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26 JUNE - 12 JULY 2020 ISSUE 348


Northern Irish spas to open 6 July The Northern Ireland Executive has announced that spas can reopen on 6 July, as part of a statement detailing a range of measures to lift lockdown restrictions. “Today we have reached the next rung in the ladder of our recovery journey,” said First Minister Arlene Foster, “we've been able to confirm the reopening of significant sections of our economy over the next few weeks.” This announcement follows a wave of spas reopening around the world in destinations in Europe, America and Asia. In Europe, spas have been allowed or given a confirmed date to reopen in the following countries: Italy, Spain,

■■ Spas in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and

Portugal, Greece, Austria, Switzerland

Thailand have restarted operations

and Germany, with destinations in Portugal and Spain opening in July.

In Asia, spas in Thailand, Bali,

In the US and Australia, states

Vietnam, and Hong Kong have been

are allowed to ease lockdown

allowed to reopen, with operators

independently, resulting in 15 US

such as Mandarin Oriental and Chiva-

and five Australian states allowing

Som having restarted operations.

spas to reopen, respectively.

MORE: http://lei.sr/4C2k2_B


Over 150 BAME wellness brands commit to charter

Arlene Foster


Charter launches urging for racial reform in industry



Operators align with medical bodies for hygiene standards Operators take measures to update safety procedures

We have reached the next rung in the ladder of our recovery journey


Banyan Tree Krabi on track to open in October 2020 Project has progressed to final stages of construction


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spa people Adam Chatterley: The UK spa industry reaches 'milestone' by receiving recognition by Boris Johnson


dam Chatterley, chair of

PAD OUT “The good news

the UK Spa Association,

is that now we’ve achieved

believes the industry has

this essential recognition, we

reached a 'milestone' moment

can begin to demand more

after UK Prime Minister

clarity for spas within these

Boris Johnson references

guidelines,” he explained

spas in their own right.

“Our next task is to

“Along with the industry in

demand an urgent review

general we were disappointed

of the reopening decision

to hear that the government

that has been made, with

has decided not to allow

full disclosure on a future

spas to reopen on the 4 July

target reopening date that

as hoped,” said Chatterley,

the government is working

“However, it’s a milestone that Johnson specifically

towards. We won't stop until ■■Adam Chatterley says the industry has reached a 'milestone'

referenced to spas in their

with the critical support and

Our next task is to demand an urgent review of the opening decision that has been made

own right in his speech. At the start of this lockdown journey, the government simply

information that they need.” The UKSA has recently launched reopening

classified spas under a wider ‘massage parlour’ banner. “The initial draft guidelines the government issued

we see spas back in business

guidelines specifically tailored to us as part of the BEIS

with little appreciation of

advisory board woefully

the complexity and range

under-represented our sector,

of services that we offer.

for spas and salons. MORE: http://lei.sr/P6Z9s_B

Lynne McNees announces ISPA partnership with ICF to help members through reopening phase


SPA is partnering with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The personalised coaching will be an invaluable resource for those in our industry

to offer pro bono virtual from an international group

its members to support

of over 1,000 ICF coaches –

the support that members

them during reopening.

offering services in more than

will receive through this

30 languages, through the ICF

initiative,” said ISPA

Coaches for Good initiative.

president Lynne McNees.

The sessions are offered through the ICF Coaches for Good initiative, designed


“We’re thrilled about

coaching sessions for

To gain access to the

“The personalised

to help businesses work

sessions, ISPA members must

coaching provided will be

towards reopening and equip

sign up via the organisation's

an invaluable resource

■■Lynne McNees,

them with the tools to do so

website – following this

for those in our industry,

ISPA president

successfully and confidently.

they will be sent a code via

and we encourage our

Through this partnership,

email which is redeemable

members to take advantage

ISPA members have been pre-

for two one-hour virtual

of this partnership.”

approved to receive support

coaching sessions.

MORE: http://lei.sr/T8a4b_B


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■■Holm has served two years as GSN's board of directors VP








Spa Insights


Supplier news

I can't remember a more pivotal moment during my life - the future of the GSN looks very bright

GSN appoints Thor Holm as board president


on-profit trade

completed her two-year term

association, Green Spa

as board president – as part

Network (GSN), has

of her wider six-year tenure

named Thor Holm as board president and appointed

on the Board of Directors. In addition, GSN has

new leadership positions

announced the appointment

to its board of directors.

of eight additional board

Holm heads up Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, in

directors, bringing the

UKSA launches guidelines to reopen spas, charter launches urging racial reform in the industry, Palace Merano revives offering and Phoenix Spa Solutions launches targeting teamwork

Medical staff are gifted retreats at Sensei Lana‘i, new Clinique La Prairie therapy taps genetic science, Ananda unveils online Ayurvedic services and nature spa reopens with outdoor spa and wellness garden

UK Spa Association's recent survey reveals industry is urgently in need of official government reopening advice and Banyan Tree's Thai wellness retreat on track for October 2020 opening

The latest in products and innovations

total to 15 members.

California, as general

“I can’t remember a

manager and brings 30

more pivotal moment

years experience in spa,

during my life than the

fitness and hospitality

moment we find ourselves

management to the role.

in today,” said Holm.

His appointment to board

“I’m beyond thrilled to

president follows his two-year

announce the addition

term as vice president.

of these eight talented

Holm will succeed Bonnie

individuals. The future of

Baker, founder of Satteva

GSN looks very bright.”

Wellness Group, who has just

MORE: http://lei.sr/B8j6Q_B

SBinsider ISSUE 348

Adam Chatterley: The UK spa industry reaches 'milestone' by receiving recognition by Boris Johnson, Lynne McNees announces ISPA partnership with ICF to help members through reopening phase and GSN appoints Thor Holm as board president

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spa & wellness news REOPENING

UKSA launches guidelines to reopen spas Industry body, the UK Spa

our guidelines have been

Association (UKSA), has

tailored specifically for spas

revealed it’s official COVID-

and salons. Within this

19 Reopening Guidelines.

document, spas will find the

The guidelines are designed to work hand-inhand with the government

information they need to open in a COVID-19 safe way.” The guidelines feature

guidelines for close-contact

advice about managing

industries released on 24

risk of infection, returning

June – ‘Keeping workers and

to the workplace, PPE,

clients safe during COVID19

social-distancing, cleaning

in close contact services’.

and equipment, as well

The UKSA’s industry-

as information on how to

specific guidance relates to

approach treatments and

the spa, salon and wellness

handling treatment rooms.

sector, and is designed for

The UKSA has also provided

the initial reopening period

guidance on reopening pools

and anticipated social

and thermal areas, managing

distancing restrictions.

retail, laundry procedures,

Helena Grzesk, UKSA GM,

■■The guidelines are tailored specifically for spa and salons

bookings and handling

stated: “While the government

marketing and communication

guidelines cover all industries

during reopening.

with close contact work,

MORE: http://lei.sr/P6Z9s_B

Our guidelines are specifically tailored for spas and salons Helena Grzesk


Charter launches urging racial reform in industry Over 150 black and minority wellness professionals have united to sign a charter demanding reform for racial equality in the UK wellness industry. ‘The Wellness Industry Charter

■■Over 150 wellness brands have signed the charter

for Racial Diversity, Inclusion and Access’, aims to tackle three diversity

“Systemic racism affects all industries

of access, and under-representation

and the wellness sector is no exception.”

faced by black and minority groups.

Systemic racism affects all industries, including the wellness sector Sarah Greenidge



Founder, Sarah Greenidge, explained:

challenges: health inequality, lack

It was launched by WellSpoken, an

The charter asks brands to commit to tackling these issues by providing a

organisation working with wellness

roadmap for businesses to improve which

brands to ensure they provide consumers

focuses on education, corporate diversity,

with high levels of credible, authentic,

representation, access and fair pay.

evidence-based information.

MORE: http://lei.sr/f3a3r_B

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MEET THE TEAM For email use: fullname@leisuremedia.com PROGRAMMING

Palace Merano revives offering Luxury five-star hotel and

treatments, conducted by a

wellness facility, Palace

team of medical specialists.

Merano, has reopened in

Merano has renewed its

for its wellness guests.

signature Detox programme – a method practised for

Chenot, who ran his flagship

over 20 years at the facility

destination spa there since

– with new devices and

1980, left in December 2019.

methods aimed at longevity.

The hotel features a

Liz Terry +44 (0)1462 431385

Following reopening, Palace

Italy with a refreshed offering The move comes after Henri


The centre has also

6,000sq m health and

invested in new bioenergetics

wellness centre and spa

machinery and updated its

which provides medi-wellness

nutrition programmes.

and preventative health

MORE: http://lei.sr/a8D8N_B


Astrid Ros +44 (0)1462 471911

Head of news

Tom Walker +44 (0)1462 431385

Product editor

Lauren Heath-Jones +44 (0)1462 471927


Megan Whitby +44 (0)1462 471906

Advertising sales

Sarah Gibbs +44 (0)1462 471908 ■■The company is providing free 20-minute online consultations Advertising sales


Paul Thorman

Consultancy targets teamwork Kate White, Danielle Alen

spa managers and general

and Katie Howell have joined

managers to provide

forces to launch a spa and

guidance on communication

beauty consultancy focused

and leadership.

on strengthening teamwork

Advertising sales

Chris Barnard +44 (0)1462 471907

Overall the trio shares a combined 53 years’ industry

in spa businesses.

experience, with each member

Called Phoenix Spa Solutions, the consultancy

bearing leadership experience

is offering a six-week Team

in driving spa teams. In celebration of

Wellness programme, designed to inspire,

launching, the company is

challenge and unite spa

providing complimentary

teams, as well as one-to-

20-minute consultations.

one personal coaching for

MORE: http://lei.sr/v4c4j_B

SBinsider ISSUE 348

+44 (0)1462 471904

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spa & wellness news RETREATS

Medical staff gifted retreats at Sensei Lāna‘i Hawaiian community

stay at Sensei Lāna‘i, along

organisation, Pulama Lanai,

with a wellness voucher, luxury

is gifting wellness retreats

charter air service to and from

to health care professionals

the island and activities.

at luxury wellness enclave,

Couples will be gifted a

Sensei Lāna‘i, A Four

US$600 wellness voucher

Seasons Resort, on the

to spend on wellbeing

Hawaiian island of Lāna‘i.

experiences from the Sensei

The ‘Heroes Relaxation

Experience Menu which

Retreat’ packages are

features offerings ranging

designed to thank Hawaiian

from facials and massages to

medical staff combatting

private one-on-one sessions

the global pandemic, with

with a wellbeing professional.

a chance to focus on their own wellbeing. Hawaiian hospitals are

According to Four are inspired by the Sensei

being provided with a limited

way: “A philosophy focusing

number of retreat packages

on three practices – move,

by Pulama Lanai, so they

nourish and rest – that

may decide which employees

helps you familiarise and

should be awarded the gift.

maintain a conversation

Created for couples, the packages includes a two-night

■■ Sensei Lāna‘i opened in Hawaii in November 2019

Seasons, the experiences

with your body and mind.”

Sensei's philosophy helps you familiarise and maintain a conversation with your body and mind

MORE: http://lei.sr/U5B5j_B


New Clinique La Prairie therapy taps genetic science Swiss health clinic operator, Clinique La Prairie (CLP), has refreshed its signature Master Detox programme using the power of nutrigenomic science. The seven-day Master Detox therapy has been updated to focus

■■ The method is based on nutrigenomic science

on personalisation, by harnessing the power of genetic, cellular and

We've used this time to optimise our programmes Simone Gibertoni



CEO of CLP, Simone Gibertoni, told

nutritional science to develop bespoke

Spa Business insider: “We’ve used this

cleanses under CLP’s new method

quieter time to optimise our programmes

– called the CLP Genomic Detox.

and have been able to create new

The method is based on nutrigenomic science – the field relating to how

innovations based on clinical findings, allowing us to improve our treatments

genetic variations affect the way

for our patients as they return.”

humans react to nutrients in foods.

MORE: http://lei.sr/E7j3C_B

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Ananda unveils online Ayurvedic services Destination spa, Ananda

Mahesh Natarajan,

in the Himalayas, in

Ananda in the Himalayas

Uttarakhand, India, has

SVP marketing, sales, and

launched a series of

business development, said:

virtual Ayurvedic wellbeing

“Since the pandemic, we’ve

programmes to help people

seen a renewed interest

continue their wellness

in holistic wellbeing.

journey during lockdown.

“Once COVID-19 hit, we

With a menu of three

decided to pivot and offer

digital programmes, guests

our services to guests

can access packages which

online – we’ve had a great

use Ayurvedic practises and

and yoga sessions as well

We've seen a renewed interest in holistic wellbeing since the pandemic

as Ayurvedic consultations.

Mahesh Natarajan

assessments to improve wellbeing. The destination is also offering virtual meditation

response so far and the


online offerings ensure we continue to connect with past guests and new audiences around the world.” MORE: http://lei.sr/W3m8w_B


Nature spa reopens with outdoor spa and wellness garden

Enjoy the contactless experience with Book4Time.

A five-star nature hotel and spa set in the mountains of South Tyrol, in Italy, has ■■The new garden includes a Biological Bathing Pond

reopened with a new outdoorfocused wellness offering to help guests relax in

Biological Bathing Pond and

nature, following lockdown.

outdoor Kneipp and barefoot walking path, Hotel Quelle

Hotel Quelle’s new Wellness Garden concept

has added a new illuminated

has transformed the hotel’s

waterfall in the mountain

5,000sq m gardens into an

stream, creating a new

outdoor spa with a new private

quiet oasis for relaxation. “The new garden is more

outdoor massage area.

important than ever because

With the hotel’s name

its crucial for our guests

derived from the German word for ‘source’, the vision for the garden is inspired by water and has been designed with multiple water features. In addition to the SBinsider ISSUE 348

It's crucial for our guests to spend time in nature to heal Manuel Steinmair

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

to spend time in nature, to heal and to breathe,” said Manuel Steinmair,

httpLearn s:/ book4tMore ime.com/

hotel GM and owner. MORE: http://lei.sr/B9S3A_B



spa & wellness news EMPLOYMENT

Headspace offers free mindfulness guide Mindfulness app provider,

current state of unemployment

Headspace, is providing

in America and the UK, to

free subscriptions to all

help those who are affected

unemployed or furloughed

by being out of work. Founded by former monk

workers in the UK and US

Andy Puddicombe and Rich

following the COVID-19 crisis.

Pierson, Headspace is a

The year-long subscription


to the upgraded app version

specialises in meditation

– Headspace Plus – will

offering mindfulness advice

provide access to over

and guidance via an app.

1,200 hours meditation and mindfulness guides to help people de-stress, sleep more soundly and get involved with at-home workout tutorials.

Mindfulness can provide essential tools for managing stress Andy Puddicombe

Puddicombe said: “Mindfulness can't change the circumstances of the pandemic, but it can provide essential tools for managing stress at this difficult time.”

Headspace has created

MORE: http://lei.sr/s9N3y_B

the scheme in reaction to the


Rockliffe Spa creates in-room treatment tool-kit with guides Rockliffe Hall Spa is preparing


to provide in-room wellness treatment experiences for hotel guests while the spa

■■ Rockliffe Hall Hotel will reopen on 4 July

remains closed due to the will guide them on how to

COVID-19 pandemic.

use each product to create

The spa team at Rockliffe


their own spa experience.

Hall Hotel, in Durham, UK,

The kits feature products

has created in-room treatment kits with DIY video tutorials

from suppliers including

to allow guests to perform

Caudalie, Comfort Zone,

treatments from the comfort

Davines and Neom Organics. Jason Adams, Rockliffe

of their guest room.

Hall’s MD, says: “While the

Guests will be able to

hotel has been closed we’ve

choose from two different spa kits – Facial in a box or Deluxe spa in a box – both of which will be sent to guest’s

https:/ at endispa.com/ attendispa.com


rooms, along with a video tutorial where a spa expert

We've created innovative ways to deliver a luxury service Jason Adams

come up with innovative new ways to make sure our guests still get the luxury service they’d expect.” MORE: http://lei.sr/g4W9t_B

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MLX i3Dome

Revolutionary anti-cellulite treatment and body contouring for fast and efficient results.

The Ultimate Detox Booster: Holistic triple-detox treatment using Far-Infrared, Plasma and Light.


Forbes Travel Guide Brand Official 2020


Spa Insights

Safe touch Operators are beginning to partner with medical institutions and research institutes to enhance hygiene standards to reassure customers and deliver higher levels of safe service


growing number of spa and wellness operators are joining forces with medical bodies and standards agencies to develop enhanced cleanliness standards to combat COVID-19.

As spas look to develop themselves

as places of safe-touch, operators are making allegiances with hospitals and medical research institutes to develop cleanliness certifications, to reinforce a sense of trust and confidence in returning consumers. Four Seasons & Johns Hopkins One of the first off the mark was Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which announced a collaboration with global healthcare and research leader Johns Hopkins Medicine in early May, to develop an enhanced health and safety programme called Lead with Care. The programme will see Four Seasons’ 100-plus spas roll out modified

■■ Four Seasons is providing staff with a COVID-19 response toolkit

treatments to reduce interaction with and proximity to guests, run wet areas and relaxation spaces with

This programme is about enhancing procedures to protect our guests and employees so that they feel safe and reassured 12


occupancy limits, implement social distancing regulations and operate with regular disinfection of all facilities, especially wet areas and pools. More generally, Four Seasons hotels will also feature on-property hygiene ©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

SBinsider ISSUE 348

■■ Marriott International has launched a Global Cleanliness Council

Stay steadfast with new hygiene procedures – you have to make sure that every customer feels safe and comfortable officers, enhance sanitation procedures

In addition, Marriott International –

and provide staff with access to a

which has 550 hotel spas across brands

response team where senior infectious

such as Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance,

disease specialists from Johns Hopkins

Bvlgari, St Regis, Le Meridian, Westin

will offer on-demand response and

and W brands – has worked with

guidance to COVID-19 situations.

EcoLab, global leader in water, hygiene

“This new programme is about offering

and infection prevention solutions, to

genuine care and the highest levels of

launch a Global Cleanliness Council

service, enhancing procedures to protect

to develop the next level of hospitality

our guests, residents and employees,

cleanliness standards, norms and

while also ensuring that they feel safe

behaviours designed to enhance safety

and reassured,” said John Davison,

for Marriott consumers and staff alike.

Four Seasons president and CEO.

Marriott International’s Ken Ryan, VP of global operations: spa, fitness

IHG & the Cleveland Clinic

and online retail, recently spoke out

Similarly, IHG Hotels and Resorts

about the importance of strict hygiene

■■Ken Ryan, Marriott International

– which owns Six Senses Hotels,

procedures during the reopening phase.

VP of global operations: spa,

Resorts and Spas – has revealed a

“We need to be very careful that

tie-up with American medical and

we’re steadfast for the long-haul in the

research centre, The Cleveland Clinic,

procedures and policies we put in place .

to launch IHG Clean Promise, to

“It's vital to continue them for the long-

strengthen its hygiene measures to

haul – you have to make sure that every

reduce the spread of COVID-19.

customer feels comfortable and safe.” ●

SBinsider ISSUE 348

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fitness and online retail




Courtesy of Faena Hotel, Miami Beach. Photographer Nik Koenig, USA

Europabad Karlsruhe, Germany

From the start of planning all the way to the finishing touches, we’re your partner of choice when it comes to bringing health-promoting sauna and spa solutions to life. Whatever your wishes are and whatever the spa trend is, together we can make it happen. After all, one thing is for sure: guests will be looking for a healthy lifestyle, more than ever before. And where better to find it than in the unique spa experience you offer? Chalet Anna Maria, Photographer Alex Kaiser, Austria

Kokon Corporate Campus, Liechtenstein

Be inspired, discover your spa vision of the future at www.klafs.com

Spa Insights

■■Banyan Tree Krabi will feature an eight-treatmentroom spa with a signature thermal Rainforest Treatment

Island wellness After three years in development, Banyan Tree's Thai wellness resort in Krabi is set to open soon, as Megan Whitby reports

H ■■Remko Kroesen, Banyan Tree cluster GM

otel group, Banyan Tree, has

Banyan Tree spa that draws inspiration

wellness resort in Thailand,

from traditional Thai healing rituals and

called Banyan Tree Krabi, is in

uses locally-sourced ingredients, with

the final construction stage.

eight treatment rooms and two outdoor

Surrounded by three

plunge pools – one hot and one cold.

national parks, the 72-key

Guests will be offered a range of

resort featuring a signature Banyan Tree

Thai massages and beauty therapies,

spa has been three years in development

as well as a Signature Rainforest

and will be spread across 10 acres of

Treatment, described by Banyan Tree

coastline on Tubkaek Beach in Krabi.

as an ‘Amazonesque’ journey through

Banyan Tree has confirmed the

vitality pools, a steamroom, sauna, ice

resort is scheduled to open in October.



The resort will feature a 517sq m

announced its beachfront

fountain and rejuvenating water jets. ©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

SBinsider ISSUE 348

■■Architrave led the design vision for the project, using inspiration from Buddhism, water and nature

waterfall that falls into a running stream

Every spa therapist at the resort will

in an underground lounge below.

have undergone at least 350 hours of training based on the curriculum of the accredited Banyan Tree Spa Academies. Design Design studio, Architrave, has led the creative vision for the project and designed a resort inspired by Buddhism and the surrounding natural landscape. The studio has realised a centrepiece for the resort’s open-air lobby inspired by water which comprises a large circular SBinsider ISSUE 348

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

Our owners have held onto this piece of land since 2006, waiting for the right time to make this stunning resort a reality

Long -term planning “Our owners have held onto this piece of land since 2006, waiting for the right time to open,” said Banyan Tree cluster GM, Remko Kroesen. “Now, with so many overcrowded areas in Phuket and Koh Phi Phi, the time is right to make this stunning resort at Tubkaek Beach a reality, with its focus on wellness and its beautiful design.” www.spabusiness.com


rkf@rkf.fr www.rkf.fr

SUPPLIER NEWS Suppliers tell Spa Business insider about their latest

For the latest supplier news and company information, visit


product, design and technology launches

■■■Treatment sessions typically last 30 minutes and therapists can choose from 10 customised options to cater to guest's individual needs

Gharieni launches therapist-free body contouring technology in response to COVID-19 crisis


pa equipment supplier,

current COVID-19 situation

interface, where treatments

Gharieni, has unveiled

reinforces the desire for

can be personalised and

a therapist-free body

contactless treatments,

initiated with one quick touch.

slimming and toning device

which is why Celliss is a

designed to target cellulite.

perfect treatment solution."

Named Gharieni Celliss, the

■■■Sammy Gharieni, founder

intervention is required until

machine relies on patented

to take action on the adipose

‘Total Slimming System’

and muscular tissues, with

Sessions typically last 30

(TSS) technology to deliver

a series of non-invasive air

minutes and therapists can

Cellumassage – a new non-

jets, whose intensity and

choose from 10 customised

invasive treatment method

speed can be adjusted.

options to cater to the

which uses aspiration and

This combination of impact

the treatment is over.

customer's individual needs.

percussion to simultaneously

on a large area of skin is

target the thighs and

claimed to sculpt the body,

in cooperation with our

hips or the buttocks and

smooth and rejuvenate the

partner DMS Group, medical

stomach, depending on

skin and activate the body’s

diagnostic imaging specialists.

the client’s position.

natural detoxification process.

Company founder, Sammy Gharieni, said: “The SBinsider ISSUE 348

The TSS uses 96 pistons

Once the programme has begun, no further

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

Celliss is operated using an intuitive touch screen

The product was developed

More on spa-kit.net http://lei.sr/m7R9D



SUPPLIER NEWS ResortSuite's app lets guests control their wellness itinerary


rank Pitsikalis, founder and CEO of ResortSuite, hospitality and spa

management software system believes that COVID-19 is

■■ ResortSuite Mobile enables spas to provide an interactive platform

inspiring the wellness industry to accelerate the shift to digital. Pitsikalis believes: “The future has always been techbased but COVID-19 will ■■ Frank Pitsikalis, ResortSuite founder and CEO

high-tech, high-touch aspect

member profiles and can be

to their hospitality experience

customised to fit branding

where they can control it.”

requirements via a content

Pitsikalis’ company offers

management system.

drive this trend from a nice-

a mobile software system –

to-have to a must-have.

called ResortSuite Mobile – to

club member profiles and ID

enable spas and resorts to

to let guests access privileges

a pent-up desire to receive

provide an interactive digital

and facilities exclusive to

human touch again in the

platform for guests to control

guests or members.

safe, clean and controlled

their own wellness itinerary.

“Although guests will have

environment of a spa, they’ll also increasingly desire a

The app offers real-time booking capabilities, itinerary,

It can also be used to store

More on spa-kit.net http://lei.sr/r7e7G

Oakworks creates medical-grade upholstery covers


quipment manufacturer, Oakworks, has developed Terra Touch – a medical-

grade fabric, designed to conceal and protect spa products from being spoiled by the harsh chemicals needed to safely disinfect surfaces. According to Oakworks, most fabrics currently used in the spa industry have proven themselves incapable

■■ Jeff Riach, Oakworks CEO,

of withstanding strong

says the new fabric holds up

disinfectants, with many

well to harsh disinfectants

fabrics cracking, stiffening, and shrinking, both ruining the

able to withstand hospital-

tables and stools, along

well to harsh disinfectants

table upholstery and its foam.

grade disinfection – and

with a full line of tables and

recommended for COVID-19.

has also passed tests for

positioning accessories.

So, developing a range that

The company's new fabric passes ISO 10993 Biological

cytotoxicity, skin irritation.

Evolution of Medical Devices

The material is being

said: “Our TerraTouch fabric,

standards for use in medical

used to create reusable,

which we’ve used for all our

environments – meaning

machine-washable (60C) and

products in the medical and

that TerraTouch products are

waterproof covers for pillows,

spa industries, holds up



Oakworks' CEO, Jeff Riach,

covers treatment equipment with this fabric makes sense.”

More on spa-kit.net http://lei.sr/Z3b8P_B

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Pad./Hall 30 F36-G35



Living Earth Crafts launches AntiMicrobial FacePillow


assage and wellness equipment supplier Living Earth Crafts

(LEC) has unveiled an AntiMicrobial FacePillow in response to COVID-19. The FacePillows are covered in an anti-microbial medical grade fabric called Ultraleather Pro, which is 100 per cent PU fabric, formulated to withstand hospital-grade disinfectant and bleach.

■■ Erica Coble, Living Earth

LEC has also used minimal

Crafts' vice president of sales

velcro and stitching with medical grade nylon thread to make the product easy to disinfect. The pillows are designed

rubber, the stretchy cover

innovate new products that

launched Stretch Guard Silicone

LEC has also recently

is form-fitting, disinfectable

ensure wellness operators and

FacePillow coverings for an

and chemical resistant, and

therapists have the protective

to fit all standard platforms

added level of hygiene, which

has also been designed to

products they require to safely

and are manufactured with

provides a waterproof and

be easily wiped down

operate their businesses.”

LEC’s proprietary Strata

germ-proof barrier between the

Cloudfill memory and gel

customer and the FacePillow.

told Spa Business insider:

cushioning to ensure comfort.

Made of 100 per cent silicone

“We’ve diligently worked to

Erica Coble, LEC sales VP,

More on spa-kit.net http://lei.sr/2W9A6

Yon-Ka launches limited edition of signature toner


rench skincare brand,

The signature toner’s

released in 200ml collector’s

Yon-Ka, has announced

packaging has been redesigned

bottles featuring Burfitt’s design

its skincare toner, Lotion

by artist Lovisa Burfitt

and a portion of each purchase

Yon-Ka, is being reimagined

to reflect the company’s

will go towards Yon-Ka’s Save

for a limited edition offering

French heritage and draws

The Bees initiative to preserve

during summer 2020.

inspiration from summer.

honey bee populations.

The product is applied as

work with young artists who’ve

two formulas – one for normal

beautifully highlighted our

to oily skin and the other for

French heritage,” said Antoine

dry and sensitive skin. Both

Lamarche, Yon-Ka US GM.

toners have received individual

US general manager



Made with 99 per cent natu-

packaging upgrades and

ral ingredients, Lotion Yon-Ka is

feature the brand’s signature

designed to refresh, invigorate,

essential oils blend – called

purify and tone the skin while

Yon-Ka Quintessence – of

rebalancing the skin’s pH.

geranium, lavender, rosemary, ■■ Antoine Lamarche, Yon-Ka

“We’ve been fortunate to

a facial mist and comes in

cypress and thyme. Both formulas will be

More on spa-kit.net http://lei.sr/G7O8M

■■ The product is applied as a facial mist and comes in two formulas

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Turn your treatment room into a



Add a new therapeutic experience — with minimum human contact. Offer as a standalone treatment (no therapist commission) or as an add-on/upgrade in conjunction with a facial or massage.

Making Himalayan salt experiential | +1 888-576-3525 | HimalayanSource.com

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Spa Business Insider 26th June 2020 Issue 348  

Spa Business Insider 26th June 2020 Issue 348