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The dome combines FIR, plasma- and light-therapies to revitalise the skin and boost metabolism

GHARIENI: MLX i³Dome ●● Gharieni’s new MLX i³Dome combines

three therapies – far infrared (FIR) with plasma- and light-therapies (PLT) – to offer a touchless experience. ●● Clients lie underneath the dome which exposes them to long-wave infrared rays while the PLT device rests above their head acting on the skin. ●● Benefits include revitalised skin,

increased collagen production and boosted metabolism. ●● Gharieni recommends offering 30- or 60-minute treatments, costing €30 (US$34, £27) and €50 (US$57, £45) respectively. ●● The company calculates 15 minutes for cleaning which involves disinfecting the dome, head device and lying surface. ●● Gharieni also suggests incorporating

an extra 15 minutes for seating and programming, meaning 30-minute treatments require between 45 minutes to an hour. In this case, if a spa was open for nine hours, it could offer 10 treatments a day. ●● The cost of a MLX i³Dome, including the PLT device, begins at €31,890 (US$36,494, £28,840).

HIMALAYAN SOURCE: ●● Himalayan Source says

treatment rooms can be transformed into private halotherapy experiences by installing a glowing Himalayan salt wall and halogenerator. ●● It suggests spas charge US$60 (€39, £36) for a 45-minute treatment where guests relax on a massage table while breathing in the salt particles. ●● Studies show halotherapy can relieve symptoms of upper and lower respiratory conditions and improve the skin. ●● It also has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties which Himalayan Source

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claims will help protect treatment rooms from viruses. ●● Cleaning takes 15 minutes and requires massage tables to be disinfected and disposable sheets on the bed to be replaced between sessions. ●● The company estimates that if a spa opened for nine hours a day, it could book nine treatments which could be topped up with yoga, chromotherapy, far-infrared heat mats or cryofacials. ●● A full wall and a halogenerator for a mediumsize treatment room costs US$10,000 (€8,730, £7,943) to US$14,000 (€12,222, £11,119), dependant on size. l


Private halotherapy experience

Rooms can be turned into private halotherapy experiences with a salt wall and halogenerator

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Spa Business issue 3 2020  

Spa Business issue 3 2020