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SELF PROMOTION The changes brought by the pandemic herald fresh opportunities for tourism, hospitality, and wellness. In order for the industry to respond, Andrew Gibson says we need a new role of wellness director and it’s time for the spa director to evolve into it…


We are likely to see increased demand for services teaching how to live well


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Wider wellbeing The craving for human touch, restoration of health and fitness and the desire to reward or pamper oneself will create a surge in demand for the typical spa

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he pandemic has fuelled a greater interest in the concept of self-care and a recognition of the need to take personal responsibility for our own welfare. As a result, after all the hardship there is now some degree of optimism about the future of the new normal. The development of technology to create devices to measure and track our health have made the concept of wellness a part of our daily consciousness. All this should bode well for the spa, wellness, and tourism industries, but it will mean a change in approach from operators who need to respond to trends by creating a broader offering which will support overall wellbeing of employees, guests and the wider community.