Spa Business issue 3 2021

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Therme Group is working to become net-zero carbon


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Sustainability According to UN scientists, we’re at a code red situation. Everyone needs to act now if we’re going to avert climate catastrophe, so how should the spa industry respond? Kath Hudson reports


his year there have been uncontrollable fires raging in Greece and California and catastrophic floods in Germany – among other things. Added to this we have melting icebergs, a major pollution problem from single-use plastics, which COVID-19 is adding to, and a continued reliance on fossil fuels. The latest climate report from the UN says the ongoing emissions of warming gases could see a key temperature limit broken in just over a decade, while a rise in sea levels approaching 2m by the end of the century cannot be ruled out. It’s depressingly sobering stuff and we need to act fast to avert catastrophe. Behaving in a more environmentally conscious way can seem costly and inconvenient, yet there are tangible business benefits, including attracting the best new talent, adopting lean business techniques which save money on

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waste and procurement, inspiring team and client loyalty and elevated brand recognition. Everyone has a responsibility to be part of the solution, but with the spa industry’s emphasis on promoting good health and wellbeing, we should be leading the way. Spas which are doing it well are not making piecemeal changes, they are embedding sustainability as part of their business DNA, from the top down so that it’s a consideration in every decision. Success is measured not just in the bottom line, but the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. It’s a radical mindset change, but an essential one. Kath Hudson is editor of the Spa Business Handbook ■