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Trade Associations Our Trade Associations section gives up-to-date details of national spa associations and organisations around the world. We’ve split them up into global regions and countries for ease of reference, with those representing spas across the world appearing at the end


Africa ■■ Spa and Wellness Association of Africa (SWAA)

South Africa ■■ South African Spa Association

Asia-Pacific & AUSTRALaSIA ■■ Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC)

Bali ■■ Bali Spa and Wellness Association

INDIA ■■ Spa Association of India

Japan ■■ Japan Spa Association

Malaysia ■■ Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA)

Taiwan ■■ Taiwan Spa Association

THAILAND ■■ Thai Spa Association

Central & South America Brazil ■■ Brazilian Spas Association

Europe ■■ European Historic Thermal Towns Association ■■ European Spas Association

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■■ Bulgarian Union for Balneology and Spa Tourism (BUBSPA)

The Czech Republic ■■ Association of Spas of the Czech Republic

Estonia ■■ Estonian Spa Association

FINLAND ■■ Sauna from Finland

FRANCE ■■ French Spa Association (SPA-A)

Germany ■■ German Spas Association

Hungary ■■ Hungarian Baths Association