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Annemarie Wortman highlights a new, effective detox treatment and product line by The|Tides Wellness Ocean Deep Recovery rids the body of toxins, soothes muscle tension and improves sleep The|Tides Wellness, a wellness care brand based in The Netherlands specialising in products made from Dutch seaweed and magnesium, has launched a new detox treatment and accompanying professional skincare line for the spa market. Called Ocean Deep Recovery, the ritual is billed as a ‘physical and mental detoxification experience’, and is designed to rid the body of toxins and soothe muscle tension, as well as

The ritual begins with a full body scrub to stimulate blood and lymph flow

They are so pure and clean that you can actually eat them

reduce feelings of fatigue, improve sleep quality, alleviate stress and anxiety and relieve the symptoms of ‘wired and tired’ syndrome. “Ocean Deep Recovery is an extension of our holistic BrainBody Wellness Treatments, a concept that is curated to reboot the body and brain through innovative treatment techniques and effective organic products.,” says Annemarie Wortman, co-founder of The|Tides Wellness. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliating scrub to stimulate blood and lymph flow and detoxify the skin. Clients are then given a massage, which incorporates assisted stretching, breath work, acupressure point massage and ice cube therapy. One of two body masks is then applied before the client is wrapped

The products use seaweed and magnesium to renew and restore lost minerals and reduce stress levels

in an infrared blanket to relax the muscles and open the pores, enabling effective absorption of vital active ingredients. Guests also receive a scalp and facial pressure point treatment – with a special elixir of magnesium, chlorella and ice plant extracts – whilst under the blanket. Designed for professional use only, the product line consists of two full body masks, containing magnesium to cleanse and purify the skin, whilst seaweed hydrates and nourishes. This unique blend is designed to encourage deep relaxation, renew and restore lost minerals and electrolytes and reduce stress levels, as well as release tension and soothe aches and pains. “The body masks were top of our list. We have been working for quite some time to create effective extracts and powders from some of our key ingredients, such as magnesium, organic chlorella, marine phyto-plankton and fossilised algae,” Wortman adds. “We dare to say that they have become very effective and potent products. They are so pure and clean that you can actually eat them.” KEYWORDS: THE TIDES spabusiness.com issue 2 2019 111

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Spa Business issue 2 2019  

Spa Business issue 2 2019