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Guests are more interested in prevention and acquiring the know-how around good health the sinuses and vocal chords, hence vapour inhalations are at the core of a unique Voice programme for professional singers which will launch this year. The unusually green waters follow an eight-month journey from source to facility where they’re pumped into the public terme for use in pools, baths, showers and inhalations, as well as the clinic’s own underground spa in a range of pools and immersive experiences including Aqua Reborn, a transformative watsu-like treatment.

Posture and nutrition Postural alignment is another strong element included in the Long Life Formula on the understanding that it effects so many aspects of our overall wellbeing. “Posture is the first business card of a human,” says Marco De Angelis, a doctor with a degree in sports medicine. “It’s a reflection of our lifestyle, physical strength, mood and eating habits.” He teaches guests how to walk for comfort,


The designer hotel has 104 guestrooms

Lucia Magnani Health Clinic


The 1,000sq m Lucia Magnani medi spa has 28 rooms, including medical suites and those for aesthetic treatments. Bbspa worked on the restructure of the original clinic and also created a new 11-room wellness and spa treatment area including four cabins dedicated to thermal treatments, and a pre and post experience area.

Three-night packages start from €2,900 (US$3,222, £2,513)

Suppliers Starpool, Lemi, Aquaform and Lucia Magnani’s own skincare range

Nine wellness packages Clean, Weight Loss, Evergreen, Relax, Energy, Sport, Re-Start, Smoke, Voice

for balanced weight-bearing and for efficient positioning of internal organs. “It takes three days to reverse postural patterning. When it’s correct, we face our problems in a positive way,” he says. De Angelis also advises on nutrition, drawing up bespoke meal plans which

Grand Hotel Castrocaro The hotel onsite has 104 rooms with rates starting at €180 (US$200, £156). It has two restaurants and a bar

Castrocaro Terme Thermal treatment and leisure centre with two pools. Day patient and doctor consultations typically start at €35 (US$39, £30) or form part of a state-paid prescription for rehabilitation. It’s open to both clinic and hotels guests too, but is currently closed following COVID-19

outline specific portions for each food group. He’s an advocate of five small meals a day, combining deliciously prepared dishes and snacks, each with protein, cereals, vegetables and fruit. His food philosophy aims to keep metabolism and the Glycemic Index at steady levels for optimum energy.

Exemplary architecture Unlike many European health centres, the 8-hectare Castrocaro site is an icon of art deco style and has been faithfully renovated to honour its original designer, Tito Chini, who was one of Italy’s leading proponents of mid-century style. Both the clinic and hotel are full of exemplary paintings, furniture and artefacts of the period. In summation, Castrocaro is a new addition to the canon of Europe’s five-star health properties, with the added benefit of mineral water cures, its own wellness philosophy and splendid architecture, in a quiet, rural region of north Italy. l Postural alignment is a key focus says sports medicine doctor Marco De Angelis

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Spa Business issue 3 2020  

Spa Business issue 3 2020