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Multiple Banyan Tree properties Two day minimum US$500 (€414, £360) a night

Banyan Tree rolls out Wellbeing Sanctuary globally Banyan Tree is growing its flexible and customisable wellness concept – Banyan Tree Wellbeing Sanctuaries The package involves guests staying in a Wellbeing Sanctuary villa with a set rate allowing them access to 50 different types of wellness activities weekly, plus a daily massage. The villas first launched at Banyan Tree Phuket in May 2018 and are now being rolled out across China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam. A Wellbeing Sanctuary stay includes accommodation, in-room amenities such as singing bowls for private practice, pre-sleep bath and body rituals, healthy meals, bodywork and spa therapy experience and a personalised, take-home wellbeing guide.



Guests in a Wellbeing Sanctuary can access 50 wellness activities for free



The retreats aim to boost immunity

Bürgenstock introduces COVID Bounce Back retreat Bürgenstock Resort’s new package helps guests sustain health through supporting immunity and lowering risk of viral infections. The retreat begins with examinations to assess current health, including ultrasound, blood analysis, lung function tests, biometric scans, an electrocardiogram and skin analysis. Results inform the creation of tailored nutritional profiles. In addition, IV infusions, pulmonary physiotherapy, functional movement screening and PT sessions feature to help strengthen guests’ bodies. 42 issue 2 2021

Bürgenstock Resort, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland Seven days CHF8,000 (US$8,610, €7,250, £6,220) The package is rounded off by four massages and a 90-minute healthy cooking class. To finish, staff conduct a final consultation to assess progress and recommend how guests can integrate new healthy lifestyle habits at home.

Crkonova’s approach is to help the healers

Training focuses on therapist self-care Martina Crkonova has tapped her 20 years’ global experience as a therapist, spa manager and consultant to create an in-person training course to equip spa therapists with tools to physically, mentally and emotionally support and sustain themselves. “In my opinion, there isn’t adequate support for therapists even though self-care is as important to the success of a spa as the clients and business skills are,” she says.

Massage or Knot Wellness Clinic, Newquay, UK Two days £190 (US$264,€220) The course will include vibrant discussions and activities focused on: ● Body mechanics and awareness ● Therapist injury prevention ● Avoiding burnout ● How to properly take care of hands, wrists and forearms ● Steps to integrate body, mind and spirit