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SPA-KIT.NET Christian Sommerhuber reveals elegant ceramic lounger Ceramics manufacturer Sommerhuber has created a new heated lounger model inspired by chic spa design and reconnecting with nature. CEO Christian Sommerhuber says: “Organic, light shapes and the comforting feel of natural infrared warmth are an invitation to dream and relax.” The Lounger One Plus offers a soothing and relaxing touchless thermal experience via a gentle

infrared heat. The warmth is stored, and emanates from, the ceramic surface which covers the ergonomically-designed lounger. Available in 15 different glazes, it can be customised to match its environment and can be upgraded with a USB charging port. The product’s electrically heated ceramic surface has been designed to be maintenance-free and only includes two transverse joints, making it easy to clean.

It combines organic, light shapes and the comforting feel of natural infrared warmth keyword:



Lounger One Plus offers a touchless thermal experience

Launched recently, YogiFi is being marketed as the world’s first smart yoga mat. YogiFi Series-1 (Pro) is designed to deliver personalised yoga sessions with an immersive virtual studio experience. It uses AI to recommend programmes based on the user’s history, current limitations and future goals. Pressure sensors embedded in the mat respond to touch, with visual and haptic feedback for posture correction. A projection view allows users to choose thematic landscapes as a backdrop for their sessions – ranging from

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YogiFi hailed as first smart yoga mat

Programmes are delivered via an app or wrist wearable

Visual and haptic sensors provide feedback for posture correction” Himalayan mountains, waterfalls and rainforests to exotic beaches. Meanwhile step-by-step audio instructions also include soothing background music and therapeutic

aroma dispensers have also been embedded inside the mat. keyword: