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Of the services tried since COVID-19, the most popular is haircuts, with 39% saying they got one since the pandemic began When it comes to the time spent on beauty and grooming, 62 per cent are spending the same amount of time they were pre pandemic or even more. Americans are most likely to spend time and attention on beauty and grooming (20 per cent), while 18 per cent of Brits and 14 per cent of Australians say the same. Despite being in a pandemic, people want to look and feel good. Of the services tried since COVID-19, the most popular is haircuts, with 39 per cent saying they got one since the pandemic began. Twentyone per cent got their hair coloured, 18 per cent received manicures or pedicures, 15 per cent opted for barber services and 15 per cent got facials. However, it’s also worth noting that 61 per cent of people now perform most of their beauty treatments at home. This is likely due to several factors. This survey was done during a pandemic so venues may not

ABOUT THE SURVEY The 2021 Mindbody Wellness Index is based on a survey of consumers in the US (19,882), the UK (1,525) and Australia (1,512). A third-party agency provided survey participants from the general population aged 18-65. The survey was conducted between midOctober and mid-November, 2020. See all findings here: Analysis in this article has also been based on an additional survey asking consumers about their opinions on returning to spas/salons post-vaccination. These viewpoints were gathered from 1,058 participants, aged 18-65, only in the US in February 2021. Learn more about the results of that survey here:

82 issue 2 2021

Most people (60%) consider beauty and grooming to be a part of wellness

have been open or, if they were, had limited capacity and hours making it difficult to secure a convenient appointment. Safety could still be of concern and there are probably financial implications at play as well.

Reasons for optimism While it’s clear that COVID-19 has impacted wellness around the world, the 2021 Mindbody Wellness Index offers reasons for optimism. People are more focused on their wellness than they were and the services that spas and salons offer are crucial in helping consumers restore their physical and mental health. Clients still clearly value the services spas and salons provide and are appreciating the health and safety guidelines in place. Many spas and salons have been operating at or close to capacity since reopening, with clients shifting to online booking and being very understanding about business limitations. Anecdotally, we know that consumers have, in general, been more open to changes, including a more limited menu selection, price adjustments and personnel shifts. Spas and salons have always been clean and safe businesses and now is the time to focus on solidifying relationships with clients as they return and we move forward together towards a post-pandemic world. l

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