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Coach Cycle puts coaching in your hands – the coaches will come to you, to fit in with your life, rather than you having to be somewhere at a certain time Roger Black, double Olympic medallist and co-founder of Coach Cycle A team of entrepreneurs – including double Olympic medallist Roger Black – has launched a new online service that will help connect members of the public with sports coaches. Called Coach Cycle, the new service will aim to make sports coaching more accessible by offering an online database of coaches across 30 different sports.

really puts coaching in your hands. The

seven years old, I signed a pair of running

coaches will come to you, to fit in with

spikes for him! So there was a personal

your life, rather than you having to go

connection there.

somewhere at a certain time. It will be particularly useful for

athlete but, after hearing his concept,

those who want to try a sport, but

I became interested – partly as I could

might be intimidated by facing a club

see the benefits of the service from a

environment for the first time.

parent’s perspective.

How did the idea come about?

time Ryan contacted me, we’d been trying

It was (co-founder) Ryan McCarthy’s idea

out table tennis. I wanted to get a table

and he’s the main person behind the

tennis coach to pop in and offer the twins

venture. As a coach, he realised that you

the occasional one-on-one session.

I have 12-year-old twin boys and at the

Roger Black won two silver medals at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

He wanted my opinion as a former

What is Coach Cycle?

live on your reputation – and most of that

We describe it as the ‘Uber for sports

comes through word of mouth.

What I discovered was that the only way to get some coaching was to contact a local club and then attend whichever

coaches’. Coach Cycle will offer an online

He wanted coaches to become more

database of coaches. People will be able

accessible. His idea was that if someone,

night they had training on – so you

to search for coaches and coaching

whether an individual or a team, wanted a

wouldn’t have a choice regarding timing

businesses via a map directory, while

coach, they should be able to just go online

or place. So from a parent point of view I

coaches can upload their certificates

and find one near them. As that service

saw that there was a problem that Coach

and experience onto a public profile,

didn’t exist, he decided to create it.

Cycle might be able to solve.

How did you get involved?

in Coach Cycle is that it can give

to go to find a sports coach, other than

Ryan came to me for a bit of advice. He

opportunities to retiring athletes. I was

contacting local sports clubs. Coach Cycle

lives locally and apparently when he was

very fortunate myself, because when I

Another aspect that got me interested

advertising their services in their area. There currently isn’t any obvious place


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