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Iconic Trellis Spa reopening Q2 2021

Located on 27 wooded acres in the heart of Houston, a focal point of the refreshed facility will be a brand new 6,500sq ft Soaking Pools and Garden area, conceptualised by award-winning design firm Blu Spas. New private cabanas will populate the pool area and be available to rent for parties of up to 10 for as little as three hours or the full day, each with a personal concierge service. Interior designer Kay Lang of Kay Lang


In early February 2021, the Trellis Spa at the Houstonian will reopen as a 26,500sq ft facility – making it the largest spa in Texas – following an extensive refresh project.

■■ The 21-treatment-room spa is being refreshed

and Associates is ensuring every inch of the spa has had a top-to-bottom refresh

offering healthy cuisine, a unique couples' suite, makeup studio and pedicure bar.

“Natural tones, stone textural elements, accent wood and glass will

Renae Cassam is continuing her role

reflect back to nature,” she explained.

as GM at Trellis Spa, which will reopen as

An additional 3,000sq ft of space

the first in America to feature Gharieni’s

is being incorporated into the existing

MLX i3 Dome and Cellis treatment tables.

Trellis Spa, including a new dining room

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New research into touch shares more

Kay Lang


How can spas serve those less comfortable with touch?



Opening date revealed for Aman New York Urban sanctuary will open with three-floor spa

Natural tones and textural elements will reflect back nature

Jean-Michel Gathy collaborates with GOCO


Collaboration creates new Four Seasons Bangkok spa


(re)uniting with what’s essential Made of sea, Phytomer cultivates its revitalizing benefits for all Made of nature, Phytomer believes in natural and organic ingredients Made of trust, Phytomer partners with the top spas around the world Made of quality, Phytomer provides safety, beauty and wellness to the skin Made of commitments, Phytomer preserves and protects marine ecosystems Made of one belief, Nature is the new luxury.

PHY TOMER, P R Ef E R RE d Pa R Tn E R O f s Pa s wO Rl dwi dE


spa people Ilana Alberico unveils new management technology which matches clients with therapists based on treatment needs


ellness tech platform,

but the demand is for

Spa Space, has

more personalisation,”

launched a turnkey

she concluded.

technology solution to

The software is in beta-

improve operating efficiencies

testing within the group’s

and increase guest and

14 hotel and resort spas in

therapist satisfaction.

the Southeast US, and early

The new patent-pending

results show that Spa Space

algorithm matches guest

has reduced fixed operating

preferences to therapists

expenses by 60 per cent.

best-suited to their

The platform was inspired

needs, who will then tailor

by Spa Space Chicago,

personalised treatment

which credits its success

plans for each client. Spa Space was created

to the personal relationship ■■ Ilana Alberico, ISM Spa and Spa Space co-founder

the guests have with its

by ISM Spa founders, Ilana

therapists and its elimination

The world is seeking the healing power of touch but the demand is for more personalisation

Alberico and Christina Stratton, and their partner Nathalie Malkoff.

of a static spa menu. Instead, Spa Space Chicago gives therapists

“The intent was to create

the freedom to create

a solution to address the

over the past 20 years as

customer, therapist, and

spa owners and operators,”

the world is seeking the

plans for their guests.

spa challenges we observed

explained Alberico.

healing power of touch

Read more online More: http://lei.sr/r6b7s_B

“Now more than ever,

personalised treatment

Dr Robert Hanea introduces Therme Group's partnership with Russell Partnership Collection


herme Group and strategic food, hospitality and tech consultancy,

The creation of Therme RPC is driven by the opportunity to transform people’s relationship with food

Russell Partnership Collection (RPC), have

nutritionists will develop a set

reconnect humans with nature

announced a new joint

of bespoke food guidelines

and put sustainable food at the

venture called Therme RPC.

for resorts, focused on

centre of human wellbeing.”

Therme RPC will deliver food and nutrition strategies across all Therme Group

■■ Dr Robert Hanea, Therme Group chair and CEO

RPC chair, professor David Russell, will lead the venture

Dr Robert Hanea, Therme

as CEO supported by a

Group chair and CEO, added:

team of operational experts,

including the £250m

“The creation of Therme RPC

nutritionists and psychologists.

(US$333m, €274.3m) Therme

is driven by the opportunity to

Manchester wellbeing resort,

transform people’s relationship

will also encourage

on track to open in 2023.

with food, nutrition and health.

sustainable behaviour

The new organisation’s


and bio-individuality.

wellbeing resorts worldwide,

team of registered


evidence-based nutrition

“Through this unique partnership we’ll help to

The business vision

changes to benefit mental, Read more online More: http://lei.sr/p9Z5q_B

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Spa insights


Supplier news

■■ Helena Grzesk, UKSA GM and UKSA chair Adam Chatterley

The pandemic catapulted us three years ahead of where we would've been in terms of government recognition

UKSA: 2020 has provided perfect platform for spa sector


K Spa Association

sector at government

(UKSA) GM, Helena

level and helped secure a

Grzesk, and chair, Adam

relationship for the long-term

Chatterley, believe 2020 has provided the prime opportunity for the spa industry.

Historic 17th-century monastery operating as wellness sanctuary for exhausted healthcare workers

Opening date revealed for Aman's urban New York sanctuary

Lynne McNees shares her reflections on 2020 and why she believes spa visits will become part of a broad approach to global wellbeing and GOCO Hospitality collaborates with Jean-Michel Gathy to create riverside urban wellness centre at Four Seasons Bangkok

The latest in products and innovation from TechnoAlpin, TyloHelo, Elements Boutique Spa, Thalion and Tara Spa Therapy

lobbying of the industry. “Now, we have a perfect platform to begin to showcase

“Due to COVID-19,

our industry's benefits

the spa and wider beauty

and show we’re a serious

industry was forced into the

professional sector.”

government’s spotlight.

Looking ahead, the duo

“But, while that landed us

advised spas to have a

with a host of challenges, it

people-focused culture.

served to catapult us about

“We have a perfect

three years ahead of where

opportunity to capitalise

we would’ve been in terms of

on wellness, sharing our

government recognition and

expertise to support guests

understanding of the sector.”

to improve their own health

As a result, both argue

and wellbeing, beginning

this has significantly

with our own people.”

raised awareness of the

More: http://lei.sr/H4p5N_B Read more online

sBinsider Issue 361

Ilana Alberico unveils new spa management technology which matches clients with therapists based on treatment needs

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spa & wellness news COMMUNITY

Monastery operating as wellness sanctuary At a time when healthcare

haven, where visitors are

workers and carers are under

offered massages, facials,

unimaginable stress, a cultural

holistic health consultations,

wellness retreat and spa in

daily mindful activities and

Quebec, Canada, is offering

private meditation and

them a much-needed time out.

movement sessions.

“Le Monastère des

In 2019, over 375

Augustines is driven by a

healthcare workers and health

social purpose to give back by

science students participated

offering respite to caregivers

in wellbeing activities and

and healthcare professionals,”

retreats at Le Monastère,

said Isabelle Duchesneau,

while over 200 caregivers took

executive director.

advantage of a discounted

Le Monastère occupies the former Hôtel-Dieu de

stay that offered respite.

■■ Le Monastère occupies a historic 17th-century monastery

In 2020, the destination

Québec monastery (1695-

created a discounted

1755), originally home to

Solidarity Package costing

the Augustinian Sisters

CA$99 per person per

who devoted their lives to

night, with an actual value

helping others in society.

of CA$250, to welcome

It features a five-treatment-

more caregivers and

Le Monastère des Augustines is driven by a social purpose

room spa, which Duchesneau

healthcare workers.

Isabelle Duchesneau

describes as a complete

Read more online More: http://lei.sr/B8X9h_B

How can spas serve those less comfortable with touch? In a COVID-19 era, human touch and physical connection are being restricted like never before, but results from the world’s largest global touch study show 54 per cent of



■■ The study involved nearly 40,000 participants

people felt they experienced too little touch, even before the pandemic. Developed by researchers at Goldsmiths University of London,

This research informs industries where touch plays a key role Michael Banissy



gender, and attachment style – in short a one-size-fits-all did not explain the data. “This is important for industries

The Touch Test explored the impact

where touch plays a key role,” he said

of different factors on touch.

“because it highlights the importance of

Lead researcher, Michael Banissy,

understanding how individual differences

explained what the results show for spas:

may influence likelihood to engage and

“Our survey found important individual

outcomes of tactile-based treatments.”

differences linked to personality, age,

More: http://lei.sr/S5z3C_B Read more online

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spa & wellness news

spa business insider MEET the team


Raffles announces Russian debut

For email use: fullname@leisuremedia.com

Accor and Kievskaya

with a traditional Russian

Ploshchad Group of

sauna – called a banya – as

Companies have announced

well as multiple thermal

Editorial director

the upcoming opening of a

zones, a fitness centre

Liz Terry

luxury Raffles-branded hotel in

and swimming pool.

+44 (0)1462 431385

the very heart of Moscow, with views of the iconic Kremlin. Situated at the centre of a historical district, the hotel will open in the second half

British design studio Winch has developed the design of the hotel in collaboration with

Spa Business editor

Accor’s luxury design team.

Katie Barnes

of 2022 and will become the

CEO of Accor, said the group

first Raffles hotel in Russia.

is “looking forward to bringing

The 153-key destination

+44 (0)1462 471925

Sébastien Bazin, chair and

this new jewel to life”.


Read more online More: http://lei.sr/u2d2F_B

will feature a luxury spa

Astrid Ros +44 (0)1462 471911


Head of news

Tom Walker +44 (0)1462 431385

Assistant editor

Megan Whitby +44 (0)1462 471906


Tim Nash

■■ The new menu spans traditional Hawaiian healing modalities

+44 (0)1462 471917

Hāna-Maui debuts new spa menu Following its transition to the

Guests are also being

Hyatt brand under Destination

offered new facials,

Hotels, Hana-Maui Resort

scrubs and wraps, using

in Hawaii has debuted a

locally-sourced ingredients

refreshed wellness menu.

from the jungle.

The reimagined spa menu

The new menu has been

spans indigenous healing

devised to let guests truly

techniques such as a

immerse themselves in

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage,

traditional Hawaiian healing

blending massage techniques

modalities and relax and

and rhythmic motions with

rejuvenate in a tranquil

a spiritual component to

tropical setting at the

restore energy, plus a Pohaku

resort's ocean-view spa.

Wela Hot Stone Massage.

Read more online More: http://lei.sr/V7X7U_B

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spa & wellness news Programming

New Ayurgenomic retreats to debut in Goa Behind the project are

upcoming integrative wellness

Indian entrepreneur, Sachiin

destination in Northern Goa,

Joshi, chair of Viiking

is due to open in Q2 2021.

Ventures, which works across

Set along the shores of

various industries including

the Arabian Sea, the 17-suite

film production, fin-tech

luxury wellness clinic will

and charter aviation; Moss

offer programmes rooted in

Wellness, a leading spa

a delicate blend of evidence-

consultancy with experience

based, scientific research

developing international

and Ayurvedic medicine

five-star brands including

with an intricate blend of

Aman and Four Seasons;

evidence-based, scientific

and Rajiv Parekh, founder

research and Ayurvedic

of Red Architects.

medicine – described as an Ayurgenomic approach.


King's Mansion, the

■■ King's Mansion programming will blend Ayurveda and science

Moss Wellness co-founder, Nigel Franklyn, told Spa

Ranging from seven

insider the destination will

to 21 days in length, the

be one-of-a-kind and offer

programmes will hone in

“a homage to the heritage

on revitalisation, sports

of India and Ayurvedic

science and movement,

philosophy, juxtaposed with

medical aesthetics, weight

evidence-based science”.

management and detox.

Read more online More: http://lei.sr/H7h2P_B

The destination will be a homage to the heritage of India Nigel Franklyn

Zenoti secures unicorn status with US$160m in funding Cloud-based spa and salon software supplier Zenoti has secured US$160m (€131.6m, £119.2m) in funding from private equity firm Advent International. It's raised approximately US$250m



■■ Zenoti software is used in over 50 countries

(€205.7m, £186m) in funding since launching in 2010 and this latest

everything they do so they can focus

US$1bn unicorn valuation mark.

on their craft," Zenoti CEO, Sudheer

Zenoti's software is used by more

Our goal is to help spas streamline so they can focus on their craft Sudheer Koneru



"Our goal is to help spas streamline

investment has seen Zenoti reach the

than 12,000 businesses in 50-plus

Koneru, told Spa Business insider. “We're just about to launch

countries and well-known clients

smart scheduling algorithms which

include MGM Resorts and franchises

we've been beta testing and smart

Massage Heights and Hand &

inventory will follow in Q1.”

Stone Massage and Facial Spa.

Read more online More: http://lei.sr/Y3C7x_B

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spa & wellness news NEW OPENING

'RAKxa will improve guests' quality of life' RAKxa, a new integrative

wellness and traditional

wellness and medical

medicine to create

retreat has recently

personalised programmes

opened in Thailand.

for each and every guest.

Its differentiating factor

“The main health

is a world-class medical

concerns we expect to

centre, VitalLife Scientific

see will all be things many

Wellness Clinic, a subsidiary

people experience regularly

of Thailand’s renowned

and think nothing of, like

Bumrungrad International

headaches, insomnia or

Hospital, known for its

bloating,” he explained.

premium anti-ageing expertise.

VitalLife clinic, told Spa

We integrate scientific wellness and traditional medicine

Business insider that RAKxa

Narinthorn Surasinthorn

Dr Narinthorn Surasinthorn, medical director at RAKxa’s

“We’re going to help our guests relieve these unnecessary symptoms and ultimately have a better quality of life.” Read more online More: http://lei.sr/s4M8r_B

will “integrate scientific



Opening date revealed for Aman’s New York sanctuary Luxury hotel group Aman has announced that its highly anticipated New York ■■ The spa will cover three floors and span 2,300sq m

property will open in Q2 2021 in the heart of Manhattan. Aman New York will be

The spa will also include

housed in the 1921 Crown Building on Fifth Avenue

private facilities in the form

and 57th Street overlooking

of two Spa Houses, along

Central Park, and will

with a traditional Russian

include a three-storey,

banya, hammam, saunas,

2,300sq m Aman Spa.

ice fountains, sensory “We look forward to

spa will be open to guests,

absorbing the vibrant energy

residents and Aman Club

surrounded by fire pits and

We will infuse Aman New York with our unique formula

alcoves of double daybeds.

Vladislav Doronin

anchored by a dramatic indoor swimming pool

sBinsider Issue 361


showers and steamrooms.

A seven-treatment-suite

members and will be


©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

that is New York and infusing it with our own unique formula,” said Vladislav Doronin, Aman chair and CEO. Read more online More: http://lei.sr/t4b4K_B


spa & wellness news FItNESS

FitSpace opens at ESPA Life at Corinthia Boutique operator FitSpace

classes and workshops, the

has opened its second

programmes at FitSpace

studio in London, within

are highly personalised

the ESPA Life luxury spa

and also utilise body

at the Corinthia hotel.

composition testing.

Situated above the spa's

As well as personal

thermal floor, the new

training, FitSpace will offer

FitSpace studio – owned and

Pilates and reformer Pilates

operated by wellness group

and a team of nutritionists

SP&Co – will complement

and physiotherapists.

the spa’s wellness offering

FitSpace will work in

with personal training

partnership with ESPA

services and a range of

Life at Corinthia, which

Technogym equipment.

offers a holistic approach

FitSpace markets itself

to wellbeing with a choice

as having a “results-

of spa, complementary

driven ethos based on

alternative therapies and

a scientific approach”

beauty treatments.

and looks to deliver

The opening of the Corinthia

customers holistic health

studio follows the launch of

and fitness programmes.

FitSpace’s flagship studio in

Focusing on personal

Chelsea in February 2020.

training, small group

■■ FitSpace will focus on PT, small group classes and workshops

FitSpace has a resultsdriven ethos based on a scientific approach

Read more online More: http://lei.sr/3W4z2_B

new opening

£1.25m luxury destination spa to open in Snowdonia North Wales is set to get a wellbeing boost with the arrival of the Wave Garden Spa, a new £1.25m (€1.38m, US$1.68m) luxury destination spa, due to open on 26 March 2021.

■■ Architects Curveline Design created the spa

Located within the grounds of the Adventure Parc Snowdonia, the 650sq m

experiences supplied by Thalgo and

pool, steamroom, hammam and salt

local Welsh product house, Tribe517.

sauna, all of which will have views of the

The spa is the next step in our plans to become a wellbeing destination Andy Ainscough



The spa will offer wellness

spa will welcome visitors with a waterfall

surrounding mountains and forests. Outdoors, there will be a pool, relaxation pods and fire pits, plus

Announcing the spa, Adventure Parc Snowdonia’s MD, Andy Ainscough said: “The Wave Garden Spa is the exciting next step in our plans for Adventure Parc

a sensory spa garden, wooden

Snowdonia to be a wellbeing destination.”

barrel sauna and yoga studio.

Read more online More: http://lei.sr/G2n4D_B

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Bergamos Retreat Friendswood, Texas

La Butte aux Bois Lanaken, Belgium

SLEEP THERAPY Caesars JW Palace Bluewaters Marriott Miami Dubai, Turnberry Resort & UAE Spa USA

HYDROTHERAPY Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club Surfside, Florida

INFRARED THERAPY W Amman Hotel Jordan TREATMENT TABLES Mandarin Oriental, Doha Qatar




Spa Insights

A moment's reflection Lynne McNees shares ISPA's key takeways from 2020 and why she believes spa visits will become part of a broad approach to global wellbeing


t’s tempting to think that 2020 changed everything in the spa and wellness industry,” said Lynne McNees, president of the International spa Association (IsPA), “but in many ways, it also reaffirmed so much of the core of

what our industry is about.” Reflecting on 2020, she told Spa

Business insider that spas’ commitment to healing and wellness has become crucial to so many during a tough 2020, as the pandemic illustrated how essential spa treatments and services can be to global health and wellness. “Mindfulness, meditation, the importance and healing potential of human touch and the need to seek relief from stress – all of these were critical in the lives of so many people this year,” she explained. ■■ Lynne McNees has served as ISPA president for 23 years

The spa industry's collaborative spirit during the turmoil of the pandemic is inspiring

In 2021, as the industry’s recovery continues, McNees is optimistic that visiting spas will continue to be seen not as a luxury, but as a vital part of the global shift toward a broader approach to wellness.

Stronger together IsPA has been busy supporting the industry throughout 2020, having created a comprehensive reopening toolkit, conducting industry research and surveys, along with hosting

12 26


©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 sBinsider Ltd 2020 Issue Issue 361 361

■■ Spas will become part of a broad approach to global wellbeing


The pandemic has forced spas to innovate and react creatively to everything, ranging from treatments to new retail initiatives a plethora of virtual events to inspire and inform the industry. “From the beginning of the pandemic, we believed collaboration and a unified response to those challenges was key. “IsPA’s HQ team, board and

she illustrated her point by using

reduced, so many spas have developed

the example of the strengthening

new treatment types, new ways of

of relationships between spas and

reaching and staying connected with

resource partners throughout the year.

guests and new retail initiatives that

she said that because suppliers showed a willingness to help spas

will stick around going forward.”

numerous volunteer committees came

navigate things relating to products and

Recognising excellence

together quickly to establish priorities

services, close partnerships were forged

In 2021, IsPA will host its

and develop the resources we knew so

which will continue to bear fruit as spas

Innovate Awards to highlight the

many in our industry would need.”

recover from the pandemic.

remarkable amount of creativity and

Stronger together

A silver lining

For McNees, 2020 has reinforced

In McNees’ opinion, the global

that the spa industry is at its

crisis exemplified the industry’s

in four categories,” explained McNees,

stronger when it works together.

strength and adaptability.

"New Business Practices, spa and

adaptability the industry showed throughout the pandemic. “We’ll be recognising organisations

Resource Partner Partnerships,

“That collaborative spirit was

“The pandemic forced spas to

inspiring amid the turmoil of the

innovate and react creatively to

pandemic, and we can’t lose sight of the

everything, ranging from occupancy

value of working together as we move

restrictions to bans on indoor services

members is open for entries on IsPA’s

forward,” explained McNees.

to staffing overhauls.

website until 12 January 2021. One

“When we do that, the whole industry

“And even though some of the

Technology and Philanthropy.” The submission process for IsPA

organisation from each category will be

benefits and individual spas and

solutions to those challenges will likely

honoured at the 2021 IsPA Conference

vendors share in those benefits as well.”

disappear as the COVID-19 threat is

& expo in May.●

sBinsider Issue 361Issue ©Cybertrek 361 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd 2020


27 13

Spa Insights ■■ GOCO Hospitality has created a 2,500sq m wellness spa focused on mind, body and soul

Riverside wellness GOCO Hospitality collaborated with Jean-Michel Gathy to create riverside urban wellness centre at Four Seasons Bangkok PHOTO: COURTESY OF JEAN-MICHEL GATHY


14 28

he Four seasons Hotel Bangkok

celebrated architect, designer and

at Chao Phraya River opened

Denniston founder, Jean-Michel Gathy.

on 18 December, occupying

The urban wellness centre features an

a 200m (660ft) stretch

advanced beauty room, where science

alongside the river and inspired

and wellness are combined to create a

by Thai culture and the hotel's

range of advanced anti-ageing and body

riverfront location.

transformation treatments. Guests are offered a menu of

Wellness facilities

massages, wraps, scrubs, facials and

GOCO Hospitality has realised a

a selection of signature treatments

■■ Jean-Michel Gathy, architect,

2,500sq m wellness spa focused

including an Omorovicza Massage,

designer and founder of Denniston

on mind, body and soul at the new

LPG endermologie Face and Body

designed the new destination

destination, with interior design by

Contouring, and cupping treatments.


©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 sBinsider Ltd 2020 Issue Issue 361 361


■■ Gathy channelled the dynamic movements of the Chao Phraya river to inspire the urban resort's design

on the movement of the Chao

spread across two floors, the facility

Phraya river to inspire his vision.

includes nine treatment rooms – two of which are for couples, plus a VIP spa suite with thermal facilities and a private garden with bathing areas. separate-sex thermal facilities and relaxation spaces complete the mix, along with a mind and body studio, vitality pool, gym and hair salon.

Design Gathy oversaw design for the entire 299-key hotel, and drew sBinsider Issue 361Issue ©Cybertrek 361 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd 2020

The challenge that drew me to this extraordinary project was the chance to craft the ultimate urban resort experience

He worked to create a soothing and serene ambience, by incorporating natural elements like greenery and trees. “The core challenge that drew me to this extraordinary project was the chance to craft the ultimate urban resort experience ,” said Gathy, “and at the same time to create an incomparable city hotel that would not only complement but enhance its unique, riverside location.”● www.spabusiness.com

29 15




| Consultancy |

Realization | Turn Key | After Sales |




e Stand

The body achieves what the mind believes



SUPPLIER NEWS Suppliers tell Spa Business insider about their latest

For the latest supplier news and company information, visit


product, design and technology launches

■■  Swarovski is using the natural snowfall in its Chamber of Wonder which includes a Silent Light crystal tree

TechnoAlpin creates falling snow experience for Swarovski Crystal museum


nowmaking specialist

natural manner, enabling guests

TechnoAlpin has partnered

to experience real snow falling.

with Swarovski to create

Boontje says: “Snowfall adds another natural dimension to

“This installation is our first

this room. The dual approach

a 65sq m indoor snowfall

simulation of natural snowfall,

is really exciting: what is real

experience at Austria’s

a feat that took our engineers

versus what is an illusion of

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

two years to achieve,” says

nature? The ephemeral appeal

museum, one of the biggest

CEO Erich Gummerer.

of snow crystals is in direct

tourist attractions in the country. TechnoAlpin is known for

“It’s proven our team is ready for any challenge… We’re

contrast to Swarovski crystals.” International sales manager

providing snow for guest

expanding to North America,

for indoor snow, Lukas Dusini,

experiences in destination

bringing the wonder of snow

also commented: “We're

manager for TechnoAlpin

spas across Europe, but

to locations that might never

proud that after our positive

indoor snow, Lukas Dusini

typically creates the snow by

experience a natural snowfall!”

experiences in Europe we're now

■■ International sales

spraying cold compressed

bringing snow to America as an

natural snowfall in its Chamber

addition to cold applications

night when it’s empty.

of Wonder which includes

also in the wellness sector.”

But it used new technology

sBinsider Issue 361

Swarovski is using the

air and water in a room at

a crystal tree designed by

for the Swarovski installation to

Alexander McQueen and Dutch

provide snow in a more gentle,

designer Tord Boontje.

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

More on spa-kit.net http://lei.sr/r2d8k_B Read more online



All the Features You Need to Manage Your Spa and Delight Your Customers Online Booking • Staff Scheduling • Integrated POS • CRM • And More

All the Features You Need to Manage Your Spa and Delight Your Customers Online Booking • Staff Scheduling • Integrated POS • CRM • And More

Learn why Bookerisisthe theleading leading spa software Learn why Booker spamanagement management software www.booker.com/spabusiness mindbodyonline.com/spa-software www.mindbodyonline.com/spa-software

SUPPLIER NEWS TyloHelo launches stylish sauna accessories


ften sauna-related products do not integrate well in a luxurious

spa, according to Italian designer Paola Garatto

■■  The set is available in either matte black or light silver grey

Garatto has recently collaborated with TyloHelo

In addition to the stylish

and is made from aluminium

to create “a beautiful

design, the bucket has

that’s anodized and abrasive

sauna accessory set”

a clever functional spout

blasted to create the matte finish and long-lasting colour.

based on modern Nordic

to enable more accurate

■■  Designer, Paola Garatto

aesthetic features.

pouring of water.

collaborated with TyloHelo

Launched at the

“The materials chosen

The overall design is completed with light

beginning of December,

are both practical and

birch handles which are

the set includes a ladle,

visually pleasant,” Garatto

reinforced with aspen, to

thermometer, hygrometer,

told Spa Business insider.

create a polished finish.

hourglass and a bucket

TyloHelo's new accessory

with a sleek diagonal shape

collection is available in either

inspired by water waves.

matte black or light silver grey

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Elements Boutique Spa unveils skincare and body collection


ountryside English spa resort, Elements Boutique Spa, has created its first

luxury all-natural skincare and body care range and secured a 220-store listing in UK wellness retail giant, Holland and Barrett. Drawing inspiration from the resort’s Somerset settings, real spa experiences and guest feedback, Elements Boutique has developed a range that is vegan,

peppermint, eucalyptus and pine,

natural, free from SLS and mineral

while Water products feature a

collection, said: “Using nature

oils, and never tested on animals.

revitalising blend of grapefruit,

as our palette and drawing from

mandarin and geranium.

guest feedback, we’re proud to

The collection blends focus on the elements: Earth products

Launching with a Cleansing

Sara Last, co-founder of the

have created a beautiful, natural

are made from a grounding

Balm, Facial Scrub, Facial

and environmentally conscious

combination of patchouli,

Oils, Facial Mask and Facial

skin and body care range.”

geranium and vetiver, Fire

Moisturiser, Elements Boutique

products consist of a warming

has used balms and oils as

blend of cedarwood, lemon

■■  Sara Last, co-founder

and ginger, Air products use

of Elements Boutique

an uplifting concoction of

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Spa collection

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bases for the products, in an eco-conscious move away from using water in the range.

“It allows everyone an element of our spa experience at home.”

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SUPPLIER NEWS Thalion's brightening range targets skins imperfections


halion, a French product house specialising in marine skincare, has

updated its Thali White skincare range, dedicated to brightening, rejuvenating and smoothing the skin. The upgraded collection now features Skin Tone Correcting Serum, Skin

■■  André Prigent, CEO of the

Tone Brightening Fluid, Skin

family-run business, Thalion

Tone Brightening Cream, Brightening Radiance Lotion

smooth overall texture, by

the product of extensive

and Radiance Cleansing Milk.

relying on a combination of

in-house research conducted

cosmetics field, constantly

Thali White was originally

exfoliation to stimulate cell

by Thalion Laboratories.

committed to creating new

developed to target marks on the skin, stains,

regeneration and hydration.

According to the company, the

concepts, actively looking for

The star ingredients

range produces smoother skin

new active ingredients and

consist of vitamin C and a

and complexion, with an added

create unique treatments.

The formula is also claimed to

patented active ingredient,

luminosity and plumpness.

be capable of helping rejuvenate

Pylawhite – an extract from

Thalion is claimed to be

the skin's complexion and

a macro-seaweed which is

hyperpigmentation and fading.

a pioneer in the marine

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Tara Spa Therapy unveils refreshed wellness collection


fter 25 years of operation, holistic spa and wellness product house and

equipment supplier, Tara Spa Therapy, has unveiled the new evolution of its legacy brand, TARA. The collection features organic and eco-conscious treatment and personal

■■  The blends have been formulated from over 21 essential oils

■■  Tara Grodjesk, founder and

care products designed to

president of Tara Spa Therapy

support immune system

RENEW for restoring energy;

“Wellness lifestyle programmes

resilience and wellbeing.

BALANCE for grounding; LOVE

and self-care rituals must be at

for nurturing; RECOVER for

the core of our daily practice.”

Designed with a new eco-luxury look, the range

soothing muscles; DETOX for

features 21 oils blended into

cleansing; and IMMUNE BOOST

rolled out across seven of

a range of combinations that

for supporting immunity.

Tara Spa's therapy collections

form the basis of solutions-



“Now, more than ever before,

orientated products targeting

maintaining and sustaining

everyday health concerns.

vital wellbeing is essential,”

These include CALM for

said Tara Grodjesk, founder

stress relief; REST for sleep;

and president of Tara Spa,

The blends have been

and are produced as a whole host of products.

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Solo Beauty – Workington, Cumbria

There’s nothing more rewarding than helping to achieve the vision and dreams of a successful business. Working with Amelia Wilson Interiors on the Solo Beauty project gave us the opportunity to showcase some of our finest furniture. Owner Kerry Hayston chose the REM Dream Pedispas, Florence Nail Bars and Futura Seating for her stunning Workington Beauty Salon.

t: 01282 619 977 e: sales@rem.co.uk w: www.rem.co.uk

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