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The spa is offering ‘an ever-evolving’ treatment menu


It’s the element of surprise and delight that creates an outstanding memorable experience

Magdaleena Nikolov The GM of spa, wellness and retail at Fairmont Century Plaza talks to Jane Kitchen How has Yabu Pushelberg’s design set the scene? It’s a clean and minimal space, yet features intricate touches, such as detailed woodwork and beautiful marble. The high arching ceilings within the grand treatment rooms give a modern global feel, yet with a nostalgic elegant grandeur. We’ve designed our experiences to pay homage to the past, bringing tried and true ancient modalities to our guests in a modern way.

Tell us about the biohacking room? It offers experiences focused on mindfulness, improved sleep and stress elimination – all things that are plaguing many people, especially now – given the world we live in. Biohacking sessions have been curated to maximise the time and effectiveness of different tools to directly impact guests’ wellbeing, not only on the day of their treatment, but also moving forward in their life. Session includes an anti-gravity chair, PEMF infrared mat, compression boots and a Nucalm session, all proven to impact mental and physical health. We believe it’s extremely important to engage in therapies that support mental health and recovery and have a lasting effect on wellbeing. These biohacking treatments complement many other offerings throughout the property that have a focus on mental and physical recovery and range from curated meditation moments on our front drive, to virtual fitness and recovery sessions accessible on our TVs, and a recovery station in the fitness centre by Three Sages Wellness.

Tell us about your partnerships? Having strategic partners enables us to be at the top of the game in various categories by engaging with 72 issue 2 2022



the experts in each area. I often joke that I know a little about a lot, and can then find those who know the most within their respective space. Having these strategic partnerships also allows guests to access new experts.

You’ve gone to great lengths to engage all the senses. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this? In everything we do, the magic is in the detail, which I have always found to be extremely important. In the luxury market, there’s a high expectation of great service and beautiful facilities, so the curation of the details is what sets you apart. Targeting the senses is the place to start. The subtleties of how something feels, tastes, smells and looks is the best part of what we do. In addition, it’s the element of surprise and delight that creates an outstanding memorable experience. From the moment guests arrive they’re welcomed by our signature sunset aroma. In the treatment rooms they lie on special wellness linens atop custom-made heated tables and their experiences conclude with a locally-inspired tasting in our relaxation space. We also fill the spa with soothing binaural beats with healing frequencies. I often smile to myself that we’re helping heal people and they don’t even realise it!

Can the service continue to live up to the hotel’s reputation? It’s been an honour and privilege to be the opening GM for this property and spa. We’ve been given the creative freedom to curate special experiences for our guests that we believe are unparalleled. As a leader there’s not a lot more I can ask for, apart from an outstanding team, which is exactly what we have. ●