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by Megan Whitby, assistant editor

spa people We can start a wellness revolution by making sure more people are exposed to the benefits of functional medicine Dr Mark Hyman

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Michael Tompkins

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into account, including lifestyle, genetics and the environment to determine the triggers of diseases or chronic conditions, and also to help healthy individuals stay well. Once triggers are identified, a customised healthy living plan incorporating components of traditional, holistic and alternative medicine practices is created to address physical, mental and emotional needs and stressors. For Hyman, nutrition is functional medicine’s first-line therapy, but it also has a vast array of different modalities ranging from acupressure to iridology and magnet therapy to body and breathwork. “Food is the most important tool in my medical toolbox,” he explains, “It works faster, better and is cheaper than most medications. “I believe we can start a wellness revolution by making sure more people are exposed to the benefits of functional and integrative medicine, and by making sure top facilities have the most qualified candidates to help lead this charge.” To put words into action, Hyman recently joined forces with hospitality recruiting firm Hutchinson Consulting to

Hyman says food is the most important tool in his medical toolbox

help source and refer facilities that need certified functional and integrative medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and other health professionals. The partnership came to fruition after Hutchinson Consulting partner Michael Tompkins and Hyman reconnected, after working together 20 years ago, to address the fact that demand for functional medicine recruitment specialists is outpacing the number of certified providers. “We noticed a deficit in pairing functional and integrative physician and nurse practitioners with the best resorts, spas and wellness centres around the US,” said Tompkins. “For over two decades, patients have been seeking answers to chronic health conditions and experienced little benefit from traditional approaches. Instead they’ve found success with functional medicine treatments. “The process of weaving a web of modalities to treat

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n 2021, the world is still grappling with the pandemic and its consequent mental and physical health effects. Plus, one in three adults globally suffer from at least one chronic condition. In the midst of this health crisis, Dr Mark Hyman MD believes functional medicine has the power to be life-changing in the health and wellbeing of patients. Hyman is a practising family physician, leader in the field of functional medicine, 14-times New York Times best-seller and head of strategy and innovation of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is a patient-centred healing approach that takes all aspects of a person