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TMC launches learn to earn scheme


Membership-based massage franchise The Massage Company (TMC) has opened a new academy to set up its own certified, internationallyrecognised training scheme. The launch was motivated by a shortage in UK therapist talent and a recent surge in consumer demand for massage therapy. training course and complete a Diploma in Massage Therapy from the international Think Tree Hub. At the end of the course, every successful graduate will head into a job at one of TMC’s centres.


Shutterstock/NDAB Creativity

Students will enrol on a six-week

■■ Every graduate will head into a job with TMC

Charlie Thompson, TMC founder and managing director spoke exclusively

to find a good practical hands-on course,

to Spa Business about the launch.

and there’s no guarantee of a job at the

“In order to fulfil our vision to bring

end of the training, so we’re fixing this.

regular high-quality massage to the

“Our structured pathway to employment

mainstream, and grow the size of the massage therapy market, greater

will take our students right into guaranteed

training provision is required.

jobs within any of our centres,” he said.

“Quite simply, in many locations it’s hard

Bortolin champions food wellness tourism



COMO Shambhala to debut in France in late 2022 Como Group is curating a retreat in Burgundy


photo: Kamil Macniak

Patrizia Bortolin joins World Food Tourism Association

Charlie Thompson





Greater training provision is required


How spas can make the most out of Valentine's Day Verena Lasvigne shares expert insight and top tips


spa business people Patrizia Bortolin joins WFTA to champion wellness food tourism


he World Food

Bortolin’s new role includes

Travel Association

serving as a liaison both

(WFTA) has named

between the WFTA and the

Preidlhof’s spa director and

hospitality and wellness

transformational wellness

industry on a global level.

coach Patrizia Bortolin

This will involve identifying

its global co-ambassador

and supporting gastronomy

for wellness tourism.

tourism development

Launched in 2001,

projects that integrate wellness, as well as ways

organisation with a mission

for the WFTA to assist with


the WFTA is a non-profit to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism. Bortolin is keen to raise

■■ Bortolin is spa director at Preidlhof in South Tyrol, Italy

the development of those programmes, certifications and new projects. Bortolin will also share

greater awareness about the

information and insights

So much creativity and so many health benefits can be released through cooking and tasting food more mindfully

benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle, its food and culture, the joy of cooking and eating more mindfully.

relating to wellness food tourism and culinary culture with the association, as well as hold informative

experts and F&B departments,

way, while also expanding

invest in cross-functional

and to use the art of eating

new skills and motivation

with professionals.

training between wellness

to get healthier in a happier

for everyone,” she says.


“It’s time for hotels to

seminars or training webinars

Sensei expands leadership team in preparation for new retreat opening 2022, reveals Kevin Kelly


ensei, the wellness brand owned by tech billionaire Larry Ellison,

It was crucial to us to find talent that complements our property leadership teams

photo: SENSEI

has appointed Annika Jackson this year, it was crucial to us

Michael Conte as retreat

to find talented people who

be the brand’s first standalone

director of the brand’s

complement our property

retreat and sit nestled against

upcoming second outpost

leadership teams,” said

the Santa Rosa mountains in

Sensei Porcupine Creek.

Kevin Kelly, CEO of Sensei.

Rancho Mirage, California.

Sensei has also appointed

■■ Kevin Kelly, industry figure and CEO of Sensei

Alongside 22 rooms,

“Annika, Michael and

Catherine Phillips as retreat

Catherine provide a fresh

the retreat will feature

director at Sensei Lanai, A

perspective, as well as years

a diagnostic centre, spa

Four Seasons Resort, the

of relevant professional

gardens, yoga and fitness

brand’s first destination.

experience, knowledge

pavilions, a swimming

and passion for health

pool, golf course and

“As Sensei expands with


Sensei Porcupine Creek will

as general manager and

the upcoming opening of

and wellness that align

tennis facilities.

Sensei Porcupine Creek later

with our brand ethos.”


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spa business insider Contents issue 389 02

Sensei appointments


Rosewood retreats

Sensei consolidates leadership team with new appointments ahead of second location opening in 2022

Rosewood rolls out of Alchemy of Sleep retreats worldwide

Scandic eco hotel and spa


Scandic Hotels will open a climate-neutral hotel and sea view spa in Sweden in 2024


■■ Anne Biging, co-founder of the Healng Summit

The Healing Summit 2022 will be like no other. The format will be refreshed, renewed and open to all

Anne Biging: Healing Summit will take place in September


nnual industry event

hospitality, mission-oriented

The Healing Summit has

organisations and travel will

been rescheduled from

join delegates at the summit.

May to 3-4 September 2022. As in previous years,

The event is co-founded by Anne Biging, Elisabeth Ixmeier

the conference will be held

and Claudia Roth and has

at Pine Cliffs Resort in

been hosted since 2014.

Albufeira, Portugal, but this

our global delegates who may

capped at 130 delegates.

not be able to travel due to the pandemic. With the new date,

initiative of the Healing

we can all be there, and we can

Hotels of the World and

plan within a much safer and

brings together like-minded

less stressful environment.

individuals who are drawn to

“The 2022 summit

collaborate, raise awareness

will be like no other. The

and inspire change.

format will be refreshed,

Socially conscious speakers

renewed and open for all

from the fields of investment,

to actively participate.”

science, healing modalities,


sBinsider Issue 389

Four hours exercise a week can slow down the development of Parkinson's

Spa Business insights


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Auberge Mayan sanctuary


Latest supplier news

Industry consultant, Verena Lasvigne, advises spas on how to make the most of Valentine’s Day

Auberge Resorts has opened a beachfront Mayan wellness sanctuary on the Riviera Maya

The latest in products and innovation from OTO CBD, Voya, BC Softwear, Kemitron and Comfort Zone

Biging said: “We’re aware of

year attendance is being The summit is an

Parkinson's research

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spa business news PROGRAMMING

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

offerings of each property are

has launched a global sleep

inspired by its destination,

retreat collection designed

the Alchemy of Sleep retreats

to promote rest through

each have a unique twist

sleep-inducing treatments,

to reflect and embrace

movement-driven activities

local wellness customs

and special amenities.

and natural surroundings.

Taking a holistic approach

Guests can opt for a

to sleep, the Alchemy of

one-night Dreamscape or

Sleep retreats address a

extend from two to five nights

variety of practices to ensure

for a Sleep Transformation.

each guest finds skills to

Shutterstock/Billion Photos

Rosewood rolls out Alchemy of Sleep retreats

“Taking time for true rest

incorporate into their everyday

and reset is essential for

lives and improve their rest.

ensuring good health at every

The programmes include

level,” commented Emmanuel

■■ Each retreat has a unique twist based on its location

a mix of treatments,

Arroyo, regional director of

which will have a greater impact

consultations and classes

wellness at Rosewood.

on their overall wellbeing.”

focused on sleep, nutrition,

“We designed our Alchemy

Alchemy of Sleep retreats

movement, aromatherapy

of Sleep experiences to

are available at 20 Rosewood

and mindfulness.

provide guests with the

properties around the

tools they need for slowing

world from January till the

A Sense of Place philosophy,

down and establishing

end of March 2022.

wherein the identity and

lasting sleep hygiene habits,


In keeping with Rosewood’s

Taking time for true rest is essential for ensuring good health at every level Emmanuel Arroyo


Hotel operator Scandic Hotels photo: scandic hotels

has announced plans to create a climate-neutral hotel in the northern Swedish city of Sundsvall in 2024. The new 210-room property – called

■■ The hotel will run on renewable electricity

Scandic Sundsvall Central – will be

The hotel will be a modern and attractive meeting place Peter Jangbratt



Climate-neutral hotel with sea view spa to open in Sweden

located in the city’s downtown harbour

“Scandic’s new hotel in Sundsvall will

area and be home to a luxury spa and

be a modern and attractive meeting place

wellness facility featuring sweeping

ideally located in an exciting area where

views of the Bothnian Sea.

we can see a growing demand for hotel

The building’s frame, facade and interior will be made of wood. Plus, the hotel will operate with rooftop solar

accommodations,” said Peter Jangbratt, head of Scandic Hotels Sweden. Scandic already operates two hotels

panels and run on renewable electricity

in Sundsvall, with a total of 312 rooms.

generated through hydropower.


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sBinsider Issue 389

spa business news

spa business insider


MEET the team

Como Shambhala to debut in France The Como Group has

For email use:

Established in 1997 by Christina Ong, Como

first luxury boutique hotel

Shambhala is the wellness


announced plans to open its in France in the famous wine region of Burgundy. Como Le Montrachet will open in phases, with

Olivier Jolivet, Como CEO,

completion in late 2022.

of Como Metropolitan Miami

The hotel’s gradual opening

Spa Business editor

Katie Barnes +44 (0)1462 471925

Beach, this announcement

will see the launch of one

wellbeing retreats.

+44 (0)1462 431385

founded by Ong. said: “With the recent sale

inspired Como Shambhala

Liz Terry

Hotels and Resorts – also

stage one scheduled for

of Como's signature Asian-

Editorial director

brand of hotel group Como

underlines our strategy to

We'll also add a luxury resort in the South Pacific

The wellness destination

Oliver Jolivet

will be the first-of-its-

develop pioneering properties


in new destinations. We’ll

Astrid Ros

also add a new luxury

+44 (0)1462 471911

resort in the South Pacific to the portfolio in 2022.” More:

kind in France.

Head of news

Tom Walker +44 (0)1462 431385

EXPANSION Assistant editor

IHG creating tropical wellness retreat in Vietnam for Regent

Megan Whitby +44 (0)1462 471906 photo: regent Phu Quoc

IHG Hotels & Resorts is set to launch the first resort from its recently acquired luxury brand, South East Asia in Q1 2022. – named Spa at Regent Phu

vibrational therapy facilitated

off Vietnam’s southwest coast,

Quoc – offering a range of

by Gharieni Group’s Welnamis

Regent Phu Quoc will feature

contemporary and traditional

System concept bed. Gharieni

176 suites and 126 villas,

wellness treatments supplied

is also supplying its MLX

set against the waterfront

by Biologique Recherche.

Quartz treatment tables for

backdrop of Long Beach.

Guests will have access to personalised wellness

IHG announced the

Egyptian-inspired hot sand therapy experiences.

acquisition of a majority stake

itineraries guided by a

in Regent Hotels & Resorts

resident holistic wellness

also be catered for with a

back in March 2018. Since

coach, as well as nail

health club featuring a reset

then, it has relaunched the

services at a Pedi:Mani:Cure

meditation studio, fitness

brand by evolving it to appeal

salon, created by podiatrist

centre and rooftop yoga

to the modern luxury traveller.

Bastien Gonzalez.

pavilions to enable guests

The upcoming resort will be home to a wellness facility sBinsider Issue 389

Tim Nash +44 (0)1462 471917

■■ Guests will have personalised wellness itineraries

Regent Hotels & Resorts, in Situated on a tropical island

Head of digital

Holistic wellness programmes will include

©Cybertrek Ltd 2022

Fitness enthusiasts will

to recharge and rejuvenate. More:

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spa business news ORGANISATIONS

WTA appoints new ambassadors The Wellness Tourism

they'll help us in supporting

Association (WTA), is

our mission of bringing

anniversary by striking up a partnership with World Wellness Weekend (WWW) – a global wellness event created to help people adopt healthier lifestyles.


celebrating its fourth

standards, definitions and clarity to this growing segment of the tourism industry,” says Anne Dimon, WTA co-founder and president/CEO. WWW founder Jean-Guy de Gabriac adds: “After two

The partnership will see

extremely challenging years,

select WWW ambassadors,

accessible and sustainable

from around the world, become WTA ambassadors. “The WWW ambassadors have demonstrated such passion and enthusiasm for the WWW cause that we know

Parker Spa™ Trolley

Accessible and sustainable wellness travel is now on everybody’s mind Jean-Guy de Gabriac

wellness travel is now on everybody’s mind, whether locally with revitalising staycations or internationally with immersive retreats.” More:

Four hours exercise a week can slow down Parkinson's People with early-stage Parkinson’s should do regular exercise to slow down the



■■ The finding comes from a six-year study

progression of the disease. The finding comes from a six-year study that followed

exercise a week, such as walking

or twice a week – increased

237 people who were

or dancing had a slower decline

from an average score of

developing Parkinson’s.

in balancing and walking five

1.4 to 3.7 over six years.

The participants had an

years later, compared to those who were physically inactive.

average age of 63. Their exercise levels at the start

Researchers used a common

Those who got aboveaverage levels of moderate to vigorous exercise increased

of the study were determined

test to rate each person’s

from a score of 1.4 to

using a questionnaire, while

Parkinson’s symptoms on

3.0 during that time.

their verbal and memory

a scale of zero to four, with

skills – and how much time

higher scores indicating

found that people’s physical

it took to complete mental

more severe impairment.

activity level at the start of

tasks – was assessed using common cognitive tests. People who got at least four hours of moderate-to-vigorous sBinsider Issue 389

People who got below-

Crucially, researchers

the study was not associated

average levels of moderate

with the progression of

to vigorous exercise – or less

their Parkinson’s later on.

than one to two hours, once


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Fully-functional aesthetics workstation that neatly houses: Silhouet-Tone® steamer Daylight Lamps® full-spectrum mag lamp tempered glass work surface soft close drawers surge-protected power strip soft rolling casters

Spa Business insights

Spread the love Industry consultant Verena Lasvigne advises spa operators on making the most out of Valentine’s Day


■■ Verena Lasvigne has spent 15 years in the spa and wellness industry

alentine's Day should be a success both in terms of guest experience and securing your spa’s top and bottom line,” says Verena Lasvigne, consultant and seasoned spa director.

speaking exclusively to Spa Business,

Lasvigne explained that Valentine’s Day holds significant opportunities for increased revenue, exposure and footfall for spa businesses. “In many spas, Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year,” she says, “and since it gets so much attention, it’s crucial to plan how to get the maximum out of it. “By that, I don’t just mean 14 February, but also anticipating how it can help bring in more business in the months ahead. “I’ve come across so many spas


over the years which are fully booked for Valentine's Day as of mid-January but then neglected to plan how to take advantage of this special day beyond having a busy schedule.” In Lasvigne's opinion, the business

Many spas neglect to plan how to take advantage of this special day, beyond having a busy schedule 8 26

potential of Valentine's Day’s extends well beyond mid-February. To provide inspiration, the industry veteran has rounded up her top tips for optimising profitability in spas on Valentine's Day and beyond... ©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2022 Ltd sBinsider 2022 Issue 389

■■ Lasvigne says the impact of Valentine’s Day extends well beyond mid-February


Since Valentine's Day gets so much attention, it’s crucial to plan how to get the most out of it 1. Increase footfall

suites only for couples. Train your

into regular clients. For this, you

For spas that aren’t typically

reservation team in this approach.

need to spread some 'love'.

3. Booking strategies

coming in on Valentine's Day weekend.

If you have online booking availability,

This could be a rose, heart-shaped

adding an enhancement and a glass

add temporary blocks onto your

chocolates, a QR code to a love song

of sparkling wine to a massage and

schedule that only allow on-site

playlist, a love poem for couples or

giving it a romantic name. Only your

reservations to book. This means your

arranging bath salts in a heart shape.

creativity sets the limit. With that,

online booking reservations don’t get

your PR team can start planning

in the way of your goal: the perfect fill!

adapted according to your budget.

4. Capitalise on retail

6. Value in vouchers

Create a retail section with gift

Outline a strategy for promoting spa

ideas for the celebration of love.

gift cards and online gift certificates

busy and need business, put together an offer or package. It can be something as easy as

a schedule of promotions.

2. Yield management If your spa is already booked up for the day, don’t stop there! Take a

Make it Instagramable so the PR

strategic approach, such as offering

team can promote this aspect of

only 50-60 minute massages to get

your operation. Now is the time to

the perfect fill at the best yield.

start finding your bestsellers!

some spas don't offer their long-term romance packages of

5. Get creative

three hours or so on Valentine's

Wow your guests! Many new

Day weekend to maximise revenue.

ones may join you, so your team

Consider reserving your couple

has the opportunity to turn them

sBinsider Issue 389Issue ©Cybertrek 389 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2022 Ltd 2022

Add a little touch for all guests

Your creativity can be endless and

– the more you sell the busier your spa will be the following months. spas that are especially busy on Valentine's Day should focus even more on offering gift cards and certificates and less on what the spa has to offer for this day. Invest your time and energy into promoting the gift of wellness. ●

27 9

The Johnstown Estate Johnstownbridge, Ireland

Triple Detox Therapy



TECHNOLOGIES La Butte aux Bois Lanaken, Belgium


Mandarin Oriental Doha Qatar

Body Contouring Binaural Vibroacoustic Psammo Therapy Therapy Potent Anti-inflammatory

Potent Anti-inflammatory


Spa Business insights

investor GIM Desarrollos is the owner and developer of the 75-key resort

Authentic healing Auberge Resorts has opened a beachfront Mayan wellness sanctuary on the Riviera Maya


uberge Resorts Collection

The spa – named sana – is integrated

herbal steamroom, experience shower,

has opened a brand new

into the natural environment and

clay room, ice fountain and sound room,

oceanfront resort and

designed to mirror a sacred Mayan

as well as a thermal relaxation lounge,

spa destination in Kanai,

healing well, called a cenote. The facility

vitality pool, plunge pool and hot tubs.

Mexico, a region steeped in

features six single treatment rooms,

anicent Mayan folklore.

plus an additional couple’s suite, each

are invited to a cleansing ritual that

with a private garden and shower.

cycles through the above facilities to

etéreo Auberge Resorts

Collection is set among a protected

sana was developed with the help

Prior to every treatment, all clients

prepare them for their chosen therapy. “Guests journey through heat, water,

mangrove forest, along s stretch of the

of consultancy Mestre and Mestre

Caribbean sea and is home to an 11,386sq

spa and Wellness Consulting, while

sound, ice and rain and lather up with

ft spa retreat where the theme and

its essence, concept and experiences

a seasonal curation of Riviera Maya’s

treatment menus have been inspired by

were created in partnership with spa

unique healing ingredients, such as cacao

ancient Mayan mythology and guests can

consultant Vivianne Garcia-Tunon.

soap and Mayan honey clay,” explains

enjoy a wide range of healing treatments.

12 28

Auberge spa guests can dip into a

Rosalba Velazquez, director of wellbeing. ©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2022 Ltd sBinsider 2022 Issue 389


■■ Global real estate

■■ Etéreo celebrates the vibrancy of Mexican culture and its history of healing rituals

organic Circe Brujeria de Origen

sana’s wellbeing experiences

skincare products and Kypris facials.

focus on renewing self-connection

“One of our standout treatments is The

and righting imbalances through a combination of ancient Mayan healing practices and treatments based on emerging wellness trends. The menu ranges from Mayan clay wraps, crystal healing and sound baths to full moon ceremonies and scent blending. spa treatments incorporate

All guests at Sana journey through heat, water, sound, ice and rain

Healer,” says Velazquez. “This two-hour, three-part, subtle body purification ritual has been designed to restore physical, mental and emotional health. “The treatment is delivered using Mayan crystals, metal and vibration, while smudge smoke, local plants and herbs

organic custom-blended oils, butters,

are used for their uplifting properties. The

resins, healing stones and flowers.

Healer ends with a scalp, spine and reflex

Velazquez told Spa Business the

points massage using candle-warmed

spa is the first in the world to offer

organic coconut oil (oil of life).” ●

sBinsider Issue 389Issue ©Cybertrek 389 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2022 Ltd 2022

29 13




Profitez de la magie des fêtes de fin d’année pour créer des miracles. Déjouez les signes du te le Soin ou la Cure Orchidée Impériale Black.

Pour sublimer la peau et le visage, préserver leur jeunesse, Guerlain a mis au point un soin exc Le soin Orchidée Impériale Black associe la technologie BlackImmune™ à des gestuelles e de pointe : il agit ainsi sur la quasi-totalité des cellules participant au système de défense d Le teint retrouve son éclat, les contours du visage sont redéfinis et la peau est repulpée. On également à la Cure Orchidée Impériale Black qui offre, grâce à quatre séances d'une heure, une façon de faire peau neuve en sublimant son visage. Un incroyable secret de beauté signé Guerlai RKF Luxury Linen is a parter of choice for Guerlain and produces linens for the brand’s spas Soin Orchidée Impériale Black. 1h – 280€.

Cure Orchidée Impériale Black. 4 séances – 980€.


Simply bee-autiful


RKF has created a new line of exquisite Pour bee-embroidered linens for toute réservation d’une cure Orchidée Impériale Black, nous vous offrons un Face Sculpt de 1h, massage esthétique anti-âge idéal pour être rayonnante. Guerlain’s spas to celebrate its environmental and conservation work


uxury linen expert, RKF, is a partner of choice for many high-end brands, including Guerlain, one of the oldest and most prestigious French perfume, cosmetics and skincare houses in the world. A 10-year partnership between the two - XMAS21 - FR.indd 2 is based on RKF’s deepLeaflet understanding of Guerlain’s mission and the assurance that its bespoke, haute couture French linens are crafted from sustainable textiles and offer an exceptional sensory experience for Guerlain’s spa clients. Each piece of RKF’s customised linen for the fragrance house has now been embellished with a signature bee motif, skilfully embroidered using organic satin. This symbol signifies Guerlain’s commitment to sustainable product innovation, supporting biodiversity, creating a positive social impact and placing conservation at the heart of its work. “RKF and Guerlain share a commitment to sustainable luxury,” says CEO, Riadh Bouaziz. “It’s been an honour to work on the bee collection with Guerlain, so that the company’s values are represented in a very personal and tactile way to each and every spa client.”

14 82 issue 4 2021

Unique style xxxxxx adresse - Tel. : +33 (0)1 45 XX XX XX - Guerlain’s bespoke linen collection benefits * Offre valide du XX mois au XXXX. from RFK’s continued R&D into fabric technology and includes materials from its patented Dreamsoft and Timeless ranges. The light, double-sided Dreamsoft fabric has a silky surface with an alternate absorbent side, which is 60 per cent softer than standard terry towelling and reduces laundry time by 40 per cent, due to its lighter weight. RKF’s Timeless fabric took two years to develop and won gold in the A’Design Award & Competition ( for its design versatility, as well as its lighter weight and volume and extra absorption capacity, which is five times greater than classic terry towelling. RKF’s combination of luxury and household linen design and production sets it apart from other suppliers says Bouaziz: “The intrinsic qualities of our Timeless fabric not only provide more comfort, they also allow for lighter bathrobes which reduces laundry costs and enables the creation of new, haute couture garment designs. “We won the A’Design award for our use of an innovative fabric in the creation of an elegant ©Cybertrek Ltd 2022

sBinsider Issue 389

emps avec


ceptionnel. esthétiques de la peau. succombe e délicieuse in.

RKF has produced a new line of linens for Guerlain spas, with a delicate bee motif embroidered in organic silk

About: Guerlain for Bees The Guerlain for Bees Conservation Programme oversees several partnership and bee-focused initiatives. The programme includes a Women for Bees entrepreneurial beekeeping programme, in partnership with UNESCO, for example, while it’s also working to raise awareness among younger generations of biodiversity and bee preservation within its Bee School

– a volunteer programme for Guerlain employees. Guerlain is committed to sustainably sourcing its iconic ingredients, as well as using sustainable packaging, without compromising on quality, sensoriality and effectiveness. The company offers traceable and transparent information on all its products via its ‘Bee Respect’ platform and is aiming to reach net zero carbon by 2030.

bathrobe design,” he says. “This fabric enabled RKF’s designers to create a bathrobe that resembles a 28/10/2021 16:04:26 trench coat and is a fashion item in its own right.”

About RKF RKF is a French Maison with a timeless knowhow since 1834 that raises household linen to a form of Art. With innovation and fashion at the heart of its DNA, RKF designs, manufactures and supplies world class linen for luxury hotels, royal palaces, restaurants, the beauty and wellness industry, across 77 countries. The brand provides partners with bespoke, ecofriendly and operational solutions by developing patented and sustainable textile materials (15 brands and patents and 17 international awards). RKF is committed to bringing the future into focus with the highest standards of sensory experiences and is continuously striving to optimise linen management. The company is also on target to operate on a net zero carbon basis by 2025. More: sBinsider Issue 389

©Cybertrek Ltd 2022

RKF and Guerlain share a commitment to sustainable luxury Riadh Bouaziz, CEO, RKF 15 issue 4 2021 83

All the Features You Need to Manage Your Spa and Delight Your Customers Online Booking • Staff Scheduling • Integrated POS • CRM • And More

All the Features You Need to Manage Your Spa and Delight Your Customers Online Booking • Staff Scheduling • Integrated POS • CRM • And More

Learn why Bookerisisthe theleading leading spa software Learn why Booker spamanagement management software

SUPPLIER NEWS Suppliers tell Spa Business insider about their latest

For the latest supplier news and company information, visit

product, design and technology launches

photo: andresr/iStock

■■ Orvay created the training by drawing on his 20 years' industry experience which includes operating a day spa chain in Hong Kong

Evolution-U launches psychology-based spa business training to optimise profitability


usiness psychology training

■ Running a top-performing

company Evolution-U Spa

spa team – designed for

operations of my spas that

€687), covering one manager,

Academy has unveiled

spa managers (US$499,

there was a training gap, as

one receptionist and three

new online spa business

£367, €440).

although my team were well

therapist licenses. With

training blending core spa

■ How to be a top-earning

trained in treatment protocols

volume discounts, average

team skills with corporate-

spa therapist – designed

and retail product knowledge,

pricing can be as low as

level business psychology.

for spa therapists

they didn’t know how to sell

US$100 (£74, €88) per user.

(US$79, £58, €70).

themselves and build long

Neil Orvay – CEO of Hong

■ How to run a stand-out

term client relationships.

Kong day spa chain Sense of

spa reception – designed

Touch and 20-year spa industry

for spa receptionists

repository of best practises

it’s more important than

veteran – and delivers soft

(US$129, £95, €114).

where the information would

ever to bring people back

always be available so staff

together,” adds Orvay.

Evolution-U is helmed by

skills training to corporate clients and senior executives from an array of sectors.

“This training takes the

“I realised from the

“So, I wanted to have a

could review skills, managers

over the past two years so

“And to me, team training

could retrain teams and

and information sharing is a great way to do this.”

skills I teach to investment

new team members could

banks and MNCs, and applies

be brought up to speed.”

includes the following

them to the spa sector,”

The courses are sold as a

spa team training:

Orvay told Spa Business.

package deal with a minimum

sBinsider Issue 389

“All our teams have had such a challenging time

corporate level communication

on-demand course package

Evolution-U's new

purchase of US$779 (£573,

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SUPPLIER NEWS Oakworks creates removable one-piece spa tabletops manufacturer Oakworks has introduced a new



pa and wellness equipment

replaceable one-piece topper for its stationary massage tables. The new feature allows operators to easily replace massage table pads without tools when fabric or foam starts to show signs of wear, allowing photo: OAKWORKS

them to continue making use of the original solid table fitting. The tops are coated in medical grade ISO 10993

■■ Jessica Wadley, Oakworks' VP of integrative health and wellness

TerraTouch fabric designed to withstand harsh disinfectants

Business about the new launch:

to impair bodywork and

capital expenditure and more

and include a US-sourced, low

“This new technology has a

unsightly power cords

importantly the impact on

EMF heating element embedded

long lifespan and is easy to

are also eliminated.

the planet by eliminating

into the table’s Aerocel foam.

replace or repair in the future.

“Instead of ordering a

“Therapists love it because

new table after years of

Jessica Wadley, Oakworks’

waste in materials.”

VP of integrative health

there are no unsightly, bulky

use, the mattress top can

and wellness, spoke to Spa

external heating elements

beeasily replaced, saving

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Urb’n Nature unveils compostable amenity sachets brand owned by The Organic Spa Company,

has expanded its Zero Waste collection of sustainable

photo: URB'n NATURE

photo: URB'n nature


rb'n Nature, a skincare

hotel and spa amenities with new compostable and plastic-free sachets. After three years of development, the brand has

■■ Jörg Demuth, product development director

designed for liquid, cream or

make it possible for hotel

have the same durability as

and co-owner of Zero

dry hotel and spa amenities.

and spa guests to sample

conventional pure petroleum-

Waste by Urb’n Nature

The packaging is vegan,

products and amenities

based materials.”

non-GMO and will complete

while completely avoiding

the composting process in

plastic,” said Jörg Demuth,

is designed to help spas and

12 to 18 weeks following

product development

hotels reduce their carbon

disposal into organic waste.

director and co-owner of Zero

footprints and plastic waste.

“Our compostable sachets are the alternative to pure petroleum-based plastics and


■■ The sachets have launched after taking three years to develop

created single-portion sachets

Waste by Urb’n Nature. “These sachets contribute to the circular economy and

The Zero Waste collection

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WHERE PARTNERSHIPS BEGIN. Come together with more than 200 exhibitors who are expected to be on hand to share the most innovative products and services with a diverse group of motivated spa buyers from all sectors of the spa industry.


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Chania Chania (Crete) (Crete)

LasLas Vegas Vegas (USA) (USA)

Mougins Mougins (on(on thethe French French Riviera) Riviera)

(re)vitalizing (re)vitalizingthe thespa spaexperience experience Made Made of of sea,sea, Phytomer Phytomer cultivates cultivates its its revitalizing revitalizing benefits benefits forfor all all Made Made of of nature, nature, Phytomer Phytomer believes believes in in natural natural andand organic organic ingredients ingredients Made Made of of trust, trust, Phytomer Phytomer partners partners with with thethe toptop spas spas around around thethe world world Made Made of of quality, quality, Phytomer Phytomer provides provides safety, safety, beauty beauty andand wellness wellness to to thethe skin skin Made Made of of commitments, commitments, Phytomer Phytomer preserves preserves andand protects protects marine marine ecosystems ecosystems Made Made of of oneone belief, belief, Nature Nature is the is the new new luxury. luxury.

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. PHY . PHY TOMER TOMER . cOM . cOM www www

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