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The need to relax and disconnect is universal and this gives Aire a wide appeal across all demographics Amadeo Serra, CEO, Aire


ire’s global portfolio of eight properties have all reopened after respective regional lockdowns and, according to CEO Amadeo Serra, business is thriving and demand is flooding in once again. Spa Business spoke with Serra to get a deeper insight into the inner workings of the business and its growth plans for the future. How would you describe the Aire concept? All Aire Ancient Baths are temples of relaxation. In the beginning, we were inspired by ancient civilisations and their tradition of thermal baths and chose to recreate this experience in historical buildings, focusing on the benefits of water for both body and mind. The Aire Experience was born as a result of the need that we all have in the modern world to disconnect. So we created an oasis in which you can escape and be transported to a place where time doesn’t exist. What makes the day spa bathing concept popular? Unlike traditional day spas we offer a range of experience – baths of different temperatures which guests can sample as a standalone package or combine with one of our exclusive relaxing treatments or rituals. What makes Aire so popular is that it’s one of the few locations that truly offers complete relaxation. Every step of the client journey is carefully considered so the guests are free to relax from the moment they’re in our care.

Serra says each Aire site is chosen for its historic connection to the host city

What are your development plans? We’ve been growing steadily over the past couple of years, opening in Copenhagen last August and now focusing on establishing Aire in London as a key destination. We’ll also expand further with an opening in Toronto planned for 2023.

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What made you choose the international cities that you’re located in? After establishing four Spanish locations, the natural next step was to expand the brand to key international locations.