Well Home Q1 2019 Vol 1 No 1

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Homes are the heart of our world and everything else connects to them. To be well, we need a well home PHOTO: JACK EMMERSON


e all want what’s best for the health and wellbeing of our loved ones and ourselves, but although we know more about the science of health and wellbeing than ever before, the challenge of staying well seems to grow more complex with every passing year. What does it take to live a well life? For sure, we can go to a spa or the gym – and grab a green smoothie on the way home – and these are all important boosts to our wellbeing, but it’s what we do every day which really underpins our vitality: self care is something we need to be mindful of all the time, not just on special occasions or when we can schedule it in. Rather than being something we do in between the unhealthy stuff as a kind of antidote, a preventative lifestyle needs to be built in to our lives, so we can make good choices effortlessly. And because our homes are the heart of our world and everything connects to them, in order to be well, we really need a home which is set up for this purpose. So what’s Well Home all about? Why have we decided to launch a global ‘prosumer’ magazine and website to focus on wellbeing in the home? Our purpose is clear – it’s to share inspiration and knowledge, it’s about empowerment. We sense a movement growing as people begin to realise the joy of living a joined-up life where the important things are in harmony. A life where our wellbeing is underpinned by the way we live and the simple things we do on a day to day basis.

Everyone’s definition of a well home is personal

This first issue of Well Home is a self-funded passion project from the team at Leisure Media and we’re interested to know what you think. Is it useful? Should we do another one? Do you think home wellness is becoming a market, as we do? We’re looking for partners to help us with distribution to wellness consumers around the world – ideally via spas, wellness resorts and hotels, so if you’d like to get Well Home for your guests, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for investors to work with us to get the show on the road and for advertisers who want to reach wellness consumers to grow their business. We’re also gathering content for the next issue (because we very much hope there’ll be one). So if you’d like to get involved, then please get in touch and we’ll see where this adventure leads us. Liz Terry, editor, Well Home lizterry@wellhomeglobal.com


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