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ac t i v e li v e s 2019

How active is england? Sport England recently published the latest official statistics from the Active Lives Survey, providing a comprehensive snapshot of England’s sport and physical activity habits, based on a sample of almost 180,000 respondents. The survey results show that activity levels across the country are rising, with nearly half a million more people doing at least 150 minutes of activity a week, compared to 12 months ago. This means 62.6 per cent of the adult population is now active. © shut terstock/djile

Traditional sports, however, remain unchanged in terms of participation, with cycling and football even seeing their numbers decline. Sports Management takes a look at the key findings.

What a difference a year makes

28.2 million or 62.2% of the adult population are now doing 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week – this is 498,100 more

An additional 286,000

people than the previous year

55-74 year olds and 35% of those age 75+

active for 150

women are getting

minutes or more a week

More older people were active – up to 59% of

185,000 fewer people are doing less than 30 minutes a week compared to the previous year

133,200 more

The gender gap between men and women

first increase since the 2012

has narrowed by over


disabled people and people

with long-term health conditions are active, the

Olympics and Paralympic Games. Gym sessions were the biggest growth factor here


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