Spa Business issue 1 2020

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WONDERLAND If you want to deliver a hot and cold experience as part of your wellness programme, adding a snowroom will introduce a delightful and more gentle form of cold therapy, as Sara Brenninger explains


eal snow is a magnet,” says Sara Brenninger, product manager at snow specialist, TechnoAlpin. “Our beautiful and dramatic snowrooms are typically used in combination with a sauna to create ‘contrast therapy’ which stimulates the body with extreme temperatures, going from up to +90°C in the Finnish sauna, down to -10°C in the snowroom. “Operators who install snowrooms benefit from a new and attractive treatment. Moreover, the snowroom not only makes guests feel great, it also looks amazing,” she explains. “Hydrotherapy has been practiced over the centuries, enabling people to benefit from the effects of hot and cold, but being immersed in cold water after a sauna can be uncomfortable and for some it cannot be practiced due to the risk of thermal shock,” says Brenninger. 48 issue 1 2020

TechnoAlpin’s dry snowroom gives a gentle cold which is more appealing than a plunge pool when it come to delivering hot and cold treatments

“Nevertheless, the cool-down phase is essential to achieve the benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy, so we set out to create a way to deliver the cold element that’s more pleasurable – the result is the TechnoAlpin snowroom. “The most revolutionary aspect of the snowroom is the delivery of ‘dry cold’,” she says, “even if the temperature drops 100°C, from +90°C to -10°C, there’s no temperature shock but simply a gradual cooling down. “Deep breaths refresh the lungs and over a few minutes the body cools down step by step and from head to toe,” she says. “The TechnoAlpin snowroom delivers a very healthy, comfortable cold,” says Brenninger, “although people who desire a more intense effect can grab some snow and massage it to the skin to intensify the effect.” With cold treatments gaining in popularity, how does the TechnoAlpin snowroom compare with other options, such

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