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The home of mountain biking One of the fastest growing sports in Scotland, mountain biking is creating a massive buzz. Now a number of stakeholders, including the Scottish government, have got behind the sport with the intention of making the country the European mountain bike capital. Kath Hudson reports


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e-bike market alone having the potential to be worth $25bn.

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The Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland Launched in 2014, the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland is a joint initiative headed by Edinburgh Napier University and Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, with project partner, Scottish Enterprise. A world first, the centre is helping to bring Scottish mountain biking products and services to an international audience. It provides businesses with a range of services, including market research, business development, knowledge transfer, concept and product testing, demonstration days and product launches.

It is estimated that mountain biking in Scotland could be worth £158m by 2025


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So far it has worked with 250 Scottish businesses, helping them to create innovative cycling products and services. Aggregated annual turnover by these companies has increased by £13.5m and products worth more than £16m to the Scottish economy have been created. Under plans outlined in the strategy, this centre will be extended into an innovation district.