Spa Business issue 2 2021

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Some Zenoti spas saw e-commerce retail increase up to 10-fold

Sudheer Koneru ZENOTI Zenoti offers a gift card webstore for sale of virtual, branded gift cards and Shopify integration for product e-commerce. Our spas promoted gift card and online product sales heavily during lockdown. Many operators offered a percentage of the gift card purchased to be donated back to the employees. These promotions in support of providers, became a great industry rallying cry, fuelling online gift card sales – they

accounted for 12-15 per cent of sales prior to the pandemic and peaked at 60 per cent during COVID closures. Our active Shopify customers saw e-commerce retail sales increase up to 10-fold, bolstered by virtual events that extended that experience with retail offerings. Examples included at home mani/pedi workshops and step-by-step facials all with e-commerce products for purchase immediately following.

Some spa operators saw a 50 per cent increase in skincare sales online in 2020, compared to the previous year Shez Namooya EZ-RUNNER The pandemic pushed Ez-Runner’s spa operators to fast forward their digital strategy with good results. They saw an uptick in skincare sales online, some by nearly 50 per cent, in 2020 compared to the previous year. We partner with e-commerce platform EKM to enable operators to sell retail items online while also being able to use their existing competitive merchant agreements. Functionality includes free

templates, the ability to chat online and to optimise via Google. We also offer a 28 day free trial. In addition, Ez-Runner partners with various distribution companies to make it easier to get products to customers. The ability to sell products online was a great option for spas during lockdown and gave them a way to continue trading. Operators had some great strategies in place such as self-care marketing campaigns.

Gift card purchases where a percentage of the revenue was donated back to employees fuelled online sales

Ilana Alberico SPA SPACE Spa Space is a new software platform that’s been in development for several years. It’s currently being beta tested and we expect it to launch with a number of spas imminently. The main functionality of the software is to allow spas to fill their empty treatment rooms with guests who have been matched with expert therapists recruited and compensated by Spa Space. But when it launches, there will also be an app which guests can download and use to purchase retail items that can be shipped directly to their home, allowing the facility to earn retail revenue without having to stock their own shelves. ●

There will be an app which consumers can use to purchase retail items that can be shipped directly to their homes issue 2 2021 89