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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Breathwork would fit well with the healing services on offer at spas



have been teaching people to breathe for 20 years and have seen the new widespread interest in health – in staying well – open new doors for breathwork. A significant and growing body of research demonstrates that breathing is an essential element in whole-person wellness. Indeed, there is nothing more synergistic than the breath. It impacts and interacts with every system in the body, either supporting health or contributing to stress, inflammation, pain, and disease. In recent years, awareness of breathwork has exploded. In 2020, James Nestor’s book, Breath, stormed the bestseller charts, and of course we have been experiencing a global

respiratory pandemic. At the same time, the wellness landscape has shifted toward a preventative, integrative model, driven by an ageing population, failing medical systems and globalisation. In mainstream media, the topic of fitness has been replaced by biohack trends and the search for longevity. Spas provide the perfect interface for a preventative, integrative approach. In 2010, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) report, Spas and the Global Wellness Market, described the traditional role of the spa as a place for healing, renewal and relaxation, which, “positions the spa industry as one of the most logical sectors to take advantage of, and help lead, the wellness movement.”

In the same report, GWI revealed 71 per cent of consumer respondents said they would be much more likely, or somewhat more likely, to visit a spa if they learned that a series of research studies demonstrated that spa treatments deliver measurable health benefits.

MYTH BUSTING There is certainly plenty of scientific literature to support the practice of breathing exercises. However, when it comes to breathing, there are also many myths that need busting. Even the common instruction to “take a deep breath” can cause more harm than good. And I hear stories about aerobics coaches telling their students SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022