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19 october - 2 November Issue 356

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Touch hunger affects the majority In a COVID-19 era, human touch is being restricted, but results from the world’s largest touch study show people felt they had too little touch, even before the pandemic Developed by researchers at Goldsmiths University of London and launched by the BBC and Wellcome Collection, The week in March (one week after lockdown started in the UK), and was launched to investigate whether contemporary society experiences ‘touch hunger’. The survey found that 72 per cent of people reported a positive attitude towards touch (with 27 per cent experiencing a negative feeling) and


Touch Test ran from January to the final

■■ 72 per cent of respondents see touch positively

that people who liked interpersonal touch tended to have higher levels of

health and our immune system, as

wellbeing and lower levels of loneliness.

well as providing social benefits.”

Lead researcher, Professor Michael

The study explored the impact of

Banissy said: “Touch is not a luxury – it

different factors on touch, including age,

plays such a key role in life, cutting

sex and geographical location, and found

across so many aspects, including

that the biggest influence was personality.

benefits for mental health, general

More: http://lei.sr/R7g4Y_B


Dr George Gaitanos chosen to continue Chenot legacy

Michael Banissy


Henri Chenot announces plans to retire


Vast integrated wellness retreat to open in Bangkok


RAKxa to blend holistic wellness and medicine

Touch is not a luxury and is vital to healthy living


Sister spa to original Caudalie location opens Vinotherapy spa opens at 18th century Château


art of cryo


spa people Sensei names Dr Vishal Patel as director of wellness research


r Vishal Patel has recently

systems, including

been appointed as new

Geisinger, Baylor Scott

director of wellness

& White, and Parkland

research at Sensei, the new

Hospital, on the design,

wellbeing brand founded by

implementation and analysis

tech mogul Larry Ellison and

of programmes to improve

world-leading physician and

the health of populations.

scientist, Dr David Agus.

“At Sensei we're building

Patel’s new role will

a team of the best and

involve building the brand’s

brightest minds in the

knowledge base to create,

wellbeing space,” said Kevin

evaluate and disseminate

Kelly, CEO of Sensei.

evidence-led content and

“We’re very excited about

programming to guests. He will also be responsible

Dr Vishal joining the Sensei ■■ Dr Patel has a background in US healthcare systems

family, as he brings with

for vetting technology and

him a wealth of knowledge

Sensei is building a team of the best and brightest minds in the wellbeing space

services to ensure they reflect the most up-to-date standards, supported by

that aligns directly with our philosophies.” Sensei has also announced

empirical evidence. Patel earned his Doctor of

the appointment of Sandra Reserve University, and an

Prior to joining Sensei,

Foyil to SVP of operations

Medicine as well as a PhD in

Ayurvedic certificate from

he worked with nationally

and people operations.

Genetics from Case Western

Ayurved University in India.

renowned US healthcare

More: http://lei.sr/f9R6b_B

Henri Chenot announces retirement and appoints Dr George Gaitanos to continue his legacy


ollowing his decision to retire, Henri Chenot has appointed Dr

Dr Gaitanos has been extremely instrumental in the development of Chenot

George Gaitanos, Chenot Group COO and scientific



and we’re certain he is the

of the pioneering wellness

right person to continue to

the role of the scientific

movement and the Chenot

honour Henri’s legacy, while

development of Chenot.

Method, Henri has created

growing our brand globally.”

a powerful experience and

"Henri's legacy, the

has specialised in the health,

a globally-renowned brand

Chenot Method, will live

wellness and hospitality sector,

of which we are very proud,”

on in the brand’s vision: to

providing and developing

says Ivana Sgheiz, CEO.

confirm its leading role in

For almost 50 years, Chenot

■■ Henri Chenot

“As architect and founder

director, to continue

medical spa programmes,

preventative and rejuvenating

“Working closely

treatments, products and food

alongside Henri since 2013,

care, by consistently offering

supplements that promote

George Gaitanos has been

cutting-edge services in state-

healthy living, wellness

extremely instrumental in

of-the-art venues worldwide."

and successful ageing.

the development of Chenot,

More: http://lei.sr/4D5N3_B

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Spa insights


Supplier news

■■ Gallagher previously worked at the 5* Gleneagles spa, Scotland

At Le Jardin we use our own local Northern Irish herbs to build a connection and story

Orla Gallagher unveils Northern Irish day spa concept


ndependent spa consultant,

local Northern Irish herbs to

Orla Gallagher, and health

build a connection and story,”

promoter, Ciara Loughran,

said Gallagher, Le Jardin’s

have collaborated to produce

director and spa manager,

a new luxury Northern Irish

who has a background in spa

day spa concept and product

management, holistic health

house, named Le Jardin.

and treatment development.

The concept made

“Having over 15 years of

its debut in Dungannon,

experience working in the spa

Northern Ireland, and has

industry, at luxury locations

been conceived to offer an

such as Gleneagles Hotel

urban wellness retreat using

in Scotland, it was always

traditional spa therapies and

my dream to bring Northern

indigenous Northern Irish

Ireland a new spa concept.”

herbs, as well as premium product from Natura Bissé . “So often when you

Looking ahead, Gallagher has a long-term rollout plan for Le Jardin to expand

enter a UK spa it takes

further into Ireland and open

inspiration from Asia, but at

properties in the UK and US.

Le Jardin we use our own

More: http://lei.sr/Q2y6T_B

sBinsider Issue 356

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Sensei names Dr Vishal Patel as director of wellness research, Henri Chenot announces retirement and appoints Dr George Gaitanos to continue his legacy and Orla Gallagher unveils Northern Irish day spa concept

GWS announces virtual access package, ISM Spa launches new concept, Clinique La Prairie unveils exclusive immunity retreats and customer-focused event launches

WHO: 'mental health under growing strain', inaugural MWC speaker line-up revealed, Anantara opens first IV drip bar with Verita Healthcare and Little Kulala to launch holistic desert retreat

Integrated medi-wellness resort, RAKxa, set to open on Bangkok's secluded 'Green Lung' island in December 2020 and Les Source de Caudalie's sister property and vinotherapy spa opens in French wine country

The latest in products and innovation from Neom, Esthetica and Book4Time

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spa & wellness news events

GWS announces 'Virtual Access Package' The Global Wellness Summit

to all main stage keynotes,

(GWS) has announced

panels and interviews, access

its 2020 conference will

to the Global Wellness

take place both virtually

Institute's 2020 research

and in-person, allowing

report, interactive, global

the entire global wellness

“think tank” and networking

community to participate.

sessions and virtual access

The hybrid event will

to the new Tech Innovation

combine its in-person

Pavilion which will be launched

conference with a Virtual

at this year's summit .

Access Package: a

“The Summit’s DNA

comprehensive, three-day,

is profoundly global,”

virtual pass to the event

commented Susie Ellis, GWS

taking place at The Breakers

chair and CEO, “and we’re

Palm Beach, in Florida, from

committed to an in-depth,

8-11 November 2020.

truly global conversation.

2020 marks the first

“Adding virtual access

year virtual access will be

means we can bring all the

offered to the GWS, with the

expert insights – and that

package costing US$500

famed ‘spirit’ of the Summit

(£384, €424) per person.

– to the entire global wellness

Virtual attendees will receive live, virtual access

■■ The live event is being held at the Breakers Palm Beach, Florida

The Global Wellness Summit's DNA is profoundly global Susie Ellis

community,” she concluded. More: http://lei.sr/5P8h8_B

Clinique La Prairie unveils exclusive immunity retreats Swiss medi-wellness clinic, Clinique La Prairie, has launched two limited edition retreats, called Energising Wellness and

The limited edition retreats focusing on supporting immunity by strengthening the body and mind

Immunity Boost, exclusively available for winter 2020 and spring 2021. Developed by the clinic’s qualified

strengthen the body and mind, using

programmes focus on supporting healthy

mindfulness, PT training and IV drips.

immune systems and helping guests Both retreats include a comprehensive


■■ Clinique La Prairie resides near the Swiss Alps

health practitioners, the five-day

learn more about healthy lifestyle habits.




The new offering also emphasises the role a healthy diet plays in immunity, with the retreats featuring

health check-up, which assesses

nutritional coaching sessions and a

cardiac health, blood analysis, body

private masterclass about antioxidant

composition and skin health, as well

and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

as sessions which allow guests to

More: http://lei.sr/X9y5m_B

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sBinsider Issue 356

spa business insider MEET the team

new launch

ISM Spa launches new concept

For email use: fullname@leisuremedia.com

Spa management company,

bar to create bespoke body

ISM Spa, has introduced a

products, a steam shower,

new spa and wellness concept

infrared sauna, meditation

Editorial director

named R+R Wellness, at

experience lounge and group

Liz Terry

the Grand Hyatt Nashville.

wellness programming.

+44 (0)1462 431385

R+R Wellness stands for

Guests can also access

Recharge and Replenish and

spa treatments and rituals

offers treatments based on

supplied by Privai, a private

Spa Business editor

the five elements, powered by

VIP couple’s suite, immersive

Katie Barnes

the desire to reach individual

spa packages and connected

guests’ personal goals.

wellness experiences.

R+R’s signature wellness

+44 (0)1462 471925

ISM’s other concepts include

journey features experiences

Poseidon-branded spas.

such as a wellness blending

More: http://lei.sr/x9u3h_B


Astrid Ros +44 (0)1462 471911

Head of news

Tom Walker +44 (0)1462 431385

Journalist Twenty20/vkstudio

Megan Whitby +44 (0)1462 471906


■■ The free virtual event will be hosted on 12 November

Tim Nash +44 (0)1462 471917


Customer-focused event launches Customer experience software

frontline work and leaders

provider, AskNicely, has

in operations, marketing, HR

announced it will host a new

and customer experience

virtual event called the Global

committed to advancing the

Frontline Experience Summit.

frontline work experience.

AskNicely believes that

The free virtual event will be

a memorable customer

held on 12 November between

experience starts at the

8AM-4PM (PST), designed for

frontline, and at the moment

senior marketing, operations

it recognises that this

and experience leaders.

experience has become more challenging than ever before. In response, it's sponsoring an event dedicated to sBinsider Issue 356

Ritz-Carlton co-founder and hospitality veteran, Horst Schulze. will keynote the event. More: http://lei.sr/f8A5U_B

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spa & wellness news mental health

WHO: Mental health under growing strain The pandemic has disrupted

said Dr Tedros Adhanom

or halted critical mental health

Ghebreyesus, WHO director-

services in 93 per cent of

general, “COVID-19 has

countries worldwide, according

interrupted essential mental

to a new survey by the World

health services just when

Health organisation (WHO).

they’re needed most.” COVID-19's growing strain

August 2020, the survey of

on mental health presents

130 countries provides the

a significant opportunity

first global data showing

for wellness providers

the far-reaching impact of

to offer their specialised

COVID-19 on access to

services as a resource to

mental health services.

support mental wellbeing.

Experts say the pandemic


Conducted from June to

Spas could complement

is increasing demand for

international and national

mental health services as

mental health programmes

bereavement, isolation, loss of

and provide programming

income and fear are triggering

or digital solutions using

mental health conditions or


exacerbating existing ones.

techniques to support mental

“Good mental health is

health, such as mindfulness,

absolutely fundamental to

yoga and breathwork.

overall health and wellbeing,”

More: http://lei.sr/Y9g3q_B

■■ COVID disrupted 93 per cent of surveyed countries' services

Good mental health is absolutely fundamental to wellbeing Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus


Anantara has stepped into the world of integrated health and wellness with the introduction of its first IV drip bar, VIVID by Verita Health clinic, at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel

Photo: anantara

Anantara opens first IV drip bar with Verita Healthcare

■■ Two more IV locations will open in Asia in 2021

The new opening is a product of Anantara's joint venture with Singapore-

solutions, ranging from relieving

create a global network of integrated,

jetlag, burnout or beauty concerns.

property-based health centres.

We're excited to welcome Verita Healthcare to Bangkok William E Heinecke



The IV menu offers a variety of

based Verita Healthcare Group to

This clinic is the first in a trio of

“We’re excited to welcome Verita Healthcare to Bangkok, the global capital

facilities to open, with the second site

of wellness tourism,” said William E

due to open at Anantara Riverside

Heinecke, chair and founder of Minor

Bangkok Resort in 2021 and the third

International, Anantara’s parent company.

at Anantara Layan Phuket Resort.

More: http://lei.sr/C8F2R_B

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sBinsider Issue 356


Inaugural MWC speaker line-up unveiled The agenda for the 2021

architect; Alberto Apostoli,

inaugural Medical Wellness

CEO of Health Tourism

Congress (MWC) has been

Worldwide; Laszlo Puczko,

revealed featuring a line up of

CEO of Vamed; Tomas

industry figures from the spa

Bauer, DAO Clinic’s Dr Igor

and medi-wellness industries.

Roganin, ASPA CEO; Martin

Held at St. Martins Spa

Goldman and industry

and Lodge in Frauenkirchen,

figure Rainer Bolsinger.

near Vienna, the event will be

Vladi Kovanic, founder

themed on ‘Integrating health

of Forum HOTel&SPA, and

in wellbeing’ and will be kicked

Health and Beauty France, a

off with an opening speech from Dr George Gaitanos, Chenot Group’s chief

Over 100 delegates are expected to attend Vladi Kovanic

operating and scientific officer. The programme also

subsidiary of the Bolognafiere Cosmoprof group, announced the event in July. She revealed that over 100 delegates are expected. More: http://lei.sr/t8c8M_B

includes talks by Italian


Little Kulala to launch holistic desert retreat Currently undergoing a thorough refurbishment, Little Kulala, Wilderness

■■ Little Kulala is located in the Namib desert, Africa

Safaris’ acclaimed desert retreat in Namibia is creating a new holistic health and

of soothing spa treatments,

wellness retreat in the

an improved menu with an

heart of the private Kulala

abundance of plant-based

Wilderness Reserve.

meal choices and rejuvenating outdoor adventures.”

The retreat is integrating

Little Kulala is partnering

a range of mindful elements, including an all-new spa

with Healing Earth, a

and farm-to-table menu, to

luxury product house that

offer journeys that embrace

specialises in natural

complete wellbeing.

bodycare products to supply

approach to wellness,” said Alexandra Margull, Wilderness Safaris Namibia MD. “So

We believe in a self-led approach to wellness Alexandra Margull

we're introducing a wide range sBinsider Issue 356



“We believe in a self-led


©Cybertrek Ltd 2020


treatments which will include full-body scrubs, massages, anti-ageing facials and aromatherapy experiences. More: http://lei.sr/B7M3B_B


spa & wellness news design

US destination spa brand,

signature treatments in

Miraval, has recently

mind. For example, there’s

unveiled its third property,

a dedicated indoor pool

called Miraval Berkshires,

treatment room for the

in Lenox, Massachusetts.

signature Vasudhara water

The new resort features

treatment, and a new room

100 guest rooms within

for Naga Thai – Miraval's

seven individual, two-story

exclusive massage which uses

cottages immersed in a

yoga silks and support beams.

380-acre woodland setting. The destination was

In addition to the classics, the spa menu features

designed by New York-based

new treatments developed

Irish designer, Clodagh,

with natural beauty brand

who previously designed

Naturopathica, as well

Miraval's spa in Tucson.

experiences making use

Miraval tasked Clodagh

Additional facilities include

fitness space, spa boutique


seven Jacuzzis, as well as a

largest in Miraval's portfolio.


er m

28 treatment rooms – the

at h


steamroom, three pools and



relaxation rooms, a sauna,

which covers 29,000sq ft with

She explained that the spa


of local botanicals.

resort’s Life in Balance Spa

was built with the brand’s

■■ The new location boasts Miraval's largest spa


with realising the Berkshires


Clodagh designs new Miraval resort

and outdoor challenge course.

The spa was designed with Miraval's signature treatments in mind Clodagh

More: http://lei.sr/C2B3m_B

We Work Well hosts European spa market insight webinar Buyer event company, We Work Well, recently hosted a webinar centred on the European spa market in a COVID-19 era. The event saw a group of panellists delve into the current state of the



■■ The event focused on the European spa market

European market to provide insights for spa professionals and suppliers as markets begin to return. Hosted by Grow Well educator,

City spas can leverage an opportunity from COVID-19 Emlyn Brown



He explained that the pandemic provides an opportunity for hoteliers to finally see the value spas bring to hotel

Lisa Starr, the webinar featured a

business, as although global travel is

panel including Emlyn Brown, Accor's

restricted, interest in wellness is booming,

global VP of wellbeing, who argued

meaning that spas can provide a valuable

that European resorts' with city

revenue stream for hotels during a

spas need to leverage wellness and

time when rooms aren't always filled.

wellbeing to drive guests and rate.

More: http://lei.sr/B8z8C_B

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MLX i Dome

Revolutionary anti-cellulite treatment and body contouring for fast and efficient results.

The Ultimate Detox Booster: Holistic triple-detox treatment using Far-Infrared, Plasma and Light.



Forbes Travel Guide Brand Official 2020


Spa Insights

■■ Treatments will be derived from Thai medicine, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and energy healing practices

Where worlds collide A new integrated wellness resort is set to open in Bangkok, blending cutting-edge medicine and traditional holistic therapies


AKxa, an integrative wellness

designed by medical doctors,

and medical retreat will open

combining advanced medical

in Thailand in December 2020,

treatments with holistic therapies.

following a partnership between

The retreat will be the first of its

M.K. Real estate Development,

kind in Thailand and provide three- to

VitalLife scientific Wellness Clinic and Minor Hotels Group.

Urban retreat ■■ Dusadee Tancharoen, RAKxa's managing director

12 26


14-day personalised retreats. 10 programmes will be offered, including Gut Health, De-stress, Detox, Weight Management,

set in Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung’, a

Mobilisation, Facial solution, Body

protected jungle-clad island on

solution, Facial and Body solution,

the Chao Phraya River, RAKxa will

Immunity Booster and a Discover

deliver tailored wellness programmes

RAKxa programme. ©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd sBinsider 2020 Issue 356

■■ RAKxa's urban retreat will sit in Bangkok's jungle-clad 'Green Lung' island, near the Chao Phraya river


Medicine, Ayurvedic treatments and

The destination will be home to a

energy healing practices.

VitalLife scientific Wellness Clinic, a subsidiary of the renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand, which will provide world-class pre-diagnostic medical analysis supervised by internationally trained doctors. It will also house a two-level 3,636sq m holistic wellness centre with 43 treatment rooms – called RAKxa Jai – where treatments will span Traditional Thai Medicine, Traditional Chinese sBinsider Issue 356Issue ©Cybertrek 356 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd 2020

RAKxa offers a sanctuary that fully combines alternative and complementary medicine with modern Western science

Completing the wellness journey will be a high-tech medical gym with Olympic training equipment and worldclass physiotherapists and physiologists. Dusadee Tancharoen, RAKxa's MD, said: “RAKxa offers a sanctuary immersed in nature that fully combines alternative and complementary medicine with modern Western science and gives our guests a fully transformative wellness experience.” ● www.spabusiness.com

27 13

Spa Insights

The whole spa experience is unique because of its prime forest location Alice Tourbier, Les sources de Caudalie

A grape escape Les Sources de Caudalie’s sister property and vinotherapy spa has opened in an 18th-century Château


brand new vinotherapy spa has opened in the French wine region of Breuil, sologne, at the recently opened Les sources de Cheverny hotel.


Occupying an original 18th-century château, the hotel is the sister property of Les sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux – the birthplace of vinotherapy skincare brand Caudalie and its spa. set amongst a 72-hectare vineyard, the original flagship was PHOTO:mPmOREL

■■ Les Sources de Cheverny occupies an 18th-century Château in the heart of French wine country

launched by the Cathiard family in 1999 and has inspired the new destination’s design and philosophy. The Cathiards’ daughter and son-inlaw, Alice and Jérôme Tourbier, operate both hotels which were brought to life by the same architect, Yves Collet.

14 28


©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd sBinsider 2020 Issue 356

■■ The entrance to the PHOTO:mPmOREL

spa was hand-painted by artist, Claire Basler

When you're in the pool facing the woods you feel as though you're being enveloped in a cosy cocoon A highlight of the spa is its hand-

The Breuil estate’s 800sq m spa, Le spa

painted entrance, designed to offer a

des sources, features seven treatment

transition from outdoors to indoors and

rooms and adjoins the château, designed

to encourage a relaxed atmosphere.

to blend seamlessly with the location. It offers a range of Caudalie’s

The destination also offers guests a host of wellness activities,

grape-based treatments, along with

including forest walks, meditation,

an indoor spring water pool, hammam

Tai Chi and yoga classes, as well

and a hydropool made out of oak,

as having access to nearby local

reminiscent of a vineyard cask.

wine tours and historical walks.

surrounded by dense forests and with a lake nearby, the spa has been


conceived to bring guests back to nature

The village-style destination includes

and offer a barefoot luxury experience.

49 rooms in total, 13 of which are

“The whole experience is unique

in the Château, with the remainder


Vinotherapy spa

because of its prime forest location,” said

spaced out across the estate in

■■ The indoor pool looks onto on the

Alice, speaking to Spa Business insider.

stone huts designed to look like

lush forest surrounding the property

“When you’re in the indoor pool facing our woods you feel as though

traditional French farmhouses. Looking ahead, there are plans

you’re being enveloped in a cosy

to expand the portfolio into every

cocoon, and the only thing left to do

French wine region and create a

is to let yourself be pampered.”

Vineyards Hotel collection. ●

sBinsider Issue 356Issue ©Cybertrek 356 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd 2020


29 15

promotion PROMOTION


Sustain & regenerate

Sustainable skincare brand, Comfort Zone, has radically reinvented its entire Sacred Nature line, driven by the ambition to create some of the world’s first carbon-negative products

Comfort Zone believes in conscious skin science and the ultimate vision was to create a bio-regenerative eco-certified skincare line





he Sacred Nature line, originally launched in 2008, is already one of the highlights of the Comfort Zone range, with existing high-level green credentials. However, restless to do more to safeguard the environment, the company has raised the bar with this new reformulation, to ensure Sacred Nature products are truly sustainable in every way possible. There has also been a focus on ensuring the production process behind the entire product line is set up to proactively fight climate change. “We believe the Sacred Nature line should be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” says founder and CEO, Davide Bollati. “We eco-designed the new products – specifically the formulations – to ensure all the key ingredients could be grown according to regenerative agriculture or selected from wild sources to be super sustainable.”

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

sBinsider Issue 356

sustainability has led to the creation of the Scientific Garden


Davide Bollati, Comfort Zone president. His commitment to

Isabelle Reboulle, head chemist, working at the Davines Village R&D Lab

Comfort Zone has developed the antioxidant Scientific Garden Extract™ with myrtle, elderberry and pomegranate

A higher purpose Behind this vision of sustainability is Comfort Zone’s deep philosophy of environmentalism, which saw the organisation envision, conceive and build one of the world’s first carbon neutral headquarters, the Davines Village, in Parma, Italy, which runs on sustainable energy and sits at the heart of the organisation. Comfort Zone believes in conscious skin science, and as a result, the redesigned Sacred Nature line has been developed according to its strict guidelines, which exclude the use of parabens, nanotechnology, SLS and artificial colours. The ultimate vision was to create a bio-regenerative organic skincare line that is both COSMOS- and ecocertified. In addition, Sacred Nature is also vegan and has been developed using direct traceability protocols. Comfort Zone also contributes to biodiversity protection, environmental and social sustainability projects, by donating 1 per cent of its sales to the 1% for the Planet initiative.

sBinsider Issue 356

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

The Sacred Nature line is CO2 negative thanks to choices made in design and production, backed up by Comfort Zone’s support for the Ethio Trees CO2 compensation project.

Formulated with integrity In reformulating the Sacred Nature line, Comfort Zone undertook ingredient research at the Openair lab at the Davines Village botanical garden. This led to the creation of the Scientific Garden Extract™, a super-strong pool of antioxidants from bio-fermented extracts of myrtle, elderberry and pomegranate. These are all rich in phytoactive antioxidants, which defend the skin against environmental aggressors, stimulate cell renewal, and contrast aging. Comfort Zone uses advanced, chemical-free techniques which enabled the extraction of twice as many active ingredients, thanks to a fermententation which has increased the concentration of antioxidants by 22 per cent. The Scientific Garden Extract™ has been shown to correct the effects of climate change on the skin, including



promotion PROMOTION Working on the land in a regenerative way means you’re doing the right thing and not exploiting nature oxidation and also damage caused by the sun, ensuring optimal skin balance and resilience, as well as prolonging youth. Sacred Nature has been designed to work for both younger and more mature skins – for younger people it keeps the skin younger for longer, while for mature skin, it’s a healing line, both in terms of home care and when used for facials. This complex has been, therefore, combined in each product with specific ingredients, to ensure the best performance for each skin condition and need. When it came to fragrance, the company opted for a natural choice for the entire line, with nothing artificial being used. Comfort Zone collaborated with a French ‘nose’ to develop the signature fragrance recalling the Garden notes. Finally, the products are packaged in glass to ensure recyclability and also to reflect the purity and transparent nature of the Sacred Nature line.

The product range The line includes a range of facial products, such as a super-rich cleansing balm, an exfoliant mask, a serum and two moisturisers, . There’s also a hydrocream and a range of body products, including head and body soap and body butter. There are two facials in the Sacred Nature range, the Regenerative Elixir The Sacred Nature line is shipped in glass, reflecting its ethical, sustainable and transparent nature. All packaging is CO2 neutral

and the Regenerative Hydra – a shorter treatment that’s focused on hydration. The Regenerative Elixir facial is a deeply relaxing facial, opening with a cleansing ritual and massage. With its professional base that can be mixed to order, making the treatment customisable for all skin types. The new Sacred Nature facial also includes a sticky mask which is worked on the skin with energetic movements to stimulate the creation of collagen, so that by the end of the treatment, the skin is naturally replumped.

Regenerative agriculture When it comes to sourcing the active ingredients for the Scientific Garden Extract™, Comfort Zone works with farmers who use regenerative agriculture techniques and who are close by – in Parma and also in Sardinia – to minimise CO2 emissions. The elderberries used in the Sacred Nature line are harvested from the wild, to capture the most powerful essences available. Regeneration agriculture is not intensive, and is respectful of biodiversity, while also contributing to soil fertility, meaning it can capture as much, if not more, CO2 as trees, while also keeping the soil nourished. “Working on the land in a regenerative way means you’re doing the right thing and not exploiting nature,” says Bollati, “while taking care of the skin.” ●

Over 6,000 plants are cultivated at The Davines Village, inspiring innovation and the development of new product lines



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All the Features You Need to Manage Your Spa and Delight Your Customers Online Booking • Staff Scheduling • Integrated POS • CRM • And More

All the Features You Need to Manage Your Spa and Delight Your Customers Online Booking • Staff Scheduling • Integrated POS • CRM • And More

Learn why Bookerisisthe theleading leading spa software Learn why Booker spamanagement management software www.booker.com/spabusiness mindbodyonline.com/spa-software www.mindbodyonline.com/spa-software

SUPPLIER NEWS Suppliers tell Spa Business insider about their latest

For the latest supplier news and company information, visit


product, design and technology launches

Neom Organics unveils new luxury sustainable body wash and lotion range


eom Organics has

products with seaweed and

director, Nicola Elliott, said:

and lotion line, designed

pomegranate to gently cleanse,

“When I’m asked about the

to offer a luxury body care

calming aloe vera to soothe

one thing we can all do to go

experience, which doesn’t

skin, along with shea butter

natural, I always say, “switch

compromise on sustainability.

and softening argan and sea

your hand washes to natural”,

buckthorn oils to nourish.

because it’s a really easy way

and body wash or lotion,

of Neom Organics

Neom founder and creative

launched a body wash

The line features a hand

■■  Nicola Elliot, founder

Neom has created both

The new launch is available

both of which are designed

in two scents, Great Day

with 100 per cent post-

and Complete Bliss.

consumer-recycled plastic

Great Day is designed to

to reduce the chemical count.” “With this new sustainable wash and lotion team, not only will you be switching

and natural ingredients.

be mood-lifting, with a fresh

to natural, you’ll also be

The range is designed

and zesty blend of wild mint

taking a small step to

to cleanse, soften and

and mandarin and six other

sustainability – the products

hydrate the hands and body

essential oils, while Complete

are clean on the outside as

using a range of natural

Bliss is a floral and fruity scent

well as on the inside.”

ingredients gently blended

with Moroccan blush rose,

with a variety of essential

modernised with fresh lime

oils to boost wellbeing.

and a hint of black pepper.

spa-kit neom organics http://lei.sr/b9E7a

■■  The line features a hand and body wash or lotion, available in two scents sBinsider Issue 356

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SUPPLIER NEWS Esthetica unveils portable UV-light disinfection towers


ith cleanliness and rigorous hygiene at the

uses UV-C light to disinfect rooms

forefront of operators’

and is easily transportable around

minds, Esthetica has launched

the spa and can be stowed neatly

the UV-C Disinfection Towers

without taking up a lot of space.

to reduce the risk of virus and

According to Esthetica, UV-C

bacteria transmission in spas.

light is proven to deter harmful

The towers can be used

■■  Lalit Kumar, Esthetica managing director

The trolley-mounted product

pathogens as it’s capable of

as part of a multi-pronged

breaking down their DNA and

disinfection strategy to

RNA, triggering mutations which

sanitise spas, in combination

prevent them from reproducing.

with conventional cleaning tools and methods. Lalit Kumar Sharma, MD, said: “Esthetica’s promise to deliver user-friendly effective products can be seen in the UV-C Disinfection Tower.”

The tower can be controlled through a mobile app or select the tower with the built-in function of a Digital Timer Model.

spa-kit Esthetica http://lei.sr/K3E5O

■■  The tower is portable and convenient to stow

Book4Time invests in data team and makes new appointments


ook4Time, the wellness

multi-channel platform

users to book appointments

and recreation

upgrades to the product,

online or on their mobile

management solution

including the launch of

device and complete digital

for the hospitality industry,

features such as a multi-

health questionnaires.

is continuing to innovate

location, multi-currency KPI

in 2020 despite strong

reporting and self-service

innovation and investments in

headwinds in the industry.

business intelligence solution,

sales, marketing and customer

an end-to-end contactless

success, Book4Time has

guest experience that allows

seen consistent growth, with

Last month, the company announced one of its largest

With continued product

new business in ASIAPAC, EMEA and North America.

■■  Roger Sholanki, CEO

"In a time when many of our competitors are downsizing,

clients prepare for reopening

putting a halt or slowing new

in this environment.”

feature development and

growth, Book4Time has recently

continued to innovate,” said

hired Cynthia Connelly as its

Roger Sholanki, Book4Time

VP of Customer Success, and

founder and CEO.

appointed Tom Kavouras as

“We’ve launched new

its new chief data officer.

features and invested in customer success, training ■■ Book4Time completed its largest multi-channel platform upgrade



To support this continued

reducing support levels, we've

and support to help our

spa-kit Book4Time http://lei.sr/D2D2S

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January 28th-29th 2021 St. Martins Spa & Lodge close to Vienna - Austria


In partnership with

To Register: www.mwcongress.com/delegates CONTACT US enquiry@mwcongress.com

An event organized by HEALTH AND BEAUTY FRANCE. Health and Beauty France is part of Bolognafiere Cosmoprof

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Spa Business Insider Issue 356