Spa Business Issue 1 2022

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For each product sold an equal amount of plastic will be collected

Davide Bolatti, Founder

From 2022, Comfort Zone’s products are going plastic-neutral, certified by Plastic Bank


photo® Plastic Bank/Davines Group

omfort Zone and parent company, the Davines Group have ramped up their ‘plastic neutral’ target for 2022. For every product sold, the company has commited to collecting and recycling an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic. This new target continues work done by the company during 2021 when a global campaign – called ‘Rethinking Plastic’ – saw 100 tons of plastic collected from coastal areas in Brazil, the Philippines and Indonesia by social enterprise, Plastic Bank.

Plastic Bank works on behalf of Davines Group, collecting and removing plastic from beaches, processing it and giving it a new lease of life so it can be reintroduced into the global supply chain. In addition to the benefit to the environment, this also improves the life of local collectors who exchange the plastic they collect for bonuses that provide access to basic family necessities, such as food, fuel, school fees and health insurance. As a result of this activity, Davines Group’s products are now certified as being ‘Plastic Neutral’ by Plastic Bank.

Ongoing partnership The partnership is based on shared objectives – supporting the development of a regenerative society through a revolution in the plastic lifecycle, improving the lives of collector communities and keeping plastic out of the oceans. Plastic Bank has stopped more than 40m kg of plastic entering the seas by building ecosystems that see the material reborn as Social Plastic feedstock, which can be used in products and packaging as part of a closed-loop supply chain. “Plastic Bank ticked all the boxes for us, as the organisation has created an ethical ecosystem around plastic collection,” says Davines Group chair, Davide Bollati. “Our brands are present in 90 countries and we’re aware of the impact this has on the planet. That’s why our commitment extends beyond our borders and is focused on doing everything possible to reduce our plastic footprint and transform our activity, so it has a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.” David Katz, Plastic Bank founder and CEO, said: “By making the bold choice to offer sustainable, plastic neutral products, Davines Group is thoughtfully shepherding the beauty industry and consumers towards the right side of history.” keyword: Comfort Zone issue 1 2022 117

photo® Plastic Bank/Davines Group

We’re doing everything possible to reduce our plastic footprint