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Spa software Spokespeople from leading spa software suppliers globally share their insights on booking trends and standout data since coming out of lockdown

Madeleine Raynel

Average spend per head is now higher than the pre-lockdown rate of £38 (US$50, €42)

TREATWELL Across Europe, Ireland the UK, there’s been a real uplift in weekday bookings. Fridays and Saturdays used to make up 41.4 per cent of all bookings, and that’s dropped to 34.7 per cent with the rest per cent from £282 (US$367, equally spread. With more €312) in July last year – as flexible work/home lives, people dreamed of escaping customers aren’t restricted by and a nervousness to travel 9-5 hours and can escape to abroad encouraged staycations. spas more easily. Operators However, that boost was might now want to relook at short-lived and the average traditional peak and off-peak dropped to £262 (US$341, €290) pricing and availability and in September, minus 8.3 per adjust everything from rates cent year on year, as consumers to employee rotas to ensure feel less confident about they’re matching demand. spending money During lockdown, and return to a price we saw consumers conscious mentality. booking spa breaks and paying There’s been This means spas will need to be mindful comparatively more a real uplift of pricing well, and for them – £344 in weekday offering flexible (US$448, €381) in cancellations. July 2020, up 22 bookings 96 spabusiness.com issue 4 2020

Darren Pick iSALON Average bookings prelockdown for all our spa clients were 7,000-8,000 a day. These jumped back once restrictions were relaxed and have now settled down to around 6,000 a day. It can be assumed that the slightly lower number of bookings is a result of reduced capacity at peak times as a result of restrictions in spas. It’s interesting to note that the average spend per customer is higher than the pre-lockdown rate of £38 (US$50, €42). In Q2, during lockdown, average spend went up to £40 (US$52, €44), which we believe is due to online retail. It then spiked in July at £50 (US$65, €55), probably a result of people having multiple treatments and services, and now sits at around £42 (US$55, €46). This could be the result of an increase in prices, spas applying a COVID charge or only providing services of a higher value and removing services with little or no value.


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Spa Business issue 4 2020  

Spa Business issue 4 2020