Spa Business issue 1 2020

Page 96


Hyper Personalisation Savvy spa consumers expect ultra-personal services throughout their experience, so how are software companies helping operators deliver this?

B Since using this one-two punch approach, our rebookings have increased by at least 70 per cent PAULA DI MARCO, YOUNG MEDICAL SPA

y providing spa consumers with individualised experiences that tap into their very own preferences – whether that’s the type of tea they drink, to their favourite therapist – operators are making the ordinary extraordinary, which can only help to increase their reputation and retention rates. And software suppliers are at the heart of the evolution, helping spa operators to reap the rewards.

TARGETED TECH Hyper personalised marketing is the obvious starting point as sophisticated software systems deliver big data analytics that are mined for information at every touchpoint, allowing spas to dig deeper into their consumers’ behaviour than ever before.

Young Medical Spa uses DaySmart software for its personalised marketing


With Shiji Group’s Concept Spa Business Intelligence functionality, spas can pull guest data such as anniversary, nationality, spend trends, preferences, favourite services and booking behaviour in order to create tailored promotions. Meanwhile, Book4Time provides insight on guest behaviour across multiple locations, a full 360˚ experience with data insight revealing important elements about a guest, offering numerous ways to personalise their campaigns and experiences once in the spa. ISalon Software says seasonal offers capitalising on busy periods work well for its spa operators. Meanwhile, Oak Haven Massage in Texas, US is using Mindbody’s branded web tools to break down its communications into the three groups – new clients, reactivation campaigns and those which target the top 100 spenders. In another lucrative move, Young Medical Spa, which has three medi-spas in Pennsylvania, US, is using DaySmart’s Orchid Medical Spa software in conjunction with automated marketing company DemandForce where data is populated every 10 minutes to generate automated