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Clockwise from left: The Forest Design; the Rock Cave and below, the new Snøhetta Cubic Design

Independent microbiological analysis confirms the safety of TechnoAlpin SnowRooms in relation to COVID-19. There is no increased risk to people while using them for fine body massages. The Forest Design creates a moment of inner peace, enabling people to enjoy the charm of nature. The Rock Cave is a special retreat. The walls and ceiling are shaped to create niches and small resting places and to encourage the formation of soft snow deposits which can be taken for gentle body massages. The rock design creates an intimate, cosy place of rest to find oneself and reconnect with the personal wellbeing journey. In addition, TechnoAlpin can white label, brand and customise its snowrooms, as well as sourcing suitable accessories for things such as fragrances or sounds.

Hygiene proven High standards of hygiene have always been a guiding principle for TechnoAlpin, with all snowroom designs being conceived so they’re easy to keep clean and maintain. To ensure additional safety in the time of COVID-19, the company recently engaged experts from the independent institute for microbiological testing, as well as consultants for hygiene and occupational safety to examine the SnowRoom and report on its transmission control credentials. They found that surfaces, snow and air quality in the rooms are absolutely harmless, because conditions in the room destroy microorganisms.

“The independent analysis confirms the safety of TechnoAlpin SnowRooms,” says Brenninger. “The temperatures are well below freezing, resulting in the death of all viruses and bacteria, so there is no increased risk to people while using our SnowRooms.” To complete the test, scientists ran a sevenday operating cycle as a simulation, which continuously analysing the air, surface and snow. Even after seven days, the snow still exhibited microbiological parameters which indicated it was fit for human consumption, being completely free from pathogenic bacteria, while the indoor air quality met the highest classification category. “Based on these evaluation, the SnowRoom can be operated without further safety measures,” says Brenninger, “however, operators are still recommended to advise customers to observe social distancing.” ● Find out more: www.technoalpin.com spabusiness.com issue 3 2020 77

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Spa Business issue 3 2020  

Spa Business issue 3 2020