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Marc Massing explains the benefits of aromatherapy in a spa’s wet areas Essential oils transform ordinary saunas and steam rooms, creating a unique olfactory experience How can Camylle help spas revitalise their wet areas? The wet area in a spa – including saunas, steam rooms, hydrotherapy baths and more – often represents a spa’s largest investment, yet these areas are often underutilised or even neglected in the day-today operations. Often, saunas and steam rooms are simply turned on in the morning and then turned off in the evening. But with the help of aromatherapy, these spaces can become a major draw for clients. The steam room or sauna is transformed into a wellness treatment in its own right, and becomes a central component of your wellness space, helping to boost the number of visitors to the spa.

Essential oils are poured over a sauna’s hot lava stones

How does aromatherapy work in the wet area? In a sauna, when essential oils are poured over the scorching lava stones, the entire body is able to absorb the benefits deep into the skin. From an operational standpoint, it’s simple: in the morning, prepare the bucket by adding 10 to 20 ml of Voile de Sauna per liter of water. Set the spraying schedule, ideally every 30 minutes, or place the bucket inside the sauna. In a steam room, the humid atmosphere means the essential oils can be absorbed through the skin. Simply arrange to change the canister under the fragrance pump according to the established programme. How can Camylle’s essential oils add value to a spa? Supported by effective communications, an active aromatherapy programme brings

Camylle’s 100 per cent natural essential oils can be used in saunas, steam rooms and more

The steam room or sauna is transformed into a wellness treatment in its own right real added value to the spa, and has an immediate impact on the number of visitors. We can help you create a weekly or monthly aromatherapy programme, with an ‘essential oil of the day’. You can also create a monthly programme, where a different fragrance is used each month, according to the season – different scents can offer the body the right energy at the right time of year, and you can promote the virtues of the essential oils to your customers. Or we can create a personalised programme based on your profile, environment and regional culture – or even help you to create a signature fragrance to offer a unique olfactory experience. Our turnkey solution means that we’ve thought of everything – from information flyers to a customised enhancement programme creation tool. We’re also available to offer advice and personalised assistance. Our programme helps turn a passive situation into an active one, meaning you’re more likely to keep loyal clients, attract new clients and support and involve staff. In the end, enhancing your spa’s wet area is simply good for business. KEYWORD: CAMYLLE spabusiness.com issue 2 2019 107

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Spa Business issue 2 2019  

Spa Business issue 2 2019