• The poo pool loun

• All the c designers new them

ening up of the common areas to create an open-plan lounge & bar area integrating g space which will overflow onto a new timber deck hugging the hotel exterior;

r area is being designed as an all-day bar where morning cappuccinos, mid-day r or evening cocktails can be ordered from;

rade of the restaurant area with refurbished flooring, new stacking doors opening onto de deck. The restaurant will also have lifted floors & dropped ceilings creating separate eas within a free-flowing communal atmosphere;

mes room will be upgraded with the latest kids’ activities and moved into the old Langference room behind the current Zulu Bar – however this will be separated to reduce nce but adjoining the new open-plan lounge area so parents can keep a watchful eye

he conversion of certain old offices, a “cigar-bar” library type lounge area will also be or those wanting to relax in peace & quiet;

chen will also be undergoing a revamp with new equipment where necessary & a more layout. This will also spark the launch of our new menus;

ol area will be repaved & re-mosaicked with new landscaped gardens including new ngers & umbrellas;

common areas will get new furniture throughout and where possible the interior s are making use of the existing furniture and having it revamped to tie in with the me of the hotel.


Entrance & Receptio

Also as part of phase 1 is the upgrade of the entrance & recep include some cladded walls in the car-park to screen the hote operations. A timber deck will be laid from the car-park to the will have new landscaped gardens creating that ever-importa sions! The old bar, shop & tourism office will all be opened-up ible space that will originate a much friendlier welcome. The r have a coffee shop that will boast a fun, relaxed atmosphere with aromas of coffee floating in the air. This will open onto th walkway & landscaped gardens on the hotel entrance. It will i internet cafĂŠ and free wi-fi for all guests. There will also be a shop located adjacent the reception. The new reception will in friendly lift for access to all levels of the hotel. The old Indaba converted into a Spa treatment facility which will offer a vari beauty enhancing treatments to ensure that our guests are n pampered and relaxed

Phase 1 of the construction will be funded from existing reser Share Block Company and the balance from the Hotel operati

on area

ption area. This will el’s back-end e entrance which ant first impresp to create a flexreception area will for its customers he new timber include a small small convenience nclude a disableda room will be iety of health and nurtured, purified,

rves within the ion.

Phase 2 & 3 Phase 2 & 3 is aimed at the upgrading of the rooms throughout the hotel. This project will see a full room refurbishment including new bathrooms. It will include the redecoration of doors, artwork, lighting with bulk heads, bedroom carpets, built in cupboards, new furniture, dressing tables, curtains, TV’s, bathroom refurbishment with complete new plumbing throughout the rooms - new feature walls and mirrors, plug points and switches and fresh paint throughout the unit. The results will be that of a fresh new luxurious seaside haven. The Blue Marlin Resort will become the most sought after coastal retreat on KZN-South Coast and even more desirable. On top of that, once the work is complete, the exchange value of your timeshare will increase, giving you better leverage to get the vacation exchanges you want. A special levy will need to be raised for phase 2 & 3 in order to fund the refurbishment. It was proposed at the last Board Meeting held on 15 be raised in 2014 and a further R2,500 in 2015. The special levy is required in order to cover the difference between the current replacement reserve and the cost of the refurbishment. The board decided to split the special levy over a two year period to relieve the members of the financial burden of a once off special levy of R5, 000.

What is the normal annual levy for 2014? The annual levy is payable as per the use agreement, with the timing detailed on the levy statement. Approx. 2014 Annual Levy: R1,495 (incl. VAT) – Double Room – a proposed 5% increase R1,850 (Incl. VAT) – Family Room – a proposed 5% increase

When will the special levy be raised? The proposed special levy for 2014 + 2015 is as follows R2,500 (incl. VAT) – Double Room for 2014 & 2015 R3,085 (incl. VAT) – Family Room for 2014 & 2015 The special levy will be raised in two instalments during 2014 & 2015. The first special levy of R2,500 & R3,085 (Incl. VAT) *respectively for double and family rooms. will be raised 01 January 2014. Please note that it is in addition to the normal annual levy. This will be payable over a six (6) month period and needs to be fully settled by 30 June 2014. The second special levy of R2,500 & R3,085 (Incl. VAT) *respectively for double and family rooms. will be raised on 01 January 2015. Please note that it is in addition to the normal annual levy. This will be payable over a six (6) month period and needs to be fully settled by 30 June 2015.

Will a special levy be raised? The special levy needs to be agreed at the AGM on Wednesday 18th September 2013 to go ahead with the proposal to renovate the hotel would also include the need to raise a special levy. The Board of Directors agreed in principle to the special levy as outlined, and the proposal will be tabled at this year’s AGM.

Why is the resort being refurbished? Your timeshare is a lifetime asset that has to be well maintained to keep its value high. The purpose of the refurbishment is two fold. Firstly, it is to bring the interior finishes into line with contemporary standards of a new destination and restyle the units in a modern design. Secondly, as with any seaside retreat, the resort’s infrastructure and façade is exposed to the continuous strain of general wear and tear. These factors make it necessary for us to conduct periodic repairs and upgrades. In this regard, we are undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of the electrical & plumbing reticulation, roof and telephone systems to ensure excellent performance and our full compliance with national regulations. As you know, a stand-by electricity generator has already been installed.

What is the refurbishment plan? Phase 1 - to commence on the Monday 23rd September 2013 and be completed by Sunday 8th December 2013. Phase 2 – to commence after the July school holidays in late July 2014 and be completed prior to the Spring School Holidays in September 2014. Phase 3 – to commence after the July school holidays in late July 2014 and be completed prior to the Spring School Holidays in September 2014.

General Notes Kindly note the following: • Full and final special levy payments must be made by 30th June 2014 & 2015 respectively. Occupation will have to be denied if the special levy is outstanding thereafter. • The special levy has to be paid in full prior to transfer taking place to a new owner.

Where should payments be made? • The annual and special levy may be paid at: • Via credit card (see the back of your levy statement) • Directly into the Blue Marlin Share Block Levy account at: FNB Current Account Branch - Scottburgh Blue Marlin Hotel Share Block Limited Account No. 53640021192 For queries, please contact either Mellini or Malthee at the Hotel on 039 978 3361 or email


Blue Marlin Refurbishment Brochure  
Blue Marlin Refurbishment Brochure