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Bbspa_Group has branched out from its traditional consultancy work to unveil 100% You, an antiviral spa uniform collection created to be durable, safe, fashionable and eco-friendly. The chic range is blended out of a natural yarn called polypropylene that is antibacterial, waterproof and can be disposed of in plastic waste. The collection is available in six sizes in various colours for men and women, all of which are officially certified as PPE. CEO Régis Boudon-Doris says the line is “inspired by the need to equip operators in the beauty,


Bbspa_Group’s antiviral uniforms are certified as PPE, says Régis Boudon-Doris

The professional clothing is safe, durable and comfortable wellness and spa sectors with safe, durable and comfortable professional clothing, especially in light of COVID-19”. The fabric is moth-proof, mould-proof, hypoallergenic, anti-odour and stain proof, meaning washing only requires 10 minutes of immersion in cold water. Boudon-Doris reveals that bbSpa_Group is now looking to harness polypropylene to produce spa linen and uniforms for healthcare professionals.

The clothing line is a new venture for spa consultancy bbSpa_Group keywords:


Tur’s Celloxy oxygen device is ideal for medi-wellness, says Maria Papadopoulou


Celloxy complements any rejuvenation, detoxification or anti ageing treatment

German medical supplier Tur Therapietechnik is targeting spas which are looking to get into medi-wellness with its brand-new Celloxy oxygen therapy device. The company specialises in altitude training equipment which uses depleted oxygen to induce a state of hypoxia. This encourages

Sessions can train the body to breathe more effectively

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the body to mobilise inner resources – breathing becomes more frequent and blood circulation increases to promote vitality. Celloxy implements gas separation techniques, more commonly used in aviation and aerospace technology, to alternate controlled hypoxia and oxygen-enriched air. Software ensures treatment parameters are altered according to each person. Maria Papadopoulou, commercial director at Tur, says a session lasts 45 minutes and can be used as a spa add-on or even carried out at the same time as some services. “Celloxy complements any rejuvenation, detoxification or anti ageing treatment,” she says. “It also boosts the immune system and trains the body to breathe more effectively – both of which are predicted to be the focus of the wellness and medical industry in 2022.” keywords:

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