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Always a key trend in the wellness industry, consumer interest in longevity has cranked up a few notches since the pandemic. Anna Bjurstam gives an insight into Six Senses’ new programme to lengthen lifespan...


ince the pandemic hit we have noticed customers being more curious about their health and keen to take charge. The interest in wellness screening and people wanting to understand their wellness status has skyrocketed, which prompted the launch of a longevity programme, in Ibiza, called RoseBar, which leverages science, spirituality and preventative medicine to enhance healthspan and lengthen lifespan. Working with a world class biotech company, RoseBar uses a number of diagnostic tests, including DNA analysis, wellness screening and blood tests to establish the real biological age and the pace of ageing. We also look at blood oxygen levels, heart rate variability,


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blood pressure and pulse waveform to build a full picture of health. The information is fed into an AI system and related to scientific studies which is then interpreted by our experienced doctor to create a bespoke programme to help people pause the ageing process, this includes supplements, diet and exercise, bespoke treatments and therapies. The follow up includes a monthly coaching programme and individuals are encouraged to return for a comparative recalibration a few months later.

Biological age Ageing is a disease, but longevity is down to the choices we make, coupled with genes. There is a difference

between our chronological ages and our biological ages: people age at a rate of six months and two years each year, so you could be 50, but your biological age could be 45, or it could be 55. Too much stress and too little sleep are the two main enemies of longevity and they work together – if you are stressed it impacts on sleep, which then adds to the stress. Inflammation in the body lowers the immune system which also has a negative impact on longevity. Trauma makes people more predisposed to get Alzheimer’s and the world has just lived through a collective trauma. We have a mental health epidemic coming our way. Whichever way we look at it, alcohol is also very bad. It’s a poison, so the minute