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international news FC Barcelona make headway in bid to build stadium district FC Barcelona’s ambitious plan

dream” – a place they can call

to create a vibrant district

their own which will increase

dedicated to the club and its

the club’s engagement with

brand around a redeveloped

fans, its revenue and the value

Camp Nou stadium has been

of its assets, boost sponsorship,

given the provisional green

improve conditions for its

light by the city council.

athletes, achieve environmental sustainability and generate

An agreement between the

activity 365 days a year.

club and the city was reached

The club’s commissioner for

on 12 April, paving the way for a Modification to the General Metropolitan Plan (MPGM),

the project, Jordi Moix, said:

FC Barcelona plans to create a vibrant district

“This district will be an open space for everyone. We want

which would allow the creation of Espai Barça, or ‘Barça Space’. The district will be a

facilities and the club’s museum

boulevard for all things Barça.

and megastore. Hotels may

Blending into the districts

also feature in the future.

Ramon, it will integrate with

neighbourhood. Espai Barça

of restaurants, cafés, sports

pedestrianised and landscaped

of La Maternitat and Sant

to liberate this space for the

the city 24/7: a neighbourhood

The club hopes the result

Espai Barça won’t be like an amusement park, it will have no fences Jordi Moix

will be “every Barça fan’s

won’t be like an amusement park where you have to pay to enter. We’re a social club and we’re part of this city.” More: http://lei.sr?a=n3v6J_P

Maria Sharapova and Dan Meis join forces for design venture Tennis star Maria Sharapova has joined forces with US sports architect Dan Meis to start a new design venture creating “inspirational” health, fitness, sporting and wellness facilities for the hospitality sector.

Sports architects don’t always think about the players’ perspectives of the venues Dan Meis

Inspired, in part, by hotelier Ian Schrager’s boutique hotel

individual hotel fitness rooms

revolution, the pair are already

and spas focused on well-being

in talks to create branded

and recovery from injury.

experience-led training venues

“The concept all goes

for hotels, resorts and sports

back to an idea I had a few

clubs that will help budding

years ago,” Meis told Sports

and professional athletes reach

Management. “And that is that

their peak performance.

while sports architects are

They will provide design

really good at thinking about

Meis praised Sharapova for her sense of design and ideas

“I was following Maria on

Meis added the pair

services, operational consulta-

how sports venues affect the

social media and I saw she had a

hope to have “one or two”

tion and licensing advice for a

fan experience, we don’t always

really strong sense of design and

projects underway by

wide range of facilities – from

think a lot about the players’

ideas about architecture – so

the end of this year.

large-scale tennis resorts to

perspectives on the venues.

I reached out to collaborate.”

More: http://lei.sr?a=F9G8g_P


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