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Instagram and word of mouth recommendations have brought in customers at VIVID Bangkok

as well as drips that address specific conditions such as hangovers, jet lag and morning sickness. IV nutrition therapy is offered in a variety of settings, from wellness clinics and spas to chains and franchises such as VitaLounge and The Elixir Clinic. A 1-litre bag infusion typically takes 20-30 minutes and an individual treatment is usually priced between US$104-US$225 (€88-€188, £75-£162).

It’s customary to see options that promise everything from a general wellness boost and hydration to fat-burning, anti-ageing and immune system benefits

Training / partnerships IV therapy is deemed a medical service so regulations require the involvement and/or oversight of a physician or healthcare practitioner. Spas in the medi-wellness domain typically employ nurses to administer it and in some cases have medical teams to create their own IV ‘recipes’. Those that don’t have medical personnel can form partnerships with existing clinics or providers. Mandarin Oriental in Dubai, for example, offers IV therapy in conjunction with The Elixir Clinic. The Elixir Clinic has nine locations worldwide and specialises in VitaDrip® infusions. Other spa partnerships are with Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and ESPA Life at Corinthia in London. When a client requests an IV treatment at a spa, a local Elixir Clinic physician will send a nurse to administer the drip in either a treatment room or a relaxation area.

Why should spas offer it? At Mandarin Oriental Dubai, senior spa director Sara Codner reports that guests enjoy the ability to have a clinical infusion in a spa setting.

Customers having a mani/pedi service will often request a drip, which can be received at the same time, or the spa can provide an anti-ageing vitamin infusion to complement a facial. Codner says they’re great for last-minute small group bookings. If five guests book and there are only four therapists available, a drip can be offered to the fifth person – and then “everyone wants it”! Since COVID-19, guests have also been very responsive to having immunity-boost drips, she adds. In Thailand, the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel has partnered with local healthcare provider Verita to create VIVID Bangkok which it describes as a “vibrant IV drip bar, anti-ageing and aesthetics hub”. And the duo is set to launch another two in the country. VIVID offers IV infusions alongside other regenerative treatments such as ozone therapy and injectables. Hotel PR manager Camilla Coburn Davis says many VIVID clients are new guests who’ve sought out the facility after seeing it on social media, or from word-of-mouth recommendations. “We’ve issue 2 2021 85