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100 million viewers worldwide watched England win the Women’s Cricket World Cup

How can we aid the rise of professional women’s sport? Despite strides being taken, media coverage, sponsorship, prize money and pay for women’s sport still lag behind those of the men. What can we do to change this? Kath Hudson rounds up opinions from the sporting world


his year there have

the ground running and the

been some heartening

Norwegian Football Association

developments for

has recently announced a

British women in

financial package for next

male-dominated sports.

year that will see the women’s

The England rugby

national team paid the same

team made it to the semi-finals

amount as its male counterpart,

of the World Cup; the cricketers

with the men agreeing to take a

won the World Cup, selling out

pay cut to allow the restructure.

Lord’s in the process, and Johanna

The situation experienced by elite athletes is mirrored throughout every layer of

The prize money for the men’s FIFA World Cup was £22m, compared to £630,000 for the women’s competition

sport. Only 24 per cent of those directing elite sport programmes and only 17 per cent of coaches are female. Half of the UK’s governing bodies are still failing to meet the target of 30 per cent

Despite this, there is still a way

all its players equally, it’s the only

women on their boards and 1.6

Konta became the first British

to go until equality is reached. The

Grand Slam to do so. Meanwhile,

million more men than women

woman since 1978 to reach the

prize money for the men’s FIFA

the British women’s bobsleigh

play sport in England each week.

Wimbledon semi-finals.

World Cup was £22m, compared

team has been stripped of funding

to £630,000 for the women’s, and

by its national governing body

professional women’s sport up to

although Wimbledon now pays

ahead of the Winter Olympics.

the same level as men’s sport?

Overseas, the new women’s Australian Football League hit



So, what can be done to bring


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Sports Management issue 134  

Sports Management issue 134