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Snøhetta has redefined the snowroom with its new Cubic Design, to create three dimentional walls


the snowroom

Italian snowroom expert, TechnoAlpin, has collaborated with groundbreaking architectural practice, Snøhetta, to create a snowroom like no other


alled the Cubic Design, the new SnowRoom is the latest to join the TechnoAlpin range and was inspired by landscapes after a fresh snowfall. “Nature and natural phenomenon often inspire our architecture and design,” says Patrick Lüth, managing director of Snøhetta Studio, Innsbruck. “With this design, our intention was to create a ‘landscape experience’. Snøhetta have introduced a new vocabulary into the snowroom genre, with this 3D cube-style SnowRoom interior, where the usual hard features giving way to something more forgiving, as Lüth explains: “The transformation of rough shapes and hard edges into a soft surface recalls tranquil winter landscapes. Furthermore, people can touch this soft interior landscape and feel the snow, so the SnowRoom offers an Patrick Lüth, managing experience for all the senses.” director Snøhetta “In nature, snow acts like Studio Innsbruck a soft focus, transforming hard, angular rocks into a soft, calm landscape,” says Sara Brenninger, product manager at TechnoAlpin. “In the Snøhetta SnowRoom mountain landscapes are stylistically represented by

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small cubes on three-dimensional walls, which visually create the topographic ‘ups and downs’. “Freshly snow is produced each day, changing the SnowRoom into a soft place of peace and relaxation. Sitting areas invite guests to linger and enjoy the gentle cold to the full, while the fresh new snow that remains on the surfaces of the cubes can be used for individual snow massages,” she says. Transformative innovation is TechnoAlpin’s first principle and the Cubic Design SnowRoom by Snøhetta proves this commitment also applies to design. The 3D structure represents a completely new style of interior in the wellness market, through both its modern geometry and the choice of materials, while various colour options also allow for individual design.

Other design options In addition to the new Cubic Design, TechnoAlpin offers further alternative design options that delight with their versatility. The Forest Design can create an oasis of peace in a ‘wooded clearing’ in the middle of the wellness area. In this room, the snow gathers on the winter tree and can be used

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Spa Business issue 3 2020  

Spa Business issue 3 2020