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spa business insider 15 - 26 JUNE 2020 ISSUE 347


Expect 'spa boom' after lockdown The Good Spa Guide has revealed the results of its online survey which asked 5,000 UK spa-goers about their habits and approach to spas in the age of COVID-19. The survey reported that just over 80 per cent of respondents said they’ll go back to a spa, with 48 per cent saying they'll do so 'straight away' and 36 per cent saying they'll visit 'a couple of months' after spas reopen. Sixty-five per cent cited ‘just relaxing in a spa environment’ as the main reason for returning, while 6 per cent said they plan to visit more regularly than before. Speaking to Spa Business insider Daphne Metland, The Good Spa Guide

■■65 per cent of respondents cited 'just relaxing

director and behavioural scientist, said:

in a spa' as the main reason for returning

“Expect a spa boom once lockdown eases, people haven’t been able to

they would get around to booking a spa

treat themselves for a long time and

trip ‘some time’ suddenly realised the

now more than ever we’re reminded that

future was uncertain. We’ll experience

we must look after our own wellbeing.

the same effect here and will see spa

“After 9/11, spa bookings increased dramatically. Many people who thought


Daphne Metland



Global Wellness Day 2020 reaches millions The event was hosted via a 24-hour livestream

bookings increase later in the year.”


Construction of US$5bn resort nears completion


Over 80 per cent of spa-goers say they'll return after lockdown

First construction phase set for completion in 2020 Q4

Thai wellness community on track for 2022 opening


The Tri Vananda wellness destination in Phuket


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spa people COVID-19 has kickstarted a consumer focus on self-care, says Anna Bjurstam


he spa and wellness

by supporting their physical

industry is set to witness

and mental wellbeing

a renewed interest

and resilience during the

in self-care, according to

coronavirus lockdown.

Anna Bjurstam, Six Senses

The digital content is

wellness pioneer.

structured around the

Bjurstam spoke to Spa

brand’s key wellness pillars –

Business insider to assess

Mindfulness, Eat, Sleep, Move,

the impact of the global

Live Naturally and Connect.

pandemic on the industry

“The portal offers advice

and discuss what’s next.

around our brand values – on

“At Six Senses we think the

how to reduce anxiety and

future focus is going to be on

loneliness, for example,”

self-responsibility, as people are realising the importance

explained Bjurstam, “as well ■■Anna Bjurstam, Six Senses wellness pioneer

as tips on everything from

of taking care of their own

working at home to getting

We think the future will focus on self-responsibility, as people realise the importance of their own health

health,” she said. “They won’t just want a massage, they’ll want to learn about it.

into good sleep routines. “It’s been hugely successful in enabling us to communicate

“In anticipation of this, we

with customers and they’re Six Senses launched the

created and launched our At

designed to offer proactive

Home With Six Senses portal.

and pragmatic ways for people

portal to help consumers

they do and don’t like.”

The platform's has been

to care for themselves.”

remain solution-oriented,


giving feedback daily on what

Michael Wallace launches new book 'to inspire next generation of spa managers'


ndustry figure and medical spa and hot spring specialist consultant,

The book focuses on areas that industry leaders have identified as critical

Michael Wallace, has

■■Michael Wallace co-authored the book with Melanie Smith

co-authored and launched

According to Wallace: “This

leadership, selling and

a book called The Spa

book contains all the basic

marketing a spa effectively,

Manager's Essential Guide.

day-to-day information on how

finance, experience design and developing spa concepts.

With 20 years’ experience

to run a wellness, beauty

in operational management in

or thermal spa operation

the spa and fitness industry,

successfully, it focuses on

features advice and opinions

Wallace co-wrote the book

those areas that industry

from over 50 international

with Melanie Smith, associate

leaders have identified

spa CEOs, managers,

professor at Budapest

as critical and missing in

consultants, doctors,

Metropolitan University,

today’s spa leaders.”

journalists and trainers and

Hungary, and an international


Wallace and Smith have

The 12-chapter book

has been endorsed by the

health tourism researcher,

included a range of topics

European Spa Association.

consultant and speaker.

such as customer care,


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Spa insights


Supplier news

■■Barry White runs a spa management consultancy called White

Time will allow customers more choice to enhance their wellbeing in a place and time of their choosing

Barry White unveils online community of wellbeing


ndustry figure and

of services such as digital

consultant, Barry White, has

wellness tutorials, treatments,

launched a collaborative spa

and spa management

and wellness platform and

consultancy services,

aromatherapy product line.

provided by White’s own

Called Time, the

Global Wellness Day held via 24hour feed, Chiva-Som wellness resort welcomes back guests, Made For Life inks Amazon deal and Anantara offers private resort hire

Construction of US$5bn resort nears completion, Fairmont reopens flagship Chateau Lake Louise Spa, SHA Wellness Clinic reopening in July and Mandarin Oriental debuts staff mental wellness programme

ISPA kicks off first session of its Town Hall Meeting series and Montara Hospitality Group invests US$209m into Thai wellness project specialising in cognitive health

The latest in products and innovations in the spa kit world

consultancy – called White.

organisation is designed to

“I created Time to give

be a centralised resource

customers more choice to

of retail brands, wellness

enhance their wellbeing in

experts, treatments and

a place and time of their

physical wellness locations

choosing, with specialist

for consumers in Hong

care, locations and products

Kong and Macau.

they can trust,” he said.

Speaking to Spa Business

Spa and wellness brands

insider, White revealed the

Subtle Energies and Vinoble

platform’s launch will be

Cosmetics are partnered with

phased, with stage one

Time and will gradually roll out

consisting of the product

retail products and treatments

launch and the following

on the online platform.

phases, including a rollout


SBinsider ISSUE 347

COVID-19 has kickstarted a consumer focus on self-care, says Anna Bjurstam, Michael Wallace launches new book 'to inspire the next generation of spa managers' and Barry White unveils online community of wellbeing

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spa & wellness news EVENT

Global Wellness Day held via 24-hour feed On 13 June 2020, the ninth

and Instagram accounts.

annual Global Wellness

International operators,

Day was hosted using a

such as Mandarin Oriental,

24-hour live stream.

also joined in with the

The event focused on mental health, stress, immunity, nutrition,

celebrations and hosted their own livestreams. Belgin Aksoy founded

indoor exercise, love

Global Wellness Day in

and compassion, with

2012 and it has since

the motto; “One day can

been celebrated annually

change your whole life”.

on the second Saturday

With participants from six continents, Global Wellness Day featured a

of June with free wellness activities across the globe. According to Aksoy, "Once

range of educational and

again because of Global

complimentary presentations,

Wellness Day, millions

ranging from wingsuit base

of people said “yes” to

jumping and nutrition to

wellness across the globe.

Muay Thai exercises and plant-based cooking classes. Content was streamed

■■Global Wellness Day has been celebrated annually since 2012

“We made history celebrating Global Wellness Day with its very first 24-hour

through the event’s official

livestream broadcast.”

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter


Millions of people said 'yes' to wellness across the globe Belgin Aksoy


Chiva-Som wellness resort welcomes back guests Luxury Thai wellness resort ChivaSom in Hua Hin, Thailand reopened its doors on 12 June 2020, following closure due to the global pandemic. As Thailand gradually eases its

■■The resort reopened to guests on 12 June

lockdown, the resort is making

The world will never be the same, but wellness is here to stay Krip Rojanastien


preparations for operations to

said Krip Rojanastien, chair and CEO

resume, in accordance with local

of Chiva-Som. "We always make the

government guidelines and advice.

wellness of our guests our priority."

“We’re reopening with a mission to

The resort is reopening with

enhance our services further, at a time

heightened hygiene measures to

when it is essential to feel safe. Staying

protect both staff and guests such as

well is the key to combating future viral

mandatory PPE, temperature checks,

attacks. The world will never be the

deep-cleaning and social-distancing.

same, but wellness is here to stay,”


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Made for Life inks Amazon deal In response to the COVID-19

with Amazon was a natural

pandemic, skincare brand

step forward and is an

Made for Life Organics

essential part of the business

has signed a deal to sell

strategy moving forward.

its products via Amazon

“At Made for Life, we

while spas are closed.

believe this will benefit spas

The move was motivated by a

when they reopen, as new

desire to expand the organic

customers will have already

beauty business’ reach and

discovered the benefits of

ultimately provide a window

our products during lockdown

to a wider audience and

and want to experience

community of wellness fans.

these in a spa setting,”

Made for Life founder, Amanda

concluded Winwood.

Winwood said: “Partnering



Liz Terry +44 (0)1462 431385


Astrid Ros +44 (0)1462 471911

Head of news

Tom Walker +44 (0)1462 431385

Product editor

Lauren Heath-Jones +44 (0)1462 471927


Megan Whitby +44 (0)1462 471906

Advertising sales

Sarah Gibbs +44 (0)1462 471908 ■■Guests can privately hire Anantara Kihavah in the Maldives Advertising sales


Paul Thorman

Anantara offers private resort hire Anantara Hotels, Resorts

the risk of being exposed to

and Spas is offering resort-

the virus from other guests.

hire packages at its island

Resorts involved include

destinations in Mozambique,

Anantara Medjumbe Island

the Maldives and the UAE.

Resort in Mozambique, Sir

The experience allows

Bani Yas Island by Anantara

guests to take over resorts

in the UAE as well as

with exclusive access to

Anantara Kihavah Maldives

spas, restaurants and

Villas and Anantara Dhigu

resort facilities. Developed

Resort in the Maldives.

in response to COVID-19,

All resorts, except the

the offer provides guests

Mozambique destination, will

with a private luxury travel

provide wellness offerings.

experience which removes


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Advertising sales

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spa & wellness news DEVELOPMENT

Construction of US$5bn resort is 'on track' Austrian developer Josef

individual European country

Kleindienst’s US$5bn

and feature appropriate

mega-resort project, The

leisure opportunities.

Heart of Europe, in Dubai

Accommodation options

is on track to complete

will include three-level

phase one of construction,

floating seahorse villas,

despite COVID-19.

Germany Island, Sweden

The Heart of Europe is

Island, Switzerland Island,

claimed to feature the world’s

Côte D’Azur Resort (with

first floating underwater spa

four hotels), Portofino Hotel,

as well as 15 unique hotels

Honeymoon Island and The

and resorts spread across six

Floating Venice Island – the

islands designed to showcase

resort which is home to

European culture, heritage

the underwater spa.

and lifestyle experiences,

The Portofino Hotel

such as the world's first

will also double up as a

climate-controlled rainy street.

wellness hub and feature a

The project was announced in 2014 by The Kleindienst Group and has been under construction ever since. Each of Kleindienst’s hotels will be themed on an

■■The mega-resort includes 15 unique hotels and resorts

women-only wellness centre inspired by Italian luxury. “Our aim is to deliver a new iconic experience,”

Our aim is to deliver a new iconic experience Josef Kleindienst

commented Kleindienst. MORE:


Fairmont reopens flagship Chateau Lake Louise spa Accor-owned luxury hotel group Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has reopened four hotel and spa destinations in Canada. Fairmont’s flagship resort, Chateau Lake Louise, is offering limited spa

■■Chateau Lake Louise is Fairmont's

services and treatments, while

flagship destination in Canada

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Fairmont Banff Springs and Fairmont Chateau

we can, so we’re working to a phased

Whistler spas are limited to hair salon

approach and being extremely careful.

appointments and retail services.

We're working to a phased approach and being extremely careful Daniel Poulin


Accor’s director of spa and fitness for

"Accor is providing strong basic guidelines to start with – then we’re going

North and Central America, Daniel Poulin,

to gradually encourage spa directors

said the company is remaining cautious

to add in state-specific regulations

yet flexible in its reopening approach.

depending on their location.”

“We want to offer the best experience


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SHA Wellness Clinic partners with NASA Integrative medi-wellness

natural therapies, SHA’s

facility, SHA Wellness

booster is designed to restore

Clinic, will be welcoming

and stimulate the body’s

guests from 22 July 2020

natural immunity, with the

with new programmes and

goal of enabling the body

treatments co-developed

to be in the best condition

with NASA and Harvard.

for defeating threats to

Upon reopening, the

health and wellbeing.

clinic in Alicante, Spain,

Alejandro Bataller, SHA VP,

will launch a dedicated

told Spa Business insider:

immune-boosting regime to be

“We've implemented these

conducted during its signature seven-day Rebalance programme, in response to

We've implemented changes to ensure staff and guests' safety Alejandro Bataller

the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a combination

changes with the help of our medical team. It's an ambitious plan to ensure that our beloved guests and staff are kept safe in our facilities.” MORE:

of medical treatments and

Mandarin Oriental debuts staff mental health programme





Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is launching a mental wellness course as its staff gradually ■■The course teaches staff emotional resilience

return to its reopened hotel and spa destinations.

during the pandemic and to

The company is creating a four-week course for

help them to come back to

colleagues – called Inner

work being at their best,” said

Strength Outer Strength –

Jeremy McCarthy, speaking

to encourage new habits

to Spa Business insider. The course is split into

which instil physical vitality, mindfulness,

four modules: body, mind and

emotional resilience and

character, managing stress

positive psychology, and

mindfully, self-compassion and

to help them come back

loving-kindness and bringing

to work even stronger. “This course is designed to help our colleagues stay strong, both physically and emotionally, to support them SBinsider ISSUE 347

The course will help our colleagues to be emotionally strong Jeremy McCarthy

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020


strength to personal missions. Mandarin has announced that it will also offer a similar course for guests. MORE:

spa & wellness news DIGITAL WELLNESS

Close the extra tabs, you only need one Book4Time integrates with over 50 hotel payment, marketing automation and

Healing Hotels launches virtual retreat Anne Biging and Elisabeth

and mindful eating advice and

Ixmeier, co-founders of Healing

Q&A sessions for participants

Hotels of the World, have

to reflect and share what they

partnered with five healing

learned during the retreat. participant's surroundings

retreat during lockdown.

into a digital temple for

The two-day event is designed to guide participants

two days,” said Biging.

to develop a renewed sense

They'll find a place of

of self-awareness and

peace and contentment, Biging and Ixmeier want the

positivity, despite the current

inventory management

world circumstances.


shamanic healing sessions, classes and intention-setting

This retreat will transform participant's surroundings into a digital temple

sessions, as well as cooking

Anne Biging

The schedule will include meditation and movement

Learn More

“This retreat will transform

specialists to co-host a digital

retreat to enable people to better understand and connect with their body and discover how to use movement as a means to refresh it. MORE:


Anantara launches immune-boosting massage oil Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas’ spa and wellness facilities will re-open with a host of immune-

■■The product contains a blend of pure essential oils

boosting initiatives. of bacteria, fungi and viruses,

Anantara Spa has marked

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite platforms and more

the occasion by unveiling

while eucalyptus oil and

an all-new signature

rosemary oil have natural

massage oil dedicated

anti-inflammatory properties

to supporting the body’s

and are thought to act as

natural defence system.

immune system boosters.

oil, citrus aurantium peel

of MSpa, the corporate

extract, eucalyptus oil and

division of spa and wellness

rosemary – all ingredients

for Anantara, said: “We

known for their immuneboosting properties. Both

clove oil and citrus aurantium peel extract are claimed to protect against a wide range


Zoe Wall, group director

The oil contains clove

We hope our new massage oil will give guests peace of mind Zoe Wall

hope our new signature massage oil will give guests peace of mind knowing they're in safe hands.” MORE:

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

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Spa Insights

All of our residents and guests will enjoy access to proven health and wellness therapies and programmes Kittisak Pattamasaevi Montara Hospitality Group CEO

Community wellness In 2022, Thailand is set to welcome its largest and most comprehensive wellness destination – Tri Vananda


angkok-based developer Montara Hospitality Group (MHG) is investing THB6,600bn (US$209m, £165m) into Asia’s upcoming most comprehensive

wellness destination and residential community, Tri Vananda, in Thailand. Scheduled for completion in 2022, the project is being developed with the help of industry figures Sue Harmsworth and Amy McDonald. McDonald’s wellness consultancy, Under a Tree, has been commissioned to provide wellness for conceptual and technical pre-opening services, while Harmsworth is acting as wellness advisor to MHG. Spread across 230 acres in a

■■The vision for the project is strongly influenced

12 26

hillside setting, the community will be

by spirituality and Buddhism – Tri Vananda

surrounded by lakes and anchored by a

will reguarly accomodate visiting monks

wellness resort specialising in cognitive ©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd SBinsider 2020 ISSUE 347

■■Tri Vananda will be anchored by a wellness centre

The community will focus on the importance of cognitive health, the gut microbiome, immunity and respiratory health wellbeing and integrative and functional

respiratory health and building

medicine, with a focus on blending the

a strong immune system.

best of medical and holistic wellness. Although the project has been

In addition, guests will able to visit a 30-treatment-room spa with

ongoing for 15 months and is awaiting

separate-sex thermal rooms, relaxation

construction, the team recently

spaces, a hammam and sauna as

reviewed final plans following the

well as a lakeside fitness centre.

global pandemic to ensure the project

The destination has been

is designed to suit the needs of future

conceptualised to welcome all ages to

guests in a post-COVID-19 world.

experience wellness and will include

Tri Vananda’s health and wellness

a dedicated club for young visitors

amenities have been planned to include

aged 8-13 years, designed to help

a health centre with consultation

foster a wellness-led lifestyle.

rooms for medical and preventative

The vision for Tri Vananda is also

treatments and traditional Thai medicine

heavily influenced by spirituality which

therapies, a cognitive health centre,

motivated the inclusion of a dedicated

and facilities for functional health

mindfulness centre with visiting monks

diagnostics, aimed at treating residents

and outdoor areas for meditation.

and guests with tailored programmes. The destination is going to focus,

community and wellness destination for visiting guests

“All of our residents and guests will enjoy access to proven health and

in particular, on the importance of

wellness therapies and programmes,”

cognitive health, the gut microbiome,

said MHG CEO Kittisak Pattamasaevi. ●

SBinsider ISSUE 347ISSUE ©Cybertrek 347 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd 2020

■■Tri Vananda will be a residential

27 13




| Consultancy |

Realization | Turn Key | After Sales |




e Stand

The body achieves what the mind believes


Spa Insights

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE ISPA has begun its Town Hall Meeting series to share insights and observations of spa leaders who’ve reopened businesses as lockdown eases


SPA has kicked off its Town Hall

‘non-negotiable’ aspect of reopening.

than ever and they’re willing to pay.”

Mersberger explained that his spa

Poulin agreed: “There’s no problem

from industry leaders as spas

is assigning two treatment rooms to

with price, as the phone is ringing off

reopen across the globe.

each therapist, so they can rest from

the hook. People want 90-minute

PPE after treatments and conduct

treatments and they’re ordering

back-to-back treatments if needed.

multiple treatments at a time. Maybe

Meeting series to share learnings

The first event on 3 June saw 500 people sign in to hear an expert panel tackle

The conversation continued with

it’s the first wave and we’ll have to

issues from pricing to managing

Tepper stating that her employees must

adjust in future, but at the moment

challenging customers.

wear masks and gloves at all times.

people are craving our offering so

The panel, including spa directors

However, this is a matter the

we’ve no need to lower prices.” “Be smart about your pricing,”

Tracy Harper, from Sun Valley; Dawn

industry needs to address, to establish

MacLellan, St. Andrews Country

if customers want to be massaged

said Huey, “being mindful of your

Club; Accor’s Daniel Poulin, Garrett

in this way – Tepper said in her

price integrity will be key to the

Mersberger, ISPA chair; Daisy Tepper

experience, 99 per cent of guests say

success of your business.”

from Post Oak and Landry; was

they don’t want therapists to deliver

moderated by Patrick Huey from

massage treatments using gloves.

Learnings from reopening Huey then asked panellists what

Montage Hotels and Resorts. How much to charge?

they’d do in hindsight, having

PPE breaks

Huey next asked whether anyone

reopened their facilities.

The leaders unanimously agreed

planned on changing prices. The general

that spas must give therapists

consensus was that these would remain

experience shows spas should prepare

breaks from PPE, to support their

the same, but Tepper revealed she’s

for very high call volumes and should

wellbeing and also to allow for

planning to raise them in a month.

dedicate a portion of their budget to

“Price isn't an issue,” she said,

having someone answer the phones”.

thorough cleaning to be carried out.

He kicked off saying: “Montage’s

MacLellan and Tepper said breaks –

“we’re not planning on dropping our

Harper recommended ordering and

ranging from 15 to 30 minutes – are a

prices because people need us more

securing supplies of PPE and signage well in advance of re-opening while

PPE breaks for staff are a non-negotiable aspect of reopening after the pandemic 16 14

MacLellan wished she’d implemented a ‘COVID fee’ on top of treatment to help cover costs for PPE. The group mentioned the importance and popularity of retail in reopened spas. Poulin said that retailed products ©Cybertrek Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd SBinsider 2020 ISSUE 347

■■Demand is high following spa reopenings

We're not planning on dropping our prices because people need us more than ever and they're willing to pay are already flying off the shelves, with

why something is non-negotiable. The

body treatments such as scrubs

customers keen to buy, and that spas

last thing you need is bad press.”

and wraps. Although Mersberger

Huey added that having a private

shared that his spa is offering a

space with social-distancing in place

smaller menu than usual, each

What if guests won’t comply?

is also useful if it’s ever necessary

respondent unanimously said they’re

Huey then asked how they’re handling

to conduct a discreet secondary

still offering body treatments, with

difficulties with guests accepting

screening process for customers with

therapists equipped with PPE. The

new rules, panellists all agreed that

abnormal temperature readings.

only exception being Vichy showers,

must be prepared for this demand.

preparing and communicating new

Multiple panellists also suggested

which are not yet back on stream.

SOPs and hygiene practices with staff

preparing a commitment document

No panellist has yet opened

is crucial in the reopening process,

to send to guests before they arrive

their wet, steam or sauna areas –

as it helps empower therapists and

to provide peace of mind and prepare

Poulin explained: “This is because

makes them more comfortable

them in terms of what to expect.

it’s hard to social distance and

dealing with potential questions and pushback from guests.

Some panellists have updated their intake forms with COVID-appropriate

wear masks in these spaces.” The conversation shifted to back

questions and Harper and Poulin said all

of house and touched on whether

rules by customers is what’s going

of their clients are asked to sign an online

anyone had made modifications

to take time. Don’t underestimate

waiver before agreeing to a treatment.

for reopening. Changes mentioned

Poulin added: “Compliance with the

included controlling occupancy levels,

the commitment you need from your Changing the menu

introducing clear signage, offering

for them and guests and create a

Next, the question was posed about

hand sanitiser and marking out social

private space where they can explain

whether panellists were still offering

distancing guidelines on the floor. ●

people, identify the non-negotiables

SBinsider ISSUE 347ISSUE ©Cybertrek 347 Ltd ©Cybertrek 2020 Ltd 2020

15 17


Creating a seamless journey With 60 years of experience, Barr and Wray has long been known for excellence in technical design for wellness. Design director Graeme Banks explains the company also offers interior design services


arr and Wray offers the full package in spa design,” stated Banks, “we provide both interior and technical design and have been creating spa designs for 60 years, so we’ve got knowledge and experience in abundance and fully understand the process of designing a spa.” The company provides a complete service, starting from concept design to construction documentation and post-contract supervision. Its service encompasses the entire spa, including wet areas, receptions, relaxation areas, changing rooms, treatment rooms and more. “As a company, our most important design goal is that the flow of the spa must work,” he continued, “the final product should be a seamless journey transitioning the guests through the different zones and experiences of the spa.” As Barr and Wray see it, it’s crucial the engineering and operational aspects are consistently integrated and thoroughly thought through during the design planning process. “We appreciate a spa project is a complex and specialist endeavour which requires a specialist consultant. It’s no good having a great looking spa if all the engineering and

The One Spa, Edinburgh

Our most important design goal is that the flow of the spa must work

Barr and Wray offers an integrated interior design solution


82 issue 2 2020

operations don’t work,” said Banks. “We make sure all aspects are designed and integrated to create a cohesive final product.” The company’s most recent design project was unveiled at the recently opened Jumeirah Talise Spa in Abu Dhabi, a 2,200sq m standalone spa with 15 treatment rooms situated in a modern building within the grounds of the Jumeirah Saadiyat Island Resort. Barr and Wray produced a spa with separate-sex changing facilities, individual male and female wet lounges, a vitality pool, plunge pool, sauna, salt room and steamroom, as well as a rasul, ice fountain and experience showers and hammam with private scrub rooms. Looking ahead, Banks believes spas and wellness facilities will be crucial in continuing the support of and emphasis on health and wellbeing in a post-pandemic world. “I think this virus has brought into perspective the need to stay healthy in both body and mind, and in my opinion, a spa can only help you to achieve this.” l

©Cybertrek Ltd 2020

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Interior Design I Engineering Design I Pool + Thermal Installation I Maintenance In these unprecedented times we are continuing to support our fantastic spa community Stay Safe and Well

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■■■The treatment is designed for one client and is completed with a meditation session

Himalayan Source responds to COVID-19 with launch of private halotherapy experience


alotherapy equipment

for one client and features

halogenerator which is claimed

Source has announced

a glowing Himalayan salt

to support clients’ respiratory

it’s diversified to offer private

wall, a halogenerator which

health. Guided meditation

salt therapy treatments in

produces pharmaceutical-

rounds out the experience to

response to COVID-19.

grade particles of salt and a

restore body, mind and spirit.

suggested as a complementary

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salt particles created by the

supplier Himalayan

Halotherapy has been

■■■Ann Brown, Himalayan Source

The treatment is designed

far-infrared heat therapy mat to be laid on treatment tables.

“We designed this private halotherapy experience to

therapy when treating COVID-

During the treatment, spa

19 because salt therapy has

clients will relax on a massage

returning to spas,” said

anti-bacterial properties and

table that provides far-infrared

Ann Brown, co-founder

studies have proved it can

heat therapy, combined

of Himalayan Source.

relieve symptoms of upper and

with gemstones, pulsed

lower respiratory conditions.

electromagnetic held therapy

anxiety it’s crucial we support

Himalayan Source has

(PEMF) and LED light therapy,

both guest health and

developed a concept that

while they enjoy a soothing view

wellness in our community.”

uses multiple treatment

of a glowing Himalayan salt wall.

modalities, which require

As guests relax on the

minimal human contact.

spa bed, they will breathe in

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help clients feel comfortable

“During this time of high




Barr + Wray to launch space saving hammam concept


maller footprint. Maximum theatre. Those are the two main features of

a new hammam concept

■■■Light shines through a chandelier to create a feeling of movement

being developed by wet spa specialists Barr + Wray.

and have domes up to six

casting shadows around the

metres high. In comparison,

room and reflecting off glass

the impact of a traditional,

Barr + Wray's suggested model

mosaics on the floor to create

large-domed hammam, but

requires a minimum of 40sq m

a feeling of movement. The

don't have the luxury of space

and this includes a steamroom

steamroom and tepidarium

and don't want to compromise

and tepidarium flowing from

also use colour effects, while

by just offering something like

the main chamber, plus a dome

indirect and backlighting add

a scrub room,” says design

around four metres high.

to the overall atmosphere.

“A lot of clients would like

■■■Graeme Banks, Barr + Wray

director, Graeme Banks. It's not unusual for traditional hammams to cover 100sq m

Clever design adds a sense of drama. Light shines through a striking central chandelier,


Kemitron develops multi-surface disinfectant to support spas reopening after lockdown


erman spa and wellness

Desino is effective

so we quickly adapted our

hygiene specialist,

against the Coronavirus

formula. After all, one of the

Kemitron, has developed a

and also protects against

requirements after restrictions

versatile surface disinfectant

other viruses, as well as

are lifted will be extensive

called Desino, in response

bacteria, fungi and algae.

and thorough disinfection.

to the growing number of

As a disinfectant, it can

Fortunately, we’ve been able

spa operators preparing

be applied directly without

to maintain our supply chains

new hygiene standards in

dilution to a range of surfaces

so that we can still reach

anticipation of re-opening

including plastic, leather, wood,

our customers quickly.”

as lockdown eases.

stainless steel and metals.

The company has also announced it's developing a ■■■Stephan Mayer-Klenk, Kemitron

re-opening checklist to provide support and guidance for spas

Stephan Mayer-Klenk,

and wellness businesses as

Kemitron MD, said: “We’ve been active in the industry

■■■Desino can disinfect plastic,


lockdown measures are eased. Kemitron was originally

for many decades and we’ve

founded in 1977 and began

learned about the worries that

by producing and distributing

the closure of spa and wellness

products for cleaning, water

facilities has brought with it.

care and disinfection.

“We try to deal with these

leather, wood, and

concerns thoroughly and find

stainless steel

uncomplicated solutions,


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There’s a growing There’s a growing understandingunderstanding by consumers by consumers that wellness is that driven wellness is driven from the inside from out, as thewell inside out, as well as from the outside as from in the outside in MARK AND KIRA WALTON

Why is VOYA expanding into supplements? The launch of the Sea Ór range of supplements was driven by science. There’s no plant on the planet which has such a varied level of minerals, vitamins and active compounds as seaweed. At VOYA, our knowledge of this power is transferable – there are many synergies between skincare and supplements, and they marry well from a commercial perspective for operators. There’s a growing understanding by consumers that wellness is driven from the inside out, as well as from the outside in and that high-end supplementation can underpin health. What was the inspiration for the new brand? We’ve been heavily involved in seaweed R&D for a long time. We work regularly with three universities isolating skincare compounds that are functional and beneficial.


Why Rather is VOYA serendipitously, expandingin into supplements? developing our skincare line, The launch of the Sea aÓr we’ve also uncovered lotrange of of supplements was driven by science. useful information that’s been There’s no plant on theour planet beneficial in developing which of hassupplements. such a varied level of range minerals, vitamins and active With whom did you work compounds as seaweed. onAt the formulations? VOYA, our knowledge of A number partners – in this powerof is technical transferable – there particular University of Ulster are many the synergies between in Irelandand which performed and skincare supplements, our useratrials. theydouble-blind marry well from commercial perspective for operators. TellThere’s us about the understanding a growing Sea Ór supplements by consumers that wellness is They drivenoffer fromextremely the insidehigh out,levels as of active ingredients, such well as from the outside in as and vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as that high-end supplementation probiotics, to give the maximum can underpin health. health benefits to the consumer. What inspiration Onewas Sea the Ór supplement for thenegate new brand? might taking two or three We’vebrand been supplements. heavily involved in other seaweed for to a long Each is R&D tailored give time. We work regularly with different results. For example, three universities isolating our Orplex Body supplement skincare compounds that are will support the immune functional beneficial. system, hasand anti-inflammatory

Rather serendipitously, in developing our skincare line, we’ve also uncovered a lot of useful information that’s been and antioxidant properties, beneficial in developing our supports a healthy digestive range of supplements. system and reduces fatigue. With didand youNails work Ourwhom Hair, Skin on the formulations? supplement supports collagen A numberfor of technical partners formation healthy skin repair,– in particular the University Ulster while protecting against of oxidative in Ireland performed stress and which promoting the growth ourhealthy double-blind user trials. of nails and hair.

What’s Tell us about the Orplex™ the complex? Sea patented Ór supplements Our Orplex blend forms They offerofextremely high levels the basis the supplements. ofItactive ingredients, as contains a mixturesuch of super vitamins A, B, C is and E, as to well asÓr. ingredients and unique Sea probiotics, give the maximum The exacttobreakdown is a closely health benefits the consumer. guarded secret, to but it includes One‘superheroes’ Sea Ór supplement health such as fucus might negate taking two or three serratus and laminaria digitata other brand supplements. seaweeds, coenzyme Q10 and zinc. Each is tailored to give What is the ethos ofexample, different results. For the Ór Body brand? our Sea Orplex supplement Functional, functional. will supportfunctional, the immune Sea Ór ishas very similar to VOYA, but system, anti-inflammatory also distinct. We’re a sustainable and environmentally-friendly brand that’s carbon neutral and uses responsible packaging. Sea Ór has been developed to offer consumers highly effective nutritional support using organic ingredients, underpinned by science. VOYA’s Sea Ór supplements are available online now at and will be available in VOYA spas and retail outlets soon.

Kira and Mark Walton have built their business Kira around and Mark the power Walton ofhave seaweed built their business around the power of seaweed

and antioxidant proper supports a healthy dige system and reduces fat Our Hair, Skin and N supplement supports c formation for healthy sk while protecting agains stress and promoting th of healthy nails and hai

What’s the Orplex™ c Our patented Orplex b the basis of the supple It contains a mixture ingredients and is uniq The exact breakdown guarded secret, but it i health ‘superheroes’ su serratus and laminaria d seaweeds, coenzyme Q

What is the ethos of the Sea Ór brand? Functional, functional, Sea Ór is very similar to also distinct. We’re a su and environmentally-fri brand that’s carbon neu uses responsible packa Sea Ór has been dev to offer consumers high effective nutritional sup using organic ingredien underpinned by scienc VOYA’s Sea Ór supp are available online no and will be ava VOYA spas and retail o issue 2 2020 103


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